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Blueberry Rosemary Shrub Brandy Cocktail
The Suncatcher is my riff on yesterday's Blueberry Tea Cocktail that's made with Cooper River Distillers brandy and Element Shrub's Blueberry Rosemary. Yes, I had to actually use something blueberry in my version because I didn't think I could pull off the cocktail magic trick of the original! ------------ The Suncatcher ------ 2 oz Cooper River Distillers Copper & Vine brandy ½ oz Bénédictine liqueur 1 oz Element Shrub Blueberry Rosemary ½ oz Rosemary and Orange Pekoe tea syrup* 1 dash DRAM Hair of the Dog bitters ------ Shake all the ingredients with ice and double strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish will blueberries on a cocktail pick. Enjoy! ------ *To make the syrup, brew an 8 oz cup of orange pekoe tea. Add 4 oz sugar and reheat gently until the sugar dissolves. Store in the fridge for 2 weeks or so. ------------ The Cooper & Vine brandy is warm and wonderful with just enough fruitiness to it to work really well with the blueberry shrub. The Bénédictine added some spice along with the bitters, and the tea syrup was the mandatory ingredient, of course. This one tasted like blueberries, but no ???here!! ??? Link in my profile for the blog post.
Today I’m musing about one of my favorite books and movies, The Secret Life of Bees, and the way in which it speaks so powerfully about the importance of a mother’s role in the lives of her children. I had my mother’s love, with certainty, but I didn’t think I always had her acceptance and approval. Even though she’s been gone for almost 7 years, I learned just recently that she knew me much better that I realized. It’s a gift from the universe that has immeasurable importance for me. Click on the link in my profile to read the full post. —————- Queen Bee ——— 2 Bluecoat Barrel Finished gin 1/4 oz Suze 1 oz lemon juice 3/4 oz honey syrup 1 dash DRAM citrus medica bitters ——— Shake everything together over ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with lemon or lavender, in any form. Enjoy! —————— For today’s cocktail I went with a riff on a Bee’s Knees in honor of the idea that mothers are very much like the queen bee of the hive. Although she is a shy and reserved creature by nature, she rises to the occasion and provides the other bees with the energy and guidance they need. Cheers everyone! Happy Friday!
Last night I had the opportunity to attend the Together Live event here in Philadelphia, the last stop of a national tour. It inspired me to think about the idea of faith and how we are often challenged to believe in things that aren’t readily apparent, and that we cannot really be sure of. I think this certainly applies to our personal lives, but I also think it works for the bigger picture too, especially right now. Sometimes it can be hard to keep believing, but it’s important to never lose sight of the things that we continue to wish for, hope for, and dream about. Click on the link in my profile for the full post. —————— Things Unseen ——— 2 oz Laird’s Applejack ¼ oz Sukkah Hill Besamim liqueur ¼ oz Barrow’s Intense Ginger 1 oz Element [Shrub] Pineapple Turmeric ½ oz lemon juice ½ oz simple syrup 1 dash DRAM Apothecary black bitters ——— Add all the ingredients to a shaker tin with ice and shake until cold. Strain into an old-fashioned glass over ice. Garnish with a lemon twist. Enjoy! —————— For today’s cocktail, I went with a combination of ingredients that represent the changeover from summer to fall. We’re always in a state of transition, and sometimes what the universe sends us can be confusing, but it’s because we need the challenge. We need to continue to learn and grow from whatever is placed in front of us. We need to know we can be strong, and brave, and resilient. Happy Friday, everyone. I wish you a weekend filled with possibilities and dreams come true.
Today I’m musing about the idea of emotional inflammation and the ways in which it can be just as damaging as its physical counterpart. We’re exposed to things on a daily basis, especially right now, that frustrate and sadden us, causing us all to experience a certain level of anxiety that we may never have felt before. Add to that the stresses of our everyday lives and relationship ups and downs, and it quickly becomes easy to see why we often feel emotionally wounded and tapped out. What things can we do to protect ourselves, and how can we heal some of the damage that might have already occurred? Click on the link in my profile to read more. —————— Innermost Circle ——— 2 oz Cooper River Distillers bourbon ¾ oz honey turmeric tea syrup* ¾ oz lemon juice ——— Shake all the ingredients with ice until very cold, Double strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a lemon peel. Enjoy! ——— *Make a honey syrup from ½ cup of water and ½ cup of honey. Add one cup of turmeric tea brewed at double strength. —————— For today’s cocktail, I went with a simple riff on a Whiskey Daisy that blends the soothing combination of bourbon, honey turmeric, and lemon. It worked perfectly as an antidote for emotional stress.😉Cheers, everyone. Fill your weekend with the people and things that are most calming to your souls.💙😔😌
Today’s Monday classic is from Philip Greene’s book The Manhattan. It’s a modern riff on an iconic drink that keeps its classic personality while infusing it with just a bit of Tiki spirit. The Jamaican rum is essential to the story behind the cocktail’s name, but you can bet I’ll be doing some experimenting at Cooper River Distillers to come up with a variation with our own rums. Greens’s recipe also called for Dale DeGroff’s Pimento bitters, but since I didn’t have them on hand, I substituted Allspice Dram and Jack Rudy bitters instead. Click on the link in my profile for the full story behind the cocktail and its name. Cheers everyone. Happy Monday! —————— Lion of Baltimore ——— 2 oz Appleton Estate Reserve Blend Jamaican Rum 1 oz Dolin Rouge sweet vermouth ¾ oz fresh lime juice ¼ oz orgeat syrup 1 dash St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram 1 oz Jack Rudy aromatic bitters ——— Place all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake until very cold. Greene’s recipe calls for it to be served in a cocktail glass, but I chose this one in honor of him and his father. No garnish. Enjoy!
I hope you all know just by looking at the photo which planet today’s cocktail represents. It’s Saturn, of course! If you’re new to my Instagram feed, I’m in the middle of a Celestial Cocktail series that runs on Wednesdays. The sixth planet from the sun, and the second largest in the solar system, Saturn has always been a great source of fascination for us because of its spectacular rings. Astrologically speaking, it rules Capricorn and Aquarius, and governs the areas of all other signs that relate to discipline and responsibility. The rings are thought to remind us that we need reason, logic, and organization to put even our most wildly imaginative dreams into action. Click on the link in my profile for more. ————— Encircle Me ——— 2 oz Bluecoat gin ¼ oz Suze ¾ oz Giffard orgeat syrup ¾ oz lime juice ——— Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake until very cold. Double strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with hibiscus salt and saffron. Enjoy! —————— Today’s cocktail is a simple riff on an Army and Navy, to which I’ve added some Suze to boost both the color and flavor. I liked the addition of it quite a bit! The saffron and hibiscus salt garnishes are meant to create some yellow swirls on top, in an attempt to capture Saturn’s visual aesthetic. I struggled with how to create the rings, and it brought me back to grade school science projects where those beautifully ethereal rings were always the most difficult things to replicate with styrofoam and construction paper. Many, many thanks to my daughter-in-law, the world’s best 4th grade teacher and my constant creative muse, for helping me to come up with the idea of using Himalayan sea salt and cake sprinkles. Cheers everyone!
Today’s Monday Classic is the Sidewinder’s Fang, and marks my first attempt at making a true Tiki cocktail. It was originally created in 1960 at The Lanai in San Mateo, California. Its base is a blend of two rums to which equal parts of lime juice, orange juice, and passionfruit syrup are added, creating the layers of flavor for which Tiki cocktails are known. The club soda adds lots of fun fizz to the drink, and the garnish is a mint sprig and a single continuous orange peel thats cut to look like a snake. Cheers everyone! 🐍🐍🐍 Sidewinder’s Fang ——— 1 oz of aged rum (I used CDR Rye Oak Reserve) 1 oz of dark or black rum (I used CDR Driftwood Dreams) 1½ oz fresh lime juice 1½ oz fresh orange juice 1½ oz passionfrut syrup (I used Liber & Co.) 3 oz club soda ——— Curl the Fang peel into the glass and secure by filling with ice. Shake all the ingredients over ice and pour into the glass. Garnish with a mint sprig. Enjoy! ——— Note: this cocktail is meant to be served in a very large brandy snifter. If you’re using a smaller glass like mine then you’ll be able to pour two drinks.
It’s Friday and I’m musing today about my deep love for the movie 500 Days of Summer and my particular take on the subject of breakups.💔Extenuating circumstances aside, I tend to think that in most breakups that are not mutual, there tends to be an imbalance of power and the person on the wrong side of that can be left feeling dismissed and unwanted. A lack of emotions and a certain defensiveness on the part of the person doing the breaking up (the breaker) can cause the breakee's feelings to turn inward where they can do real damage and take forever to heal. There are reasons why all of his happens, and I actually talked to as many people as I could this week on both sides of the power balance before tackling this post. It’s a subject that matters to me. I’ve witnessed it, I’ve experienced it, and I believe that there’s an answer to be found in taking a more compassionate approach. Hopefully I’ve intrigued you to read more and to tell me what you think. The link is in my profile. —————— The Compassionate Conversation ——— 2 oz Stateside vodka ½ oz St. Germain ¼ oz rosemary simple syrup ½ oz lemon juice 1 dash Black Cloud prairie rose bitters 1 bar spoon rosewater ——— Shake everything but the rosewater with ice until very cold. Double strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a some rose petals or a rosemary sprig. Find your courage to be compassionate. —————— While researching the cocktail I learned that elderflower and rose are both flowers of compassion. I used the ever pure and clean, locally produced, Stateside vodka as my base so as to let the St. Germain have real presence in the drink. I added rosemary simple because it represents remembrance and it’s so important to allow ourselves to remember what a person or a relationship meant to us. Finally, I finished off with lemon juice, prairie rose bitters from Black Cloud, and rosewater to top. It was sharp, and a tiny bit bitter to start, but ended with a note of true sweetness. Nothing more to say. Cheers everyone. Happy Friday. ❤️
Todays Monday Classic is a member of the Daisy family of cocktails that usually include a base spirit, a flavored sweetener, and citrus as their ingredients. The most famous one we all know and love so well is the Margarita, which just so happens to be the Spanish word for daisy. I was experimenting behind the bar this past weekend with our Copper & Vine brandy in an attempt to make our version of the classic Brandy Daisy whose original recipe goes back to the late 1800s. Because our brandy is young and grapey with a bit sharp spiciness that works so nicely in cocktails, I found that I needed to bring the sweetness up. If you’re using your own favorite brandy then you may have to readjust these amounts back down. The black walnut bitters were an afterthought but they worked nicely, and the True Syrups & Garnishes grenadine is top notch, as are all their products. Cheers and Happy Monday! — Brandy Daisy — 1¾ oz Copper & Vine brandy from ‪Cooper River Distillers‬ 1 oz lemon juice ½ oz honey simple syrup (equal parts honey and water) ½ oz True Syrups & Garnishes grenadine 1 dash Fee Brothers black walnut bitters — Add all the ingredients to a shaker tin with ice and shake until very cold. Pour into an old fashioned glass over ice or a Collins glass if you want to top it with some club soda. Garnish with a lemon or seasonal fruit. Enjoy!
A recent trip to the ER with some alarming symptoms has left me with lots to muse about. I'm perfectly fine, thank goodness, and in fact I've learned from a followup visit that I stand an excellent chance of following my grandmom's example of living into her 90s. It's always been my dream to be around for a long time, to learn what's next for me, and to continue to be such a part of my kids' lives. I feel like the first part of my life happened to me and in many ways it was a whirlwind. I want to orchestrate the second half and make it as amazing as I can. Click on the link in my profile for more. Today's riff on a Negroni contains three ingredients that all begin with A, as a nod to the diagnosis that thankfully did not end up on my chart. A shout out to my middle son, Zachary, who patiently spent the night in the ER with me and even though I felt ridiculous, he never once made me feel that way. 🤦🏻‍♀️ ------------ Triple A ------ 3/4 Laird's Applejack 3/4 Amaro Nonino 3/4 Ancho Reyes Chile liqueur ------ Stir all three ingredients with ice until very cold. Strain into an old fashioned glass with ice or serve up in cocktail glass. Express an orange peel over the class, twist, and drop in. Cheers everyone!