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Brussels Sprout and Butternut Squash Pizza

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Blessed Friday to you all and Happy Lunar New Year to those who are celebrating! I hope you had an awesome reunion dinner last night 😄🍊🍊 • Here's my No-Cook Kimchi Noodles inspired by @morethanveggies' No-Cook Kimchi Udon recipe! Couldn't find udon at the store so I subbed it with silver needle noodles. Also used my already prepped tempeh rendang and stuffed the taupok with veggies instead. • As much as I love trying new places to eat out at, nothing beats cooking my own wholesome, nutritious and budget-friendly plant-based meals. This also helps to cut down on food waste generated, which is responsible for 8% of global GHG emissions. (Source: @projectdrawdown) • Are you doing your part? Share your climate action tips and tag @mewrsingapore, #ClimateActionSG and #SustainableSingapore to spread the word! • • • • • #noodles #kimchi #cooking #vegan #veganism #tryvegan #sgvegan #sgfoodie #singapore #veganfoodshare #vegansofig #veganmuslim #whatveganseat #veganlifestyle #plantbased #halal #peace #love #compassion #animals #leangreen2018 #food #healthy #delicious #thrivemags #thefeedfeed #worldwideveganfood #animalalliessg
Another satisfying no-cook miso noodle bowl inspired by @morethanveggies! If you want to take climate action with every bite you take by choosing plant-based options, check out her website (link in her bio). She's got a delicious tempeh bak kwa recipe for you to try this coming Lunar New Year! - • Are you doing your part? Share your climate action tips and tag @mewrsingapore, hashtags #ClimateActionSG and #SustainableSG to spread the word!
Thanks to @morethanveggies' No-Cook Miso Noodle Bowl recipe, keeping one's diet low on the greenhouse gas emission scale has never been easier! According to @projectdrawdown, eating a plant-rich diet is ranked no.4 on the list of 100 solutions proposed to REVERSE climate change. Too good to be true? See for yourself! - • Are you doing your part? Share your climate action tips and tag @mewrsingapore, hashtag #ClimateActionSG and #SustainableSG to spread the word!
[A parody of @ironchandelier’s burger eating video post] An overdue video of me devouring 2 burgers at @nomvnom_sg to celebrate the 1st year anniversary of the opening of their Tai Seng outlet! Here’s how a vegan non-bodybuilder like me usually doesn’t eat to keep myself fit and strong! 💪😂🍔 • Also, did you know that 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions are due to meat, dairy and egg production, which is more than the emissions from all forms of transportation combined? (Source: @unfao) Always opt for the plant-based option to help mitigate climate change! • What I ate: Rocket Tower Burger A-Lamak Burger • Are you doing your part? Share your climate action tips and tag @mewrsingapore, hashtag #ClimateActionSG and #SustainableSG to spread the word! • #ClimateActionSG #SustainableSingapore
Finally got to try these at home all thanks to Cherish @sayangsonline ???? • People, let me tell you... These vegan burger patties from @quornsg that she got from @earthfestsg reminds me of Ramly burger patties from your local pasar malam. UN-FRICKIN'-REAL ???? • Also made @carrotsandflowers' cashew cheese & chipotle cream sauce to go with the burgers ???? • If you want a burger patty that's wayy better for the environment (compared to animal products like beef and mutton) I HIGHLY recommend this. This is how I take climate action with every single delicious bite!
Post-workout wholewheat cinnamon pancakes with whipped cream, chocolate ganache and caramel sauce. Jemput mamam! 😋🍴 • Also, don't miss out on your chance to win $20 worth of @sayangsonline vouchers! Contest ends 28 Jan 2018. • Pancake recipe: @isachandra ♥️
Greetings friends, wishing you all a blessed Friday! Made this a while back - Spaghetti with soy chunks, portobello mushrooms and marinara sauce. Jemput mamam! 😚🍝
Blessed Friday to you all! Jazzed up my aglio olio with portobello mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and pea sprouts. This one definitely hit the spot 😚👌 • A big thank you to those that are attending the afternoon tea session at @cozycornersg, in collaboration with @peaceofcheese and @sayangsonline. See you tomorrow!
Whole foods plant-based eating pro-tip: K.I.S.S. 💋 - "Keep it simple, silly!" On the plate: • Tumeric Lentils Sambar Chye Sim Tofu Curry Purple Sweet Potatoes Mushrooms Masak Kicap Garbanzo Beans Baby Bok Choy Coconut Pumpkin Stew Organic Pea Sprouts
Are you coming to @earthfestsg 2018? @Sayangsonline will be there with our bakes at 11am -1.30pm, L2, outside Sustainable Singapore Gallery. See you tomorrow! 👋😄