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Vivian Cromwell
San Francisco, CA
Entrepreneur by day, mixologist by night. Creative drinks through great presentations. Always learning.

Neapolitan Nice Cream Cake

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Utilizing the last bit of lavender in my backyard and I made this from @deathandconyc. . . . Dangerous Liaisons . 1.5 oz Dalwhinnie whisky Bunches of lavender 0.75 oz Dolin Blanc vermouth 0.75 oz grapefruit juice 0.5 oz lemon juice 0.5 oz honey syrup Dashes of lavender bitters from @scrappysbitters . . . The recipe calls for lavender infused whisky but making drink is often spur of the moment thing for me. So I just muddled lavender together with honey and whisky. I also added additional lavender bitters. The result is pretty outstanding aroma and taste through out the drink. . Happy Thursday!
Rum newbie here! 🙋🏻 I admit I have very limited knowledge of rum but recently it has been filing up my feed. It I follow those people, I must like the drinks they make. If so many of them are swimming in rum, I should at least try?! 😆 . . . The Fiery Jungle Bird . 3 parts Appleton Estate 21 year old rum 1 part Bruto Americano ( instead of Campari) @stgeorgespirits 1 part lime juice 1 part golden sugar syrup 2 parts fresh pineapple 🍍 juice 2 parts @anchoreyes Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur ( I only used half of the pineapple juice that is suggested, and replaced the other half with this for a bit heat) . . Shake and pour over crushed ice. Then I went a bit crazy garnishing over this mug that I bought at Pagan Idol tikibar in SF. The result is not so sweet but enough pineapple flavor with dried chile notes and moderate heat. Not sure if there is a thing such as spicy tiki but I loved it. . I probably need to expand my rum collection, so far I have Appleton 21, pampero aniversario, spiced rum, Havana club white, ron del barrilito. Let me know what I am missing 😋. . . . #rum #appletonrum #tiki #anchoreyes #amaroweek #nationalrumday
I 💞 fennel. I use it in salad, soup, salsa, stew and much more. So when I see only one bulb lonely sitting in the frig, I decided to make it into fennel syrup and make a refreshing drink. . . . Fennel Gin Sour . 2 oz @stgeorgespirits Terroir Gin 0.75 oz fennel syrup 0.75 oz lemon juice One egg white . . . Fennel syrup . 1 cup water 1 cup sugar 1 fennel bulb 3 tbsp fennel seed Blend well and strain . . Reverse dry shake, look at the foam! That was a great shake! Dust with fennel pollen and garnish with the fennel tip. Fennel has a light aroma similar to anise or licorice. It would look quite pretty to garnish with anise. . . . #gin #fennel #summer #ginsour #california
Got hold of a few new amaro bottles last Friday so here is my tasting note: . . . Braulio . When I posted my first set of amaro bottles two months ago, a few other Instagram friends suggested Braulio. Braulio is from the same company that now owns Campari brand, it is made a century ago near Switzerland border. Truly an alpine style, a taste of mountains wherever you go. Dark brown with strong taste of gentian (I used to make bitters a lot) as well as lots of botanicals, a touch of 🌲. It is big and Intense and I feel it's working its magic on my digestive system although I tasted them prior to dinner 😂 . . . Amaro Dell'Erborista . This is from Italy's Adriatic coast so the first thing I noticed is it's light in color and unfiltered. It is as if you have a bottle of nigori sake among a bunch of daiginjo and junmai. The second thing I noticed is the usage of honey so it doesn't have the syrup-ish taste which made it light and refreshing on the first sip, followed by dry, chamomile and herbal finish. . . . Fernet Angelico . Putting Fernet among the often much sweeter amari, you tend to forget how bitter Fernet is! This one is all the way from Switzerland but with the original recipe purchased from Italy. It caught me by surprise for how spicy, woodsy and smokey it is! Strongly mentholated, sharp bitterness with hints of saffron on nose and tongue. It has a well balanced sweet finish. Why do I keep thinking to pour some on ice cream? . . . Amaro Sirene . I read while this one is deeply rooted in Italy Amalfi coast, it is actually made here in Washington. 💞 it's sweet, earthy, botanical and allspice finish. It is probably the easier one among today's tasting. . Now I hope I get to make some drinks with them during the @amaroweek. In the last three months, I have gained a bunch of knowledge of amari. It is also a reminder how much I miss Italy, perhaps it's time to plan my 5th trip there soon! #amaroweek #mmydrinks
Bellota (@bellotasf) is one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco. Their bar menu designed by Collin Nicholas(@uncommoncocktails) is equally impressive with the usage of sherry. So when the Absinthe group (the company behind Absinthe Brasserie & Bar, Bellota, Comstock Saloon) opened up Barcino in Hayes that serves Catalonian style tapas by the same chef at Bellota and Collin, I was eager to try. The food was fantastic, they were kind enough to share the cocktail recipes with me. The bar menu has a great selection of vermut, sherry, lots of gin&tonic, spirits, cava, wine and of course cocktails! Barcino made me miss Spain especially San Sebastian area. . . La Marca - my favorite of the 3 I had there 1/4 aperol 3/4 charred peach syrup 1/2 lemon 1.5 mezcal Bar spoon of fig jam . . . La Cana - more tropical 1/2 salted pistachio syrup 1/2 🍍 juice 1/2 lime 1/2 rhum agricole Chamomile @barcinosf @uncommoncocktails
First day back to my house and reunited with my home bar 💞. Settled in with a simple cocktail that uses wine based Cardamaro. One tip about Cardamaro is to keep it in the frig after first use. . . . Sacrilege (recipe from . . . 1.5 oz Irish whisky (I used chocasmoke from Steven Stills, which is from chocolate oatmeal stout with peat smoked malted barley!) 1 oz Cardamaro 0.5 oz sweet vermouth 0.5 oz honey syrup 0.5 oz lemon juice . . Shake and strain. Happy Friday! #mmydrinks #amaroweek #tgifridays
Blackberry, bourbon, ginger, mint and @Zevia, an easy-to-make smash to enjoy the last bit of summer. . . . Blackberry Boubon Zevia Cooler: - 8 fresh blackberries - 2 ounces bourbon more or less to taste - ginger slices - a few mint leaves - juice from half a lemon - Zevia Gingle Ale for topping - zest from 1 lime for rim - optionally Stevia exact for the rime of the glasses if you have sweet tooth . . . Smash blackberries, mint, ginger slices together with 2 oz bourbon. Rim the rock glass with lime zest and the optional Stevia exact. Without straining, pour in the glass filled with ice. Top with 4 oz @Zevia Ginger Ale. . You can easily make this into mocktail as well, just replace the bourbon with extra Zevia Gingle Ale, you can also play the flavor with Zevia Black Cherry or Zevia Lemon Lime Twist, they go really well with blackberries. . Almost Thursday! @zevia #zevia #sponsored
Throwback to my first drink night in Tokyo: Free Flow Black Bar at the most elegant boutique hotel in Tokyo: Aman Hotel. Free flow means you can have 14 full size black/dark cocktails with savory bites within two hours at a pretty reasonable price. I managed to have a total of 6 in two hours without feeling tipsy: blackberry cooler, black expresso martini, black rain and more. Even the savory bites had a touch of black! Not to mention it had amazing sunset 🌅 view. Highly recommend to check it out if you are visiting Tokyo. One more bar to post, it will conclude my Japan bar report 🤗
Back in California but won't have access to my home bar for one more week 😔. Excited to participate in the upcoming @amaroweek organized by @mmydrinks. This is a drink I made before I left for the summer as I just started to buy more amaro liqueur . . . Brooklyn Cocktail . 1 1/2 oz rye or bourbon 1/2 oz dry vermouth 1/4 oz Amaro CioCiaro 1/4 oz maraschino liqueur I think I need to make one trip to @bittersandbottles !
Whisky tasting last night at Zeotrope, tucked away in Shinjuku. Owner Atsushi Horigami has one of the largest selection of Japanese whisky in Tokyo. I tried quite a few til the bar close! Some are familiar ones such Hibiki 17, while others are new. The two that stood out for me are ichiro's malt wine wood reserve and Mars Komagatake Rindo. The ichiro's Malt wine wood has a strong sherry to the nose and you can definitely tell it has been in the wine cask. I was surprised and impressed by its sophistication and boldness. Mars Komagatake was brought back to life recently so it is small batch. Not as light as nikka miyagikyo, but fruity with a puff of smoke. Something impressive that you can also drink on a regular week. I loved both very much! Anywhere I can buy those in US?