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Vivian Cromwell
San Francisco, CA
Entrepreneur by day, mixologist by night. Creative drinks through great presentations. Always learning.

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My Recipes
The Americano was first served in the 1860s at Gaspare Campari's bar in Milan, Italy. It was originally named 'Milano-Torino' because of the origins of its two primary ingredients: Campari calls Milan home and sweet vermouth is also known as 'Vermouth di Torino' or Italian vermouth. . . It was renamed to Americano because its popularity with American tourists around the turn of 20th century. What is less known is that Americano also spurred the creation of Negroni. Count Camillo Negroni asked a strengthened Americano with gin at Cafe Casoni in Florence, Italy. . . In my version of Americano, I used chocolate infused Campari @campariofficial , Cocchi vermouth di torino @giuliococchi andd top with soda water. Stay classy! . . . #americano #vermouth #campari #amaro #italy #classicocktails
Simple and delicious morning coffee ☕️ spiked with Fernet Branca! From a collection of the photography work I did for Fernet last fall. . . . The Firlock . 1.5 oz Fernet Branca @fernetbranca 0.5 oz simple syrup 5 oz cold brew Lemon twist Creativity to play with light and shadow . So good, let’s have two! . . . #fernetbranca #amaro #coffee #coldbrew #lightandshadow #foodphotography
Martin Miller Gin @martinmillersgin has slowly become my staple gin, it is smooth, with both juniper and citrus flavors, a premium gin at a reasonable price. The earthier botanicals such as Juniper, cassia bark are distilled separately from the citrus ones such as orange peel, lemon peel. Then they are combined with added cucumber and taken 3000 miles away to Iceland to blend with the purest water ?. It is a gin that focuses on quality craftsmanship. The one I am using here is Martin Miller Westbourne Gin, 90 proof, bolder, spicer but with the same flavor profile as their original dry one. . . . For this Gin and Tonic, I used a touch of Aloe Liqueur from @chareauspirit, garnished with cucumber, thyme, lemon and juniper berries. It retains @martinmillersgin original flavor profile with the enhanced freshness of cucumber. . . . Enjoy! . . . #ginandtonic #gin #londondrygin #cucumber #aloe #botanical
Do you remember the phrase “he’ll flip ya. Flip ya for real.” It was from the movie “the Usual Suspects”, one of my all time favorites. Brad @btparsons designed this recipe in his #amarobook, and Anders has made it as well. I dont have Fernet Vallet so here is my modified version. . . . Flip Ya For Real by @btparsons . 1.25 oz Fernet Angelico 0.25 oz Sfumato amaro 1 oz Ancho Reyes original @anchoreyes 0.5 oz Demerara syrup 1 whole egg Garnish: freshly grated cinnamon and nutmeg . . . Oh my, smoky sweetness with a bit of heat. This damn weather, this is how I flip ya! ? . . . #amaro #fernet #amoroweek #wintercocktails #weather
French Negroni anyone? I hope this bright color takes me to sunny Provence in spring and I can temporarily forget the annoying rain in California. In this one, I used gin, vermouth and suze, mainly from France. . . . French Negroni . 1.5 oz Pink Peppercorn gin @audemus_spirits 1 oz Lillet Blanc @lillet1872 @lilletus 0.5 oz Suze @suzeofficial Dashes of lavender bitters . . . Let’s pretend we are in spring already with this drink ?. . . . #amaro #vermouth #gin #lilletblanc #suze #springcocktails #french #france #lavender #provence
Pisco Sour, Peruvian national drink and they even have a “National Pisco Sour” day on the first Saturday of February! Before coming to Peru, it’s the only Pisco cocktail I know. But even with this classic drink, I learned a few things: . . . - it seems most restaurants use blend method rather than shake . - Jarabe de goma is used sometimes, it’s similar to simple syrup but thicker with a subtle flavor. . - the limon in Peru is incredible, they are tart but not bitter at all. While we would need to use lime to make pisco sour, it would never taste as good as the limon here. I can see the subtle difference. One trick I was told about regular limes we have, is not to squeeze the lime as much you want to get all of the juices out, but leave them half squeezed, this helps cutting down the bitterness. . - apparently there is Peruvian pisco sour vs Chilean pisco sour. The Peruvian one uses syrup and egg white, while Chilean one doesn’t contain egg white and it uses sugar. . - history: nobody is sure about the origin of Pisco Sour. One theory is that it is derived from whisky sour, the other, the popular one is that Victor Morris who opened Morris Bar Lima invented this in 1920. However, a recipe book dated from 1903 described this drink, it suggests that the origin of the Pisco Sour may be a traditional creole cocktail made in Lima over 100 years ago. . . . Regardless, this is a simple delicious drink, and I really wish we could have those limons in United States: it makes a huge difference in my opinion. . . . #pisco #piscosour #peru #history #cocktailhistory
There are bottles on the shelf I don't use often so when I saw a drink with both Batavia Arrack Van Oosten and Maraschino Liqueur, I jumped at it. Instead of using Campari and Aperol, I experimented with Cappelletti and Leopold Bros. Cappelletti is bitter than Aperol, softer and rounder, so it is a good alternative when you want to highlight the main ingredient. Leopold Bros, which you have seen a lot from my feed recently, I was just simply amazed by it. . . . Finca Vigía (Modified version by Vivian) 1 oz Batavia Arrack ⅓ oz Maraschino Liqueur @luxardoofficial 0.75 oz Capelleti 0.5 oz Leopold Bros aperitif @leopoldbros 0.5 oz lime juice 3 dashes of Crow's nest cherry bitters @titzebitters Garnish: griottines cherries on a pick from @drynkware . . . Heming Stripper Pole (the original recipe) . 1 oz Batavia Arrack 1/3 oz Maraschino Liqueur 1/3 oz Campari 1/3 oz Aperol 1 oz lime juice . . . In my recipe, I increased the amount of aperitif significantly and reduced the lime juice, and added cherry bitters. . Note: Finca Vigía is Heminway's home in Cuba for many years and I have plan to go to Cuba this year. The original name is rather bizarre and offensive. . . . #bataviaarrack #maraschino #bitters #aperitif #bitters
* Follow #thetipsymuseoldfashioned for Old Fashioned recipes" . I may not post as many pictures as @zerospecbebop on Old Fashioned, but I do surely drink way more than what I post. It is my favorite evening drink. So when @punch_drink released the article about "The Ultimate Old Fashioned" through blind tasting, where Tom Macy's @tommacy Old Fashioned claimed number 1 spot, I have to give it a try. Tom's recipe called for Wild Turkey 101 Rye, I ended up using bourbon in this one. . . . Old Fashioned by Tom Macy @tommacy . . . 2 oz Wild Turkey "Master's Keep - Decades" straight bourbon @wildturkey 1 teaspoon rich demerara syrup 3 dashes Dad's bitters Clear ice provided by @blindtigerice . . Dad's Bitters Blend: 1 1/2 ounces Angostura bitters @angosturahouse 1 ounce orange spiced @rootbitters (Tom used Bitter Truth Orange Bitters ) 1 teaspoon Bitter Truth Jerry Thomas Decanter Bitters @thebittertruthcompany . . . Some of the learnings: . I used to put less than 1 teaspoon syrup in my OF, so I was a bit unsure about 1 teaspoon. But it turned out to be fine, now I I have slowly adapted to that 1 teaspoon. . That bitters blend is the bomb. I chose @rootbitters as it is by far my favorite orange bitters. Orange bitters has been interesting, unlike Angostura or Peychaud, there is no clear winner but many players. I haven't used much of the Decanter bitters before but it totally makes the difference here. . Old Fashioned, you have my long lasting love 💕 . . . . #whisky #bourbon #oldfashioned #wildturkey #bitters #punchdrink
Mourad @mourad_sf is the oasis in the middle of hustling bustling FiDi/Soma. It is the brain child of chef-owner Mourad Lahlou @mourad_lahlou , with modern interpretation of Morocco cuisine and first class old-school service. The bar is one of the most beautiful ones in San Francisco. JP @thelibationliaison, Mourad's bar director, made this beautiful Pisco drink for me: Ch'aska, capurro pisco, becherovka, manzanilla sherry, spiced pear syrup, lime, egg white, lapsang star tea tincture. Swipe to see more pictures of JP in action :). . . . Jen @glenfiddichwren , it was nice meeting you there! Great pick of the place! JP's old fashioned with Glenfiddich @glenfiddichwhisky IPA cask is out of this world. I am going to think hard to come up with something on my own as well ! . . . #sanfrancisco #morocco #whisky #pisco #glenfiddich #sanfranciscococktail
I am always curious about how things work, perhaps due to my background in engineering, perhaps due to the fact that I had to build my own toys with my parents when I was little. Even today, I love reverse engineering a favorite cocktail that I had at a bar ☺️. . . . I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had this amazing drink at @truelaurelsf, named Humps for the Boulevard, with sesame washed bourbon, berto, persimmon-infused rosso. Happy to say I came up with my own recipe at home, quite close to the taste I remembered at True Laurel :). . . . Humps for the Boulevard . . 1 oz sesame washed bourbon , Elmer Lee sour mash @buffalotracedistillery 1.5 oz Leopold Bros aperitif @leopoldbros 2 oz Punt e Mes infused with hachiya persimmon @puntemes_it Clear ice from @blindtigerice . . . Stir, strain and garnish with a dried persimmon, sprinkle some sesame seeds. For the wash, I used a premium Japanese sesame oil, freeze in the frig til the oil became solid and floated on top. I can't find Berto anywhere, after reading a bit about its ingredients online, I ended up using Leopold Bros aperitif which turned out to be a winner here. Persimmon is pretty mild and I let the infusion sit for 3 days. . . . Cheers! . . . #tryelaurelsf #bourbon #vermouth #whisky