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Vivian Cromwell
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Entrepreneur by day, mixologist by night. Creative drinks through great presentations. Always learning.

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I was recently invited by Bloomberg Beta to join a discussion of technology novel "After On: A Novel of Silicon Valley" with author Rob Reid. Rob himself is an entrepreneur and an author. . The book is about the near future Silicon Valley where this new social network named Phluttr is ingesting every part of our lives. She is everything, gossip, the biggest flirt, knowledge and AI. Although the story is set to the future, as someone who has lived in Bay Area for more than 15 years, it sends chill down spine that the future is already here or near. . I haven't finished the book yet, often trying to find time here and there to continue. The book is a great reminder to myself, about the role I play as an individual to the future, about how important it is to enjoy small little joyful things that feel real such as this whisky cocktail. . . The beat goes on - from the recent @shakerandspoon box . 2 oz aged bourbon ( I used Russell's reserve @russellsreservebourbon ) 0.5 oz spiced mojo syrup 2 dashes orange bitters 1 dash Hella Bitters aromatic cocktail bitters 1 star anise pod 1 hand cut lemon zest . Stir, strain and serve. Float a star anise on top. . #book #whisky #siliconvalley #futuristic
I have some left over turmeric so I infused some gin with it for about 48 hours. Then I was not sure what to do with it, found this recipe on so decided to give it a try. I made a few small modifications and it turned out to be so delicious. It is my kind of brunch drink instead of Bloody Mary. Thanks to @victor_tangos for the wonderful recipe. . . . Lunar Eclipse . 2 oz turmeric infused vodka ( I used @stgeorgespirits Terroir) 1 oz carrot juice πŸ₯• 0.75 oz honey 🍯 0.75 oz lemon juice πŸ‹ 2 dashes Angostura bitters (I used my homemade celery and spice bitters to give it a nice kick) . . . Shake and strain to a rock glass with one large clear ice cube. Garnish with carrot peel and a celery stick. A not too sweet and healthy buzz for Sunday brunch! I never knew carrot juice is so delish in cocktail! . . . #gin #infusion #carrot #tumeric #spice #brunch
A little Negroni variation that I made a few days ago, when it was all sunny in the early evening. As some of you know, we had a pretty devastating fire in the north bay of San Francisco, and the strong winds have blown the thick smoke from the fires all the way to Peninsula where I live, almost 100 miles away from north bay. I woke up this morning and could smell it even my windows are closed. It seems to be worse here than San Francisco actually. . . . Thoughts go to those who are effected in small and big ways. . . Lillet Negroni . 1 oz Gin ( I used Ki No Bi) 1 oz Lillet Blanc @lillet1872 1oz Campari @campariofficial @campariusa Squeezes of a wedge pink grapefruit Dashes of grapefruit bitters from @bettersbiters . Shake and serve over crushed ice. Garnish with grapefruit zest, mint and grapefruit peel. . Hope we see clear air soon! 🌞 . . . #campari #negroni #lilletblanc #gin #northbay
I made this Suze Sour yesterday that I learned from Mark (@cyberdoggie) by using @bettersbitters Miraculous Foamer. It's magic and I am a believer! So easy, simple and it tastes great. While I love eggs, my breakfast usually consists of two eggs, fruits and black coffee, this is a great alternative for vegans or those who want to make sour and fizz with ease. . I added a few turmeric slices to highlight Suze's both herbal (ginger and gentian root) and citrus tastes. . . . Turmeric Suze Sour . 2 oz Suze @suzeofficial 1 oz simple syrup ( I used a bit less) 1 oz fresh lemon juice A few slices of turmeric slices 1/3 dropper of @bettersbitters Miraculous Foamer . . Muddle the turmeric with Suze, add the rest, Dry shake without ice then shake with ice. Strain and serve. Garnish with turmeric slice and lemon peel. . It would have been more foam than shown in the picture but my glass is tiny so there was some left over in the shaker. . Mark, thanks for introducing me to this foamer. It's miraculous! 😍 . #suze #sour
Dosa @dosasf is a modern Indian restaurant in San Francisco and it has really creative and exotic drinks that incorporate spices. Here is Bengali Gimlet that uses home made curried nectar. . . . Bengali Gimlet . 1 Kaffir lime leaf 2 oz Gin ( I used Ki No Bi) 1 tablespoon curried nectar 1 tablespoon lime juice . How to make curried nectar . 1 tablespoon cumin seeds 4 tablespoons coriander seeds 0.75 teaspoons allspice 0.75 teaspoons black peppercorns 0.75 teaspoons white peppercorns 0.75 teaspoons turmeric 2 birds eye chiles 1 cup water 1 cup sugar Pinch salt . In sautΓ© pan, toast cumin and coriander seeds. Combine the rest and grind at medium speed. In sauce pan, add sugar, water and salt to simmer for 10 minutes. Remove and cool. Strain. . . Muddle kaffir lime leaf, add the rest. Shake, strain and serve. . Happy Saturday! . #gin #nectar #spice #indian #sanfrancisco
When I first had this drink at @overproofsf, my immediate reaction: this is a drink for Anders (! With the help from @barfaith and others, here it is! It's sweet, with a touch of smokiness. Simple, rich and delicious. It uses this wonderful rhubarb based bitter named Sfumato that is beautifully structured with spice and earth tones and mild palate smokiness. I had this amaro at two places in one weekend, Overproof and Trick Dog so I knew it must be a good pick! . . . Buena Vista recipe by @overproofsf . 2 parts Gin (@monkey47_dry_gin) 1 part PX sherry 1 part Sfumato Absinthe rinsed glass Fresh cream shaken with demarara syrup . . Shake the first three ingredients with ice, strain and pour. Top with fresh cream. You need to shake pretty vigorously with demarara syrup so it floats on top. . Enjoy! . #gin #amaro #amaroweek #sherry
Everyone loves a well balanced daiquiri and I love it even more when there is peach πŸ‘ involved πŸ˜‚. Here is another rum drink by Libby Lingua of UnderTow in Phoenix, from the rum box by @shakerandspoon. πŸ‘ŒπŸ» . . . Spiced Peach πŸ‘ Daiquiri . 2 oz dark rum ( I used Appleton 21) 3/4 oz peach-cinnamon syrup 1 oz lime juice . Shake, strain and serve. On the side, half grilled peach with mascarpone cheese on top. Yum!πŸ‘πŸ˜‹ . . . #peach #peaches #daiquiri #rum #cinnamon
More peaches? πŸ‘ how about vermouth for a break? πŸ€— I got pretty obsessed with vermouth because it's sort of confusing, dry, extra dry, bianco, blanc, chinato, quinquina ad more. And they are all roughly around Torino in Italy, Chambery and Marseille on the French side. Oh don't forget vermut in Nothern Spain. There are cousins and nephews such as quinquina, americanos, vino amaros...Oh My! . Yesterday, I was surprised to find La Quintinye vermouth royal extra dry at my local K&L store, a French dry vermouth that @cocktail_circus told me to try. I went in to pick up 3 bottles, but I left with 7 bottles! Very typical of Vivian! 😲 . Anyway, I ended up having a very french style dinner: bouillabaisse, La Quintinye, a bit pastis from Ricard. I loved La Quintinye, super crispy with notes of dry herbs, I smelled sage and lavender but it's super citrus as well. Peppery short finish. It's a surprising one if you are into dry vermouth and want something other than Dolin. You can use it for the typical cocktails with dry mouth or just sipping. . Here is what I made while I was cooking my bouillabaisse. . La Quintinye with ice and orange peel . Pastis: one part pastis, five parts water. As the pastis is anise based and it contains oils called terpenes. It becomes insoluble when diluted below 30% so you get this milky and cloudy look. Super satisfying to watch as you pour water. Super super low sugar ! πŸ’ž . Bouillabaisse: where I used both La Quintinye dry vermouth and Pernod in the cooking of shrimp, scallop, mussels and cod fish. . What a lovely way to end my Sunday evening! . . . #vermouth #french #absinthe #bouillabaisse #dryvermouth #pastis #frenchfood #marseille
Peaches πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ‘! I am so obsessed with peaches and vermouth at the moment. I am so embarrassed to say that I have had more than 16 peaches in the last few days and 8-10 open bottles of vermouth rouge, bianco/blanc, dry, extra dry and quinquina in the frig. You may see no other posts from me except peach and vermouth related for a week πŸ˜‚. . Okay this is my first peach πŸ‘ one. . . . 0.25 oz peach cinnamon syrup ( @shakerandspoon ) 8 mint leaves 2 oz burnt peach infused bourbon (Russell's reserve single barrel @russellsreservebourbon ) Peychaud bitters . In a julep cup, muddle mint and syrup. Add bourbon and pack wth crushed ice. Stir til the cup is frosted. Top with more ice, and garnish with mint sprig and burned peach ( caramelized with bourbon and sugar), add drops of Peychaud bitters. . . . Peaches, I love you! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ . . . #infusion #peaches #peach #bourbon #whisky
It's #nationalcoffeeday! Coffee β˜•οΈ is all the rage right now in a cocktail. Here is the last one from @shakerandspoon rum box. It is by Joy Herrin (@joy_herrin) from Venetian Las Vegas and she uses a common malted beverage concept in Puerto Rico in this recipe. Simple, sweet and full of rum, a perfect drink to ease us into fall. (Although it's still summer weather in San Francisco πŸ˜‚ :). . . . 2 oz dark rum ( I used Appleton 21) @appletonestateusa 1 oz malted coffee reduction 3 coffee beans . Add rum and malted coffee reduction to mixing glass, stir, strain and serve. Float 3 coffee beans on top. . . . Happy national coffee day! . . . #rum #coffee #puertorico #nationalcoffeeday #tgif