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Vivian Cromwell
San Francisco, CA
Entrepreneur by day, mixologist by night. Creative drinks through great presentations. Always learning.

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My Recipes
Sunday is relaxing day, in my favorite cowhide chaise lounge, designed by Le Corbusier, with a chocolate twisted boulevardier. . . . Boulevardier with a chocolate twist 🍫 . 1.5 oz Willett Rye 3 year @willettdistillery 0.5 oz Cocchi Torino 0.75 oz chocolate infused Campari @campariusa 0.25 oz grand marnier @grandmarnierusa . Side with a chocolate macaron, or French edible piece of art (according to @cocktail_circus ). . This is my favorite view in the house, napping spot and book reading chair. It only makes sense to have one of my favorite drinks. . . . #boulevadier #amaro #vermouth #chocolate #infusion
Playing again with gin & tonic flavor, fruit and herb pairing. Again, @willembarentsz jasmin gin, fresh rosemary from the garden and pink grapefruit. What is your favorites? . . . #ginandtonic #rosemary #grapefruit #jasmine #gin #gintonic #gincocktails
Presentation, the selection of the spirit and the freshness of ingredients are important in cocktails. This is even more true when it comes to simple drinks such as gin and tonic. I have been slowly learning and getting my inspiration from Jean, @cocktail_circus who has a fantastic collection of g&t in his feed. . In this one, I chose gin from @willembarentsz which has strong jasmine floral notes, then layered with fresh prickly pears slices, a few sprigs of thyme, lime and one aloe vera leaf. Prickly pear has bright color but mild taste, citrus helps to bring out the flavor while thyme adds the depth to the profile. . Enjoy! . . . #ginandtonic #gin #tonicwater #classicdrinks
The typical lavender season is June to August and it is one of my favorite herbs and flowers. To my surprise, the lavender in my backyard is still thriving in this winter weather, well with just one sprig standing, not enough to make a cocktail! . So when @teroforma reached out to me about their new 1pt infusion blends, the obvious choice is their floral blend: lavender, orange zest, and liquorice root with a balancing note of soothing chamomile. . 1pt infusion kit comes with a high-durability lab glass infusion bottle with walnut-finish cap, a stainless steel infusion basket so it is mess free. What I love about it is that each blend has specific infusion time, which has always been tough because it requires sampling every few hours if you do your own infusion. . I decided to make a drink that reminds me of Hokkaido that I visited this summer, filled with beautiful lavender flowers. Summer has always been my favorite season because I am a solar powered person, and I can’t wait to go to South Hemisphere in a few weeks! . . . Fuubutsushi ( Japanese, things which remind of a season) . 2 oz 1pt N°003 Floral lavender infused gin via @teroforma 3 oz pink grapefruit juice 0.5 oz elderflower liqueur 0.5 oz bianco vermouth 0.25 homemade grenadine Half egg white . . . Add all ingredients, reverse dry shake, pour into a chilled collins glass filled with small ice cube. Garnish with grapefruit wedge and my lonely lavender sprig. If you like it, head over to their website to grab the kit, enjoy the discount code for 10% off order of $50 or more with ‘thetipsymuse10’ . . . Have a great day. . . . #gin #infusion #lavendar #vermouth #sponsored
Yesterday, a few drinkstagrammers in Bay Area had a little pre-holiday gathering(, @barfaith, @cyberdoggie, @danlikesrum), one of the two drinks I made was Choke and Smoke from the #amarobook. It’s not an easy drink, but I am glad most people enjoyed it. And I loooooove it! . . . Choke and Smoke . 1.5 oz scotch whisky ( I chose Laphroaig @laphroaig triple wood which is smoky but not too overwhelming) 1.5 oz Cynar 70 1 barspoon brown sugar cordial ( 2 cup Demerara sugar, 1 cup water and 2 oz Demerara rum). I actually used half barspoon smoky maple syrup from @tipplemansbarsyrups plus 1 bar spoon Smith and Cross rum, I decided to add a hint of funkiness to the mix Pinch of kosher salt 3 orange zests . . . For me, this drink is smoky on the nose and the first sip, artichoke takes the center stage, highlighted through the salt, then it finishes with orange brightness and rum funkiness. . . . Enjoy. If you like brown spirit and smoky cocktails, give this a try. Thanks to @barfaith for hosting us! So much fun! . . . #amaro #amaroweek #whisky #scotch #cynar #smokydrinks
Simple Cynar Sour to wind down Monday night. . . . Cynar Sour . 1.5 oz Cynar 70 ( I used regular Cynar) 0.5 oz lime juice 0.5 oz L’orgeat almond liqueur @lorgeat 0.25 oz Hamilton Overproof 151 Dashes of miraculous foamer from @bettersbitters . . . Shake, strain and serve in a 1930 Rock Sharpe Countess Champagne coup. Some chocolate truffles on the side if you have sweet tooth. Enjoy! . . . #cynar #amaro #amarosour #overproof #rum
Vivian recommends Atxa Vino vermouth rojo from Basque Country! And this is not an advertisement:). I first had it at @bellotasf and really loved how well balanced it is! Strong cherry, vanilla and licorice wrapped in bitter notes. I have bought a few bottles from @bittersandbottles since, a bit over 20 dollars each. This is a sipping vermouth, try it as an aperitif with ice and orange, and I have used it in a few cocktails as well. . Highly recommend this. . . . #basquecountry #vermouth #vermut #spain #aperitif
Inspired by a recent drink I had at Hog Island Oyster Co. named “winter is coming”, which was a simple mix of various amari and vermouths., I made up my own version, slightly bitter. Thanks to my learnings of vermouth and amaro in the last few months, coming up with the right ingredients was not too hard at all. I named the drink “Ray Charles” because it’s just that kind of jazz-y drink with lots of notes, effortless in its elegant way. . . . Ray Charles . 1.5 oz la quintinye vermouth royal extra dry ( by far my favorite dry vermouth with lots of dry herbs, wormwood and lavender) 1 oz Varnelli Dell’Erborista ( bitter, dry, unfiltered, honey based amaro) 0.75 oz Alessio Bianco 0.75 oz Alessio Chinato 0.5 oz PX sherry ( because I used some dry vermouth with bigger portion, it allows me to squeeze in some PX sherry :) . Stir, strain and enjoy. Garnish with some fresh grated nutmeg. Oh that teddy bear, this is the drink I made right before the road trip to LA, sometimes I take my teddy with me 😍, I have had this bear 🐻 in my study room for 5 years. He is very excited about the trip!😂 . . . #vermouth #amari #amaro #autumn
PX sherry, unlike dry sherry, is only a recent phenomenon in mixed drinks. My first encounter with PX sherry was a few months ago at a SF bar named OverProof. Since then, I have bought a half bottle of Alvear 1927 PX Solera Montilla-Moriles. PX sherry is super sweet, packed with notes such as toffee, coffee, fig, caramel and molasses. It often contains up to 450 grams of residual sugar per liter, making them twice as sweet as Aunt Jemima pancake syrup! It lasts about two months once opened, much longer than fino (1 week), amontillado (2-3weeks). It is a wonderful addition/sweetener to the drinks, but you can really only use a tiny bit, given I still have about 7 oz - 8 oz left and one month, so you probably will see nothing but PX sherry here for the next 15 days! . . . Riddles in the Dark ( by Al Sotack via Beta Cocktails) . 1.5 oz Rye ( I used Willett 3 year) 0.75 oz Carpano Antica Formula (I used Atxa Vino Vermouth, one of the very few red vermouth I like) 0.5 oz PX sherry 0.25 oz Amaro Nardini (sfumato, it goes really well with sherry) 0.5 oz cherry liqueur 8 dashes Moroccan bitters ( I used smoke and oak from @bettersbitters, home made Mumbai bitters, cherry bitters) . . . Stir, strain and garnish with lemon peel. A fresh baked madeleine on the side. It’s full of spice notes and absolutely delicious! . Enjoy! . . . #sherry #pxsherry #rye #whiskey #whisky #amaro #vermouth #spain
Last Chance is the second libation in this month @shakerandspoon box, by Jacyara de Oliveria @jacyaramargaret of Beatnik in Chicago. . . . The recipe calls for Jager amaro but unfortunately I don’t have that at home. With about 20 amaro bottles on the shelf, I am in no hurry to acquire another though! Instead, I used those cute tiny bottles of Underberg that I wanted to try for a very long time! . . . Last chance . 1.5 oz Jager ( I used 2 bottles of Underberg @underberg.usa which is about 1.3 oz) 1 oz lemon juice 1 oz pineapple juice 0.5 oz ancho chile demerara syrup Nutmeg . . . Shake, strain and pour over to a rock glass filled with crushed ice. Grate some nutmeg. Garnish with a pineapple 🍍wedge (got the pineapple garnish inspiration from @cocktail_circus 😊) and stick one empty bottle of Underberg into the ice. How fun! 😂 . . . #amaro #bitter #underberg #pineapple