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Puff Pastry Sticky Buns
Ina Garten said she used to make really delicious sticky buns at Barefoot Contessa, but they took two days to make because the yeast dough needed to rise overnight in the refrigerator. She was dying to find a way to make them easier, so she decided to try baking them with Pepperidge Farm puff pastry dough, instead. OMG are they good ... and they're really easy to make! Light, flaky dough filled with brown sugar, toasted pecans, and sweet raisins -- what more could you ask for? They're perfect for Easter brunch, and will definitely be on my table. Another perfect recipe from my idol Ina!
Easy Halloween Chocolate Bark
Who doesn't LOVE Halloween candy!? If plain candy bars aren’t cutting it for your spooky party, now you can up your Halloween game with this quick, easy and ghoulish Halloween Candy Bark. The recipe is sweet, simple and so much more spooky than a regular candy bar. Milk chocolate is melted and topped with bite size pieces of all your favorite Halloween candies. My favorite part? The candy eyeballs that seem to just stare at you!
Butternut Squash Pizza With Ricotta Cheese
When you think fall, pizza probably isn’t the first food to come to mind. But it’s a terrific vehicle for delicious autumnal produce. Although the panoply of fresh summer produce may be gone, fall brings it’s own robust, nourishing selection of pizza pie toppings. If the chill in the air has you wanting to turn out some heartier pizzas, look no further for inspiration. Yep, pizza at home can be quick and easy.
Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Sticks
Andris Lagsdin created one of my favorite kitchen gadgets, the Baking Steel. It’s one of those must have kitchen items… heck, even Rachael Ray swears by it! Pepperoni Pizza Sticks are just more exciting to eat than traditional pizza, in my opinion. Maybe it’s just the dunking of the sauce or because you can eat more slices and not feel so guilty? I’m not sure, but I do know that they are a hit whenever I make them
Fresh Mozzarella Pizza
Super Bowl Sunday is a little over a week away and although my Patriots didn’t quite make it, I’m still excited for the big game. This year I will be focusing more of my attention on the food and drinks, which isn’t a totally bad thing. Pizza is a staple at football parties and I almost think that guests expect it, just like they expect plenty of beer. What they probably don’t expect though is homemade pizza. Guess what? I think homemade pizza takes less time to make than ordering and it’s 100x more delicious. Almost everyone likes a traditional Fresh Mozzarella Pizza, and with only a few simple ingredients, it’s pretty quick and easy to throw together during the excitement of the big game. Find this recipe and others like it on
Mini Crostini
If you haven’t already noticed I’m a huge fan of crostini, especially for cocktail parties. It’s colorful, easy to eat and there are so many different variations. A New Years Party doesn’t require intensive recipes or large meals, but a few hors d’oeurves will make sure your guests are able to ring in the New Year on a cheery note. Deciding your menu of small bites can be a bit challenging, and although it’s difficult to please everyone there are certain dishes that please almost every pallet. I made a Strawberry and Goat Cheese Crostini, which is pretty fab, and did I mention – it pairs perfectly with a glassy of bubbly? Find this recipe and others like it on
Grilled Italian Sausage And Peppers
It’s finally grilling season, and it’s time to start cooking outside. Fire up the grill this weekend and impress your friends with this crowd-pleasing, easy recipe for Grilled Italian Sausage and Peppers. Spicy Italian sausage, onion, and sweet red, orange and yellow peppers, is all stuffed inside a toasted bun. It’s sure to become one of your go-to favorites of the summer! Not sure what to cook for the 4th of July? Look no further. Find this recipe and others like it on
The prettiest fall produce at the green market. What is your go-to fall vegetable? ?
PRO TIP: Don't forget to pack cookies when you're packing your hurricane kit. Cookies don't melt, they can hang out on the counter and won't judge you for how many you've eaten! This is one of my favorite, super simple recipes and chances are, you already have all of these ingredients in your pantry already. Baking in times of stress has always helped me, and it's always a good feeling sharing sweet treats with family and friends. Link in bio for recipe. Stay safe Florida! ?