Spiced Pomegranate Cake with Pomegranate Drizzle
"The stark contrast between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres never seems more pronounced to me than at the turn of the seasons. Perhaps I follow a few too many foodies up north but currently my Instagram account is flooded with autumnal images and recipes for all things pear, pumpkin, apple and spice. And here I am just revelling in the warmth of the air and the flowers in bloom. And images that sing Spring. Tell me lovelies, where are you from and what flavours are you loving right now?"
-- @thepolkadotter
A Note from Feedfeed

Every season is cake season. Make them seasonal with whatever fruits are freshest at the time! Pomegranates add a pop of flavor and color to this dessert, from tehe fruity taste to the bright pink glaze. Talk about eye-candy! This fruit has been used across the spectrum, from sweet to savory, so make sure you know how to deseed a pomegranate properly!