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Singapore Crab Tang Hoon
Crab Tang Hoon is a wildly popular zichar dish in Singapore. All you need is some confidence and everyone can whip up this luxuriously delicious dish in the comfort of your homes! Cooking this dish is simple, we first stir fry the Tang Hoon for it to absorb some fragrance from the aromatics and retain its springy texture. The MAGIC happens when crabs and Tang Hoon are combined together in a clay pot. All the natural juices of the fresh crabs are absorbed into the Tang Hoon, making it full of flavour. It’s a slightly messy yet awesome dish to eat, switch between the juicy crabs and slurping the Tang Hoon.
Recipe: . . . Originating from Hakka, this traditional chinese delicacy may seem to take a bit of time to prepare but it’s easier than you think. The simple trick to achieving that gorgeous bubbly crisp layer is to prick lots of holes in the skin without puncturing the meat itself. Using taro adds that slight nuttiness while soaking up the sweet flavours of the marinade. Lastly, douse all that dark earthy tasting sauce onto the pork belly meat and taro before steaming. There you have it, your alluring plate of crispy moist pork belly and soft fried taro slices soaked up in rich brown sauce - utterly ravishing. . . . #foodprnshare #feedfeed #pork #hakka #yam #taro
Recipe: A quick and easy way to enjoy the unique texture and flavour of glutinous rice; just fry it together with simple everyday ingredients! The traditional cooking method can be time consuming and require a lot of work, but recreate this delectable mix of textures and flavours easily with our version of Fried Glutinous Rice. This hearty quick fix is more than enough to satisfy those hunger pangs in an instance. #foodprnshare #feedfeed #glutinous #rice
Recipe: . . Suan ni bai rou literally means garlic paste white pork. It may not sound like the most appetizing dish but it sure looks tantalising – bite sized poached pork pieces laid out against the stark garlic sauce, calling out to be picked up, dipped and delivered straight to your mouth! This dish relies heavily on its tasty garlic sauce, so it is important that the pork belly is subtly seasoned to allow the fragrant garlic paste to shine. Although garlic paste pork belly is customarily served chilled, it can also be served warm to your preference. This versatile dish will not fail to impress as a side, or even as a main dish with rice! . . #foodprnshare #feedfeed #garlic #porkbelly
Recipe: . . The assam curry uses spices but made lighter and sourish with the addition of tamarind paste and pineapple. Fresh herbs like laksa leaves and torch ginger flower heightens the flavours. The curry is light, spicy sour that goes well with a hot bowl of steaming rice! (of course) A little tip, you can make extra portion of the sambal and freeze. It keeps well in the freezer for 3 months. This reduces the prepping time for the next Assam Fish Head meal. . . #foodprnshare #feedfeed #assam #fish #curry
Recipe: . . The simple Cantonese way of showcasing the freshness and sweetness of the ingredients (in this instance, prawns) is by steaming. The tiger prawns will be nothing but sweet and succulent after just 6 minutes of steaming on a bed of egg whites. A super quick recipe and real easy to cook for your love ones too. Just remember, to look out and do NOT overcook the prawns! . . #foodprnshare #feedfeed #prawns #steamed #eggs
Recipe: . .  Ever wondered how cafes and bakeries fill their croissants with molten salted egg? Ever wanted to try your hand at making croissants but found it too daunting? Now you can create your own Salted Egg Yolk Croissants at home with our shortcut croissant dough that takes half the time, yet works every time! For maximum flavour, we incorporated Knorr’s Golden Salted Egg Powder into our croissant dough and also used it as the base of our sweet-salty “liu sha” filling, which was a breeze to put together. Get ready for some crispy, buttery, salted egg yolk goodness! . . #KnorrSingapore #foodprnshare #feedfeed #saltedeggyolk #croissant . . Follow @themeatmensg for more delicious recipes!
Recipe: . . In our recipe, the tomatoes are firstly stir fried with fragrant spring onions and thickened with a cornflour slurry. Then the beaten eggs are gently, but not fully, cooked on their own until creamy, before the tomato mixture is added in. This allows the half scrambled eggs to absorb the rich, robust tomato juices to create that amazing combination of texture and flavour. To some, tomato and eggs may taste like nostalgia, and to those who are curious of how real Chinese comfort food tastes like - try a heaping scoop of aromatic tomato and eggs over steaming hot rice! . . #foodprnshare #feedfeed #tomatoegg . . Remember to follow @themeatmensg for more delicious recipes!