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Ultimate Grown-Up Easter Basket

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Green Kimchi
Kimchi should be just about ready in a day or so • Sauerkraut for beginners • this is Kimchi, Korean sauerkraut, quicker, easier and (if you ask me) tastier than a more traditional sauerkraut • it's made with cabbage, ginger, garlic and chillies so your kimchi will pair beautifully with simple salmon or chicken dishes • the natural sugars and starches in the cabbage are converted into lactic acid, a natural preservative and probiotic superfood (lactobacillus) • during fermentation, the lactobacilli produce numerous beneficial digestive enzymes as well as antibiotic and anti carcinogenic compounds
Calling this one a Crossfit lunch • roasted beetroot, watercress, goats cheese pesto and seed sprinkles • its baseline week this week and I started with BL2 which just kills me, so I desperately needed this nourishing, hearty, protein and carb rich lunch yesterday • BL1 today is half as short and far more pleasant • and it's Friday • #friyay ?
Successful feeling of accomplishing food prep as the kids return to school this week • this is a simple pesto with pumpkin, sesame, sunflower seeds and almonds and summery mint and basil ? • all stamped up with my lovely @thepumphouse_kent stamp from @fraserandparsley • it really is the little things that still my beating heart ?
We've reached the final day of the loveliest Easter weekend, our first in @thepumphouse_kent • we've seen loads of friends and had the good fortune of sunshine and getting outside; tennis, rounders, table tennis, runs, dogs, boules • last of a sunshiny breakfasts as it's looking a little overcast out there now xx have a lovely day folks ??
Happy Easter • having peaked a little early yesterday spending the happiest day celebrating the long weekend with friends, this morning started with a lovely sunshine run with the dog and these glorious green smoothies when I got back • black kale, apple, banana, ginger, lime, spirulina and coconut ? water • whAt a difference a day makes @thepumphouse_kent
Nothing quite so relaxing as massaging a bit of kale • ? • have a lovely weekend folks
Moroccan spiced chicken with carrots and courgettes • eating fresh light salads is such a breeze on warm sunny days but i still love changing it up with a bit of inspiration, this one from Joe Wickes #90daysss • this salad has ana amazing dressing of full fat yogurt and tahini, ?
Such a great first half of the week • G has been home and I've had 2 Crossfit mornings and feel so fantastic for it • it sets the whole day up right, I don't manage breakfast before the 08:30 class and yesterday was running so I would have been honestly sick with a belly full of breakfast but I am totally motivated to know I am coming home to these beauties ? • I used to make my pancakes with. Buckwheat flour but the kids waffle obsession has got me adapting the healthy waffle recipe so I now use a mug of oats, which I blend in the Vitamix, then throw in a banana, 2 eggs and a cup of almond milk and a good sprinkling of cinnamon • I like to eat as SOON as I get in from Crossfit so I make this up the night before, sometimes need to stir through a little more almond milk if it is too thick, and then make about 4 small pancakes (I use coconut oil to cook them in as it is so stable at high temp, and delicious) • served here with a dollop of full fat Fage yogurt and a few berries, please please try them ?• they are so filling and full of replenishing carbs, they seriously set me up to eat better all day ? especially when I get to eat them outside because the sun is shining • happy #humpday folks #90daysss
I love adding greens to breakfast • spinach avocado and a delicious sprinkling of toasted pine nuts with an omelette definitely keeps the mid morning wolf from prowling at my door • we're up in Harrogate this weekend with the family getting a sweat on at #parkrun on the Stray • 5K with the kids ?• sun is shining and an afternoon at the Bedale Point to Point beckons #lovetheweekend • enjoy it folks xxx
A long journey yesterday was broken up @rutlandwater meeting @anniefaith5 and all the cousins for a picnic and bomb round the playground ? • I was reminded to make these seeded biscuits, which we dipped in red lentil and lemon dip • these crackers are a delicious blend of chia, sesame, pumpkin and flax seeds blitzed with oats, water and coconut oil • recipe adapted from on in Anna Jone @we_are_food are just the most useful box of snacks to have in hand • even little Mallory (2) ran off with a couple ?• long car journeys are about snacks and crumb-reduction and these fitted the bill perfectly x with a big box of energy balls rolled into rounds and some kettle chips for the kids • safely arrived in Harrogate now • off the Armories in Leeds later on so best get up ? happy #friyay folks xx