Mini Strawberry Cardamom Cream Bundt Cakes
"Strawberry and cardamom cream mini Bundt cakes celebrating the strawberries 🍓 in the market now! I have been getting a half flat box for $13, on Sundays and the strawberries are so sweet and juicy! The Bundt cakes have strawberry purée and heavy cream in them and the icing is made of cream cheese, heavy cream, freeze dried strawberries and cardamom, topped with a sprinkling of freeze dried strawberries! It’s a strawberry bonanza! 🤩🥰❣️"
-- @thejamlab
Recipe Intro From thejamlab
These mini strawberry cakes are pure perfection. Strawberries pair wonderfully with both cream and cardamom which makes every bite of these cakes absolutely addictive.