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Raw Peanut Butter Pie
Happy hump day friends Here's what I've been up too on my stories Raw peanut butter pie It tastes exactly like a big PB butter cup I made this for my brothers birthday as well as my sweet friend Lore @datesandavocados who is hosting a #rawdessert28k party Lore is very talented raw pastry chef and has a heart of gold
Healthy Blueberry Muffins
Good morning from a not so sunny Florida. We had planed on heading back to the beach but will play the day away at home instead while we snack on more of my blueberry muffins. Did you all see the young playful dolphin my kiddos were calling And the Mama manatee So sweet !!! Before I go I wanted to enter these into the #feedfeed #hackingsnacking #contest I wish you all the best Sunday
Pumpkin pumpkin everywhere. Meanwhile in Florida its hotter than ever no sweater weather here. That sure was a nice day and a half of cool weather we had 2 weeks ago . So I made a coconut lemon curd tart on a almond coconut crust which is the easiest Recipe ever. In other news my son was very excited to get a hard cast on last night that he will remain in for the next 3 weeks so he can play and not worry about bumping his thumb ... Me not so much. I hope everyone has a great day ! Much love coming at you xo
Cinnamon Pumpkin Buckwheat Waffles With Fresh Berries
Good morning friends ? Who's excited it's Saturday ?! We are !! Starting our day off with these delicious cinnamon pumpkin buckwheat flour waffles. Drizzled with @saraisspreads cinnamon almond nut butter and a ginormous coffee for me. I recreated this look as my entry into the very talented Chloe @the_smallseed_ 's #tssspringparty. I am fairly new to her account but holy amazing !!! She is so talented and so kind I'm sure most of you have already seen her delicious meals but if not go take a , my recipe for these buckwheat waffles is a few posts back with my chia jam only add in is 2 tablespoons organic pumpkin purée. Happy Saturday IG family much love to you all
Vanilla Beetroot Donuts
Happy Saturday lovely peeps! So excited we get to play the day away. Starting our day off with my kiddos favorite vanilla beetroot glazed DONUTS! These are their absolute favorite recipe of mine , but I would love input from you amazing creator's on a sugar free glaze! Although I'm ok with it in moderation I would love to hear if anyone has a icing / glaze without sugar. Time to get our donutzzzz on! Much love to you all, Hope everyone has a fantastic day
Black And Blueberry Galette
Happy Thursday friends !! Another day another galette! If you are new to my IG family you will soon learn I am galette obsessed! In my defense berry season is coming to a end and I struggled to find blueberries today. So getting my last #galettes on is a must! You now may be pumpkin and Popsicle'd to death ... I will apologize for that now! But its almost pumpkin season !!! Hope everyone is well ?Much love to you all from me my family and my galette.
Blackberry Ice Cream Pops
Good morning and happy hump Day friends! So here's my pops! Blackberry coconut cream ? But they're melting ? because I take 800 pics my struggle is real ? Please tell me I'm not the only one ??? Good thing my new stainless steel mold will freeze them right back up for my lil ones who are almost home ? I showed the process on my stories and my new mold I've had many messages about the mold DM if you want the website I ordered it from ? I hope everyone has a great day , Much love to you all !
Crispy Parmesan Fries
Happy Thursday friends. Who's in the mood for healthy fryzzzzz with a side of avocado ?? According to my son if you watched my stories he is every day for the next 1,000 days straight lol. They inhaled these but I don't mind they are healthy fries so go for it. These are crispy Parmesan fries ( vegan ) and gluten free of course ! I just had lunch at school with my kiddos and they are asking for them again tonight. Have a great day loves go get your fryzzzz on!
Coconut Carrot Cake Banana Bread
Time for dessert. My healthy coconut carrot cake banana bread turned out AMAZING. I have made carrot banana bread many times but never added coconut it's so good !! #Glutenfree #dairyfree #vegan and more. And the house smells so #yummy you guys need this in your life .
Just dropping in to say thank you all for the well wishes and messages about my Cattie ❤️ He is currently undergoing a ultrasound via the specialist ? Praying hard for good news ?? I haven't been to the store or taken a pic in weeks as I've been such a mess .. so I finally took a pic of these fresh berries I picked up with my sweet daughters hands ? I will try and catch up with everyone as soon as I can I'm just so upset right now .. sending you all lots of love xoxo - - - - - #fruit #fruits #breakfast #gatheringslikethese #feedfeed #f52grams #buzzfeast #salad #fitfam #dairyfree #waffles #pancakes #justvegan #thatsdarling #lifeandthyme #onmytable #wholefoodsfaves #dessert #snack #strawberry #salads #rawfood #strawberry #rawvegan #berries #chocolate #blueberries #blueberry