Old family recipes, new challenges, sourdough bread, and dabbles into food science all in my kitchen in Oak Park, IL. My latest recipe is 👇🏾

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Sweet Potato Chai Spiced Pie With Toasted Meringue
Happy thanksgiving! I started the celebration early with this Chai Sweet Potato Pie with a Vanilla-Cardamom Meringue. The pie is adapted from @bravetart recipe and the meringue is adapted from @hoosiermamapie creamy meringue recipe. It's really delicious, the pie crust is revolutionary, and luckily, there's still time to make this beautiful pie before dinner tomorrow.
Here's an interior shot of my version of @sarah_c_owens wild rice, almond, sage, thyme loaf. If you want to check out the recipe, link is in the bio!
Next bread of the week! This is a wild rice, almond, sage, thyme loaf from @sarah_c_owens amazing book, sourdough. It's 75% hydration, 20% wheat, 5% rye, and such a beautiful flavor blend. Also, I've gotten some requests to put my bread recipes on my blog, so I'm experimenting with this one! If you check it out, let me know your thoughts. Link in bio!
Here's the interior of the 20% rye, 20% wheat, 80% hydration sourdough. I was pretty happy with how it turned out, even with some comically large bubbles on the side.
Next bread of the week! This is a 20% rye, 20% wheat, 80% hydration loaf. Per my husband, it's a delicious 'clean' flavor with just enough sour taste, so I'm interpreting that as a success ☺️
Here's the interior shot of my 25% whole wheat 85% hydration sourdough loaf. Happy to be back baking bread after so many weeks!
Finally back to bread of the week after several busy weeks! Went back to the basics with a 25% whole wheat, 85% hydration sourdough loaf. It's a bit overproofed but I was happy with the little ear! Interior shot next.
Here's the interior of the honey wheat spelt whey loaf! I am pretty happy with this crumb, even though it's a bit overproofed.
Next bread of the week! This is 10% spelt, 15% whole wheat, 5% honey, 80% hydration using all whey leftover from making paneer. It's a bit overproofed, so has a pronounced tang, but is still pretty tasty!! Interior shot next.
Here's the interior of my honey, whey, whole wheat loaf. It is super tall and the crumb is very tender. It's a bit tangy and a bit sweet, and definitely reminds me of super delicious sandwich bread.