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Asian Chickpea Rice Paper Tacos

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Pumpkin Pie Bundt Cakes
My favorite pumpkin pie bread, transformed into little mini bundt cakes. Is there no pumpkin emoji?

I baked for 20-30 minutes in the heritage mini bundt cake pans:^63150629460-sku^8231755-adType^PLA-device^c-adid^45527543983
Bananas Foster Coffee Cake With A Vanilla Rum Sauce
Our neighbor brought over a huge bag of perfectly overripe bananas so I turned them into this bananas foster coffee cake with a vanilla rum sauce. It's not excessive amounts of rum so I think it's kid-friendly (or at least I hope) The recipe is on the @southernlivingmag website.
And the cakes for the vineyard wedding today: chocolate with salted caramel, vanilla with raspberry filling, and carrot cake. ??
I came across @thecoffeeregistry on @instagram a while ago and finally got one for myself, bc I totally needed a reason to drink even more coffee ☕️?
Honey cake with mascarpone frosting and fresh figs - I shared the recipe on the blog ??
Love this new cutting board from @aheirloom . I have a new appreciation for how nicely shaped Illinois is