Just 2 sisters in our quest for a great meal 2018: Park City, Morocco, HOU, BTR, CLT, AUS, MIA, LA, SEA, PHL, RLGH, LVL, BOS, DAL, STL , DC, CT

Golden Globes - feedfeed with Lindt!

My Recipes
Saffron rice with seafood ... last of a yum DC food tour πŸ˜‹
Favorite city, and one of my fave restaurants - grilled scallops with butternut squash risotto ???? - AA
Only a halfway cheat meal, right? GF toast with sunflower seed butter, bananas and cocoa powder. Love you Dallas - AA
Gluten free ramen with pork belly ... miss you @boston - AA
Another delicious meal at Emmaline - steak was good, frite was better 🍟 #houston
Miami - I love you too much, and these no sugar added matcha pancakes that were surprisingly phenomenal ????
Truffle rosemary fries and a GF bun burger with local mushrooms to keep me away from this Virginia cold 😱
Grilled sea scallops with squash and crispy black forbidden rice - welcome to Houston @dine_emmaline !
Maybe the best french fries I ever did have - Greek fries 😡🍟