How to Make a S'Mores Tart
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I can remember vivid memories of sitting by the campfire, snapping graham crackers and roasting marshmallows to make a half-dozen s’mores I’d inhale before going into a sugar-induced craze. I mean, it was last summer, so that’s not a crazy surprise. No matter what age you are, there’s really nothing like the nostalgic combo of buttery graham crackers with charred, gooey marshmallow and rich chocolate. It may just be the best flavor combo ever invented. (Don’t @ me!!!) Well, I’ve taken all those flavors and transformed them into a tart that will bring the campfire straight to the dinner table. 

What I wanted to make sure of is that every component was as simple as possible, with just a few quality ingredients and some culinary know-how. The crust and ganache are super simple, so I’ll give you some more guidance on making fresh marshmallow. If this is your first rodeo with gelatin (separate from the cherry-flavored packs), let’s discuss. To prevent lumps, you want to bloom powdered gelatin, by gently sprinkling it over water to hydrate it into a cloudy gel. Then you’ll whisk that into a hot sugar syrup to stream into beating egg whites. Go slow, and don’t fear if it looks like soup, since as the mixture is whisked and cooled it will become light and fluffy and perfect. Just make sure you chill it well to ensure the perfect slice, as well as go dark when you’re torching (I like ‘em toasty!). 

This tart is going to give you s’more to love!