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The Feedfeed Premieres on HRN, Spotlighting The Food We Consume When We Aren’t Actually Eating

Brooklyn, NY— January 20, 2020 — The editorial team behind the world’s largest crowdsourced epicurean social media community & publication is premiering a new podcast featuring behind the scenes interviews with food media leaders and upstarts.

The Feedfeed gathers leaders and newbies of food media who create the content we digest and help push the needle of what we cook, bake and drink. This new podcast is eponymously named and led by the editorial team behind The Feedfeed, the world's largest epicurean social media community & crowdsourced publication, primed to discuss how we consume food when we aren’t actually consuming it—everything from navigating social media, building, engaging with and growing a community, and producing content that resonates with young and old.

The Feedfeed podcast is hosted by the publication’s editorial director, Jake Cohen and will occasionally feature co-founders, Julie and Dan Resnick. The team’s approach for The Feedfeed has always been to lift up the voices of culinary content creators all over the world, no matter how big or small their following may be. This podcast takes the democratization of food media one step further by giving a behind the scenes look at the epicurean magazines, websites, videos, and accounts you digest every day. 

Host Jake Cohen says: “I'm excited because these are the stories and insight I wish I had when starting out in food media. It's the industry that pushes the needle of what we cook at home, what products we buy and where we eat out, but most people have no idea what the process is behind how it's done.”

Weekly episodes will dive into anything from what goes into styling a food magazine cover to the process of getting a cookbook deal, to understanding how a recipe can go viral. In the first episode of this series “Food Styling 101,” Jake talks with recipe developers, cookbook authors, and food styling icons Susan Spungen and Erin McDowell about what goes into the process of creating the perfect recipe and making it gorgeous. Together, they explore the differences between styling for digital and print and chat about Susan's experiences food styling not one, but two Meryl Streep movies.

In episode two, “Building a Food Media Empire,” The Feedfeed co-founders, Julie and Dan, sit down with Infatuation co-founder Andrew Steinthal to discuss what it takes to build a food media brand from the ground up. Their conversation covers how to choose the right hashtags and how these platforms monetize. 

Episode three, “So You Want to Write a Cookbook,” features acclaimed cookbook author Adeena Sussman and Clarkson Potter’s editorial director, Raquel Pelzel. From writing a proposal and getting a book deal, to the work that goes into a book start to finish, they get real about what it takes. Having both written solo books and co-authoring others, Adeena shares her experience working with Chrissy Teigen on her books and Raquel covers what it was like making a cannabis cookbook with Bob Marley's daughter.

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About Heritage Radio Network:
Heritage Radio Network (HRN) is an independent, member-supported, 501(c)(3) nonprofit radio station, broadcasting from two recycled shipping containers behind Roberta’s Pizza, a restaurant at the forefront of Brooklyn’s culinary renaissance. Our 40+ hosts invite the most influential, visionary people – from brewers and bartenders to pastry chefs, policymakers and more – to discuss today’s most vital issues. We cover food policy and agriculture, the restaurant scene, and everything to do with food and drink, as well as introduce you to today’s up-and-coming chefs and share compelling human interest stories. Since 2009, we’ve earned a reputation as the best source for thought-provoking talk about food. You can listen to any of our episodes live – or as podcasts on demand – wherever you are, whenever you want, and always for free. 

About Jake Cohen:
Jake Cohen is The Feedfeed’s editorial and test kitchen director and resident VSCO girl. With a culinary career spanning Michelin-starred restaurants to magazine test kitchens and digital food publications, he now leads the editorial team to produce content that’s on the pulse of the epicurean zeitgeist from recipes and articles to hosted videos and experiential media. Luckily, his obsession with the power of social media and its power within the food realm leads his curiosity.
About Julie and Dan Resnik:
Julie and Dan Resnick are the co-founders of The Feedfeed, a food & lifestyle media company. Julie started The Feedfeed on Instagram nearly six years ago, where she began posting pictures of her own food which Dan photographed, and then asked others to also share what they were making by tagging their images with #feedfeed. Since then the company has become the world’s largest crowdsourced food publication/community, and the source for what to cook, bake, eat and drink in today’s world across social media and the web. The Feedfeed comes to life for its community through experiences it hosts all over the world, and in particular out of its Brooklyn and Los Angeles test kitchens. The Feedfeed has a monthly reach of 15M+ food and drink lovers, eagerly consuming it's entertaining, fun & educational content. Julie and Dan split their time between New York and Los Angeles with their three children Chloe, Mae and Vance. 

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