Stretch Those Leftovers!

with Zwilling Fresh & Save Vacuum Food Storage System!


Stretch Those Leftovers!

With Zwilling

Article by: Rachel Dolfi
Photos by: Andrea Loret de Mola

I am a self-professed queen of leftovers. Any little bits and bobs that are hanging out in my fridge will eventually be repurposed into a chimichurri, a salad, pasta additions or smoothie bowl toppers. One thing that is really important to me is making sure I keep those leftovers, herbs, and/or fruit as fresh as possible for as long as possible! Enter in, the Zwilling Fresh & Save Vacuum Food Storage System!

Zwilling’s new Fresh & Save Vacuum Food Storage System has both vacuum sealed bags, perfect for fruit and herbs, or vacuum containers, ideal for proteins, cheeses and liquids. And speaking of protein, these containers were the exact thing I needed for my Classic Chicken Salad recipe! I roasted a whole chicken and broke it down into separate cuts, and put them into my Zwilling Fresh & Save Vacuum Food Storage System. Once I vacuum sealed them, I knew they would maintain optimum freshness until I was ready to make those chicken salad sandwiches.
I even had leftover chicken salad after making it, which once I washed my containers in the dishwasher (we love a dishwasher safe item in this home), I took back out and resealed the salad for tomorrow’s lunch. Zwilling Fresh & Save Vacuum Food Storage System line is proven to keep food fresh up to 5 times longer than non-vacuum food storage methods —saving you time and money!

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