Special Sunday Recipes

w/ Muir Glen



Special Sunday Recipes

with Muir Glen


We've compiled some of our favorite Special Sunday Recipes using Muir Glen Tomatoes. These are the recipes we look forward to making all week, whether it's a cooking project we're tackling over the weekend or a dish to make on Sundays to set us up for weekly meal planning. Either way, Muir Glen has you covered, and we rely on these tried-and-true recipes from our partners!

Photo and recipe by: @clairematern
"Cold autumn evenings are perfect for a warming one pot stew like this hearty Eggplant and Chickpea Curry made with Muir Glen tomatoes! It’s great to get on the stove on a lazy Sunday afternoon, let it simmer away and fill the house with the smell of cozy cinnamon and cumin. Sundays are perfect for slower meals like this, reminding you to take time to chill before the bustle of the week begins again tomorrow." -@clairematern

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Photo and recipe by @onearmedmama_tristin
"Growing up Sunday mornings meant family breakfast - Dad would be standing at the stove serving up his spread of potatoes, breakfast meat and fried eggs and we would all sit down together to fill up, share stories of the week behind us and reset for the week ahead.

When we were lucky enough to spend a Sunday at grandpa and grandma’s house it was a similar spread with the addition of stacks upon stacks of my grandpa ‘Bill’s hotcakes’.

Now with my own family, the Special Sunday goal is still the same… to gather around the table, reconnect and reset for the week ahead. But since I’m a sucker for variety and trying new dishes, my weekend breakfasts always feature recipes that like these Smoky Skillet Chilllaquiles Rojos that are slightly elevated from the standard pancakes, bacon, and eggs although we still love those, too! Made with Muir Glen Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes with Medium Green Chilies this flavorful Mexican skillet tastes like it’s been simmering for days when really it’s just been through a quick whiz in the blender. Special for Sunday but easy enough for every day." -@onearmedmama_tristin

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Photo and recipe by @themodernproper
"We love Sundays for their slow nature and giving us extra time in the kitchen to explore and try something new and maybe even a little extra fancy, like this Shakshuka Pizza. Muir Glen Organic Diced Tomatoes, which offer that sweet summer-fresh flavor we all love, are slowly simmered with peppers and warm spices for the rich tomato base of this indulgent ‘za. Everything comes together when grilled to perfection offering melted cheese and runny yolks." -@themodernproper

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Photo and recipe by @naturallyella
"We’re big into our Sunday dinners at home- it’s an all-hands affair with my family helping me/keeping me company in the kitchen. One of our favorite recipes is White Beans in Spicy Tomato Sauce using Muir Glen's Fire-Roasted Tomatoes. Serve with rice or if you’re me, a solid piece of crusty bread. Muir Glen tomatoes are a weekly buy at the store- quality tomatoes grown not too far from me! The flavor is unmatched making every recipe delicious." -@naturallyella

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Photo and recipe by @thetoastedpinenut
"This recipe for this Fire Roasted Tomato Chicken Skillet with Sweet Pistachio Pesto has been on my blog for YEARS! The sweet nuttiness and Muir Glen Whole Fire Roasted organic juicy tomatoes just makes the whole experience too. freaking. good." -@thetoastedpinenut

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Photo and recipe by @thefauxmartha
"In honor of leisurely Sunday winter dinners that are ready when they’re ready, I've brought back one of my favorite recipes, a Kale Tamale Bake. It's a dinner I can eat with two hands and make with a well-rested mind. It’s smothered in a simple chipotle tomato sauce blitzed together in the blender, poured over a layer of salted masa pressed against sauteed butternut cubes, shreds of kale, and toothsome beans. One thing that won’t ever change in this recipe is me grabbing for that can of Muir Glen tomatoes like I always do, the one that’s been saving dinnertime since Hal arrived, especially their fire-roasted variety that tastes like I’ve been cooking in the kitchen all day. Recipe in the blog archives. Bookmark for Sunday." -@thefauxmartha

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Photo and recipe by @saratane

"What’s better than a one-pan dinner?! This creamy tomato number is packed with hearty vegetal flavors, sweet Muir Glen tomatoes, and wild-caught salmon. Head to your local fish market and get ready for a special, cozy dinner that the whole family is going to love. The longer you’re able to let your sauce simmer, the deeper and more delicious it’ll be!

Allowing the dish to simmer makes way for all of the flavors to meld together, and the cream mellows out the flavor of the dry white wine. The high-quality and freshness of the tomatoes brighten the dish and bring everything together, and we used Muir Glen Petit Diced tomatoes here to add a nice textural component to the creamy sauce." -@saratane

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Photo and recipe by @saratane

"What says Sunday more than spending a leisurely day in the kitchen? That's where a great Sunday Gravy recipe comes into play... it really doesn't get better than combining all of the faves - short ribs, meatballs, and sausage, oh, my! Add in some freshly made tagliatelle and you have yourself an epic Sunday cooking project.

To really deepen the flavors of the sauce, we used a combination of Muir Glen Organic Tomatoes as we built the sauce. We love these products because they're insanely fresh and really bring an authentic tomato flavor to the dish - check out these recipes for more ways to use Muir Glen Tomatoes! For now, settle in, get cozy, and dive into this Ultimate Sunday Gravy!" -@saratane

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