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Shop Now for End of Summer Faves!

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Grab-and-Go Essentials!

Summer is still here and whether you’re planning one last staycation, packing a picnic or hitting the road, we’ve got all the essentials for your next adventure from The Feedfeed Shop!


New York Shuk Fiery Harissa

This hot (but not too hot!) spice blend is for the adventurous at heart! New York Shuk's signature harissa recipe delivers an extra smoky chili kick for maximum flavor. Try it in our Honey-Harissa Shrimp with Herby Cucumber Salad.

Big Sur Elote Salt

New to the Shop! Harvested from the Northern Californian coastline, Big Sur Salts are pure California sea salt. Take your long weekend barbecue to the next level or put a new spin on Tuesday’s mac ‘n cheese! Also available in Morada (elderberry), Gavilan (garlic) and Black Cone (smoky).



Brightland Arise Basil Olive Oil

Pair your snack board with Brightland's Arise Basil Olive Oil. This unique flavor is lovingly blended with basil and hand-picked heirloom Arbosana olives and is harvested early by a master miller onsite in a certified organic mill. Perfect for salads, pasta, pesto, hummus, fish, crostini, berries and melon.

Girl Meets Dirt Donut Peach with Lime Spoon Preserves

Your charcuterie board deserves a special spread. Spoon preserves are like a traditional jam. Super fruit forward, they are made using classic French techniques, including a long soak to draw out the most from the fruit's juices. Enjoy with cheese, toast, croissants, or straight from the spoon. Also available in Island Plum, Rhubarb Lavender and award-winning Shiro Plum With Mint.



Just Date Pomegranate Syrup

Just Pomegranate Syrup is the first ever organic and refined sugar-free pomegranate molasses. Fresh pomegranate juice is carefully reduced down to concentrate its rich flavor. Try it in salad dressings, cocktails, marinades, or in our Pomegranate-Cream Cheese Frosting!

Heilala Berry Vanilla Extract

New to our Shop! Made with sustainably sourced vanilla from Tonga, Heilala Berry Vanilla Extract adds a seasonal spin on your late-summer baking. A combination of pure vanilla extract and berry flavor, it's a delicious addition to berry pies, chocolate desserts, granola, milkshakes, and cocktails. Also available in Cocoa Vanilla ExtractPure Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Bean Paste.



Snack Sheets Reusable Vegan Food Wraps

Wrap it up and save it for later! Ditch the plastic and stick to the good stuff. Snack Sheets are made with 100% certified organic cotton, organic coconut oil, tree resin, and not one, but two natural waxes. And that's it! No crazy chemicals, no dyes, no bees. Stash it in your picnic basket now and save it for back-to-school lunches later.

SIPS Reusable Metal Straws

Sip in style! Big enough for the largest on-the-go cups , these reusable metal straws are easy to pack for travel and help you to cut down on plastic straw use. Made from sustainably-sourced stainless steel, they come with a handy plastic-free cleaning brush-made from sisal agave fiber.

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