Recipe of the Day: Dutch Baby with Lemon Blackberry Curd

planning an upcoming brunch or your Mother's Day menu?

Planning an upcoming brunch or your Mother's Day menu? Look no further than this easy Dutch Baby recipe topped with bright and vibrant homemade lemon blackberry curd made with ripe and juicy Driscoll's blackberries. You can make the curd in advance (makes for a lovely handmade gift for Mom!) and the dutch baby batter blends up quickly in a mason jar.

If you've never had a dutch baby before, think of it as a cross between a crepe and a pancake. It puffs up dramatically in the oven and makes for quite the centerpiece of a brunch spread.

Looking for more details on how to make the curd at home? Check out our how-to video here, and watch our FeedfeedTV episode here for the details on making the dutch baby.
Ingredients Needed:

Dutch Baby
3 tbsp unsalted butter, divided
3 large eggs
2/3 cup milk
2/3 cup all purpose flour
1 tbsp granulated sugar
½ tbsp vanilla extract
Pinch of cinnamon
Pinch of cardamom
Pinch of salt
Fresh Driscoll’s Blackberries, for serving

Lemon Blackberry Curd
1 6 oz container Driscoll’s Blackberries
Zest from 3 large lemons
½ cup lemon juice
¾ cup sugar 
5 egg yolks
Pinch of salt
5 tbsp unsalted butter, at room temperature

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