ActiveSense Blender Launch Party

w/ Calphalon



This Blender Doesn’t Need You: ActiveSense Blender Launch Party

with Calphalon

Article by: Molly Adams
Photography by: Elizabeth Stemmler

A few weeks back at FeedfeedBrooklyn we hosted an event for our NYC community to celebrate the launch of the new Calphalon ActiveSense™ Blender.  Our test kitchen was transformed into an intimate lounge-like setting while guests enjoyed music from the Brooklyn-based and saxophone led band, HUNTERTONES. Almost to the beat of the music, bartenders buzzed up Moscow Mules (Cranberry, Raspberry and Pomegranate) for guests to imbibe while snacking on Lemon and Herb Whipped Feta and Spicy Black Bean, Avocado, and Chipotle Salsa Layer Dip. The beautiful grazing table also included Creamy Hummus with Crispy Harissa Chickpeas and Kale, Brussels Sprouts and Radicchio Salad.

For the main course, guests slurped up cozy Thai Style Green Curry Noodle Soup and a sweet and spicy Carrot Ginger Soup, and savored a Sundried Tomato and Parsley Pesto Pasta. Despite the various flavors and textures enjoyed throughout the evening, one thing that each dish had in common is that they were prepared in the sleek and efficient Calphalon ActiveSense™ Blender.

What’s unique about this particular blender is that it doesn’t need you. Yes, you read that correctly!  The ActiveSense™ Blender has 5 food mode settings designed to get perfect and consistent results, no matter what type of recipe you’re making. Plus, what’s unique here is that unlike the blender you may be used to, the ActiveSense™ Blender allows you to choose the texture of the recipe you’re preparing. Enjoy a chunky salsa? No problem. With the push of a button you can get the exact texture you’re looking for without any guesswork.  Need some frozen drinks STAT (who doesn’t), there’s a setting for that, too! Plus, if the blender requires more liquid, it will let you know, leaving you to wonder who’s really in charge here (hint: the blender!). 

The proverbial cherry on top of the evening was the dessert spread!  Guests were treated to a DIY Milkshake Bar where they garnished glasses with caramel, chocolate sauce, chocolate hazelnut spread and all kinds of sprinkles before blending up perfect milkshakes in the ActiveSense™ Blender (there’s a setting for those, too!).  Because we tend to be a little extra, the milkshakes were topped with mini doughnuts, cupcakes and whipped cream. What could be better?

If the nostalgic shakes were not enough, we also enjoyed a tray of Jake Cohen’s signature secret recipe brownies complete with a festive pumpkin cheesecake swirl. Last but not least mini jars of Avocado Chocolate Mousse complete with Coconut Whip capped off the evening on a perfectly sweet note.  The light and airy texture of the Avocado Chocolate Mousse came courtesy of the Calphalon ActiveSense™ Blender’s ‘Smoothie’ setting and it’s safe to say it was one of the tastiest smoothies we’ve ever enjoyed!
At the end of the evening guests were able to take home a brand new Calphalon ActiveSense™ Blender as well as some other goodies from Calphalon like an apron, ice cream scoop, veggie peeler and wooden spoon.  All the tools needed to create this delicious menu at home during the busy holiday season!

Thanks so much to our friends at Calphalon for sponsoring such a fun (and delicious!) event. 

We’d also like to thank our Studio Sponsors, Room & Board, GE, and Bonterra Organic Vineyards for their help in creating such a great evening!

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