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Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Oat Muffins
Sunday baking brought CHOCOLATEY PUMPKIN MUFFINS made with Gf oat flour, coconut sugar, + organic pumpkin purée! Literally 6 ingredients & they come together in your blender! Because baking doesn’t have to be complicated.t cocoa.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies
Let’s talk about these fudgy + swirly PEANUT BUTTER CUP BROWNIES! For “those” days when you’re craving chocolate and peanut butter. AKA; every day!
Coconut Milk Peach Popsicles
Feeling peachy. In case you missed it- these chunky + creamy coconut milk PEACHY POPSICLES. Sweetened with agave or raw honey and made with peach and tangerine chunks, plus you could even throw in some mango or pineapple for a nice little twist!
Maple Tamari Glazed Salmon
A double portion of my maple tamari glazed salmon & a side of arugula with a dollop of "lazy chopped up guac" is what's on repeat these days! ? . A #latergram of my very early dinner; because we've been keeping busy & going ice skating for the last two nights. ?⛸? I usually eat this with veg & hummus too; but I was all out after this morning ?... cause hummus in my house is gone in 60 seconds!? . I eat ALL my carbs in the morning (usually oats, granola, sweet potato or toast) and then try & keep it light, but protein-heavy at dinner time.?? . Also, recipe deets for this super easy salmon entree can be found on the blog, search maple tamari salmon! |link in profile| . Happy Wednesday night eats, Friends!? . . . . . . #salmon #salad #guacamole #guac #avocado #avo #avocados #maplesyrup #quickdinner #glutenfreeliving #paleofood #wheatfree #healthyrecipes #howiholiday #thisisdarling #eatpretty #fuelyourbody #igerstoronto #torontoigers #fbcigers #fitfluential #saveur #foodandwine
Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Mushrooms With Pomegranate & Tahini
My favorite way to eat brussels is to roast them along with mushrooms in avocado oil & flaked sea salt, then sprinkle them with pomegranate seeds & drizzle this killer lemony tahini on top!
Cranberry Orange Bread
Can we talk about cranberries (and dessert) Sweet & tart orange & cranberry holiday bread is coming right at you this weekend! It's paleo & sweetened with raw honey, vanilla & pure orange juice. A surprise hit among toddlers, too! So yep, a total win-win. Another great pairing for that Christmas morning coffee cup. p.s. AND, it's another one-bowl recipe! ??that's gotta count, am I right?! Have a sweet night, friends!
Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Banana Bread
It's Thursday friends & am throwin' it back to this coconut flour "Peanut Butter & Chocolate Banana Bread" that's both delish & wholesome. It's technically "blender bread", you can mix everything in a blender or food processor. Super easy, we're talking 5 min active prep time. If you're allergic to peanuts, you can sub in almond or sunflower butter. Search "banana bread" on the blog, link in profile! So, last night I went out for dinner at one of my fave spots @theoxleyto & guess who was sitting right next to our table? Kiefer Sutherland!! ???I smiled like an idiot & all I could muster to him was "Am a huge fan!". ?Cause I am. But seriously, anyone seen him in "24"? He's in Toronto filming his new show. Awesome actor. K, back to food. Doing a little green smoothie demo this afternoon on my stories, hope you can catch it!?A new brussels recipe goes up on the blog tomorrow! AND, am doing a @thefeedfeed Snapchat Takeover this Saturday! Stay tuned for more deets. Have a great day! . . . . . . . #bananabread #chocolate #banana #bananas #nutbutter #almondbutter #pb #peanutbutter #paleobread #paleobaking #thisisfall #thisisdarling #eatprettythings #nourish #nourishyourbody #igerstoronto #torontoigers #fbcigers #fitfluential #saveur #foodandwine
Sweet Potato Toasts With Avocado And Egg
Guys, for those of you who asked... these sweet & savory Sweet Potato Toasts. It's a super easy & healthy new recipe. Breakfast, lunch or dinner... You decide!
Blueberry Pie
Weekends are for blueberry pie. It's flaky, it's yum & the pie is overflowing with bluebs. The filling is free of refined sugar & I think I could eat (just that) for the rest of my life. Truth. We're off to soccer, Happy Saturday, everyone!
Red Onion, Sprouted Corn Tortilla And Spinach Egg Scramble
When you throw everything into your scrambled eggs!??These have sautéed red onions, baked sweet potato, sprouted corn tortillas, spinach & pepitas! Sauté everything together in avocado oil or extra virgin olive oil first & then beat 2 free run, organic eggs & throw 'em in. As my side: 1/2 an avocado with sprinkled chia seeds & infused chili olive oil. Total weekend feels. Happy Saturday, Friends!? . . . Huevos Revueltos... con todo!!!?? Llevan cebolla morada, camote cocido, tortilla delgada, espinaca y pepitas. Cocine los vegetales y 2 tortillas delgadas en aceite de aguacate, también pueden usar aceite de oliva y después dejan caer los huevos. Para acompañar, medio aguacate con chia y aceite de olivo con infusión de chile. Feliz Sábado!?