Shawarma Chickpeas with Roasted Sweet Potatoes
"I’ve been craving all the stuffed sweet potatoes lately, and I think I need to make more recipes like this next. Who is with me? But until then SCHWARMA CHICKPEA STUFFED SWEET POTATOES 😅 are the name of the game! And ya know I had to drizzle the lemon tahini on there because like @mikesolomonov says everything is better with tahini. Recipe is down below if you want it! Now off to drink all the tea and finish up with the data that’s taken a week to run. How fun! But in all seriousness happy for this part of my life to be finished. If you are a student how are you fairing up with the online school life? The deets: schwarma chickpea stuffed sweet potatoes with lemon tahini #thecuttingveg #eatrealfood #sweetpotato ."
-- @thecuttingveg