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Spicy Mango Margarita with Jalapeño Infused Tequila

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You know that feeling, when you eat one more piece of chocolate, that one extra piece that takes you right over the edge into a complete chocolate overdose? Thats when you need to whip up this wholesome bowl of healthy goodness - like a chocolate detox if you will - Kale and Sweet Potato Lentils will have you feeling balanced and healthy again. 🍠🥦☺️
One of my favorite #MeatlessMonday recipes: apple ginger coconut lentil soup! #NomNoms for realZ! 😆🍏🥥🍵
Loving these beet favorite little cakes paired up with one of my favorite vegetables make a delightful way to share the love this Valentine’s day. 💕Recipe link in bio!
Raise your hand if you love chicken salad? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I happen to ❤️ chicken salad! All kinds of combinations are possible and Im lately obsessed with adding pears, dried cranberries, toasted walnuts and fresh parsley. Plus, in this version for my #Whole30 client I made the mayo from scratch, and there is just something so satisfying about Vitamixing up the perfect Mayo emulsion! Especially for a picky mayo snob like me! 🤪 . . . So fellow chicken salad fans, Im thinking about a monthly “chicken salad” post on the blog to share different versions of the timeless classic. What do you think? Yay 👍🏻 or Nay?? 👎🏻 . . . PS - For this particular recipe, I was introduced to this brand of dried cranberries @patiencefruitco and I am an instant fan. (Swipe) They are #whole30approved but better yet they are plump and pillowy, and delightfully tart (not hard and sugary). Im a convert! Check them out!! 🍒
I dont always remember where my recipe inspiration comes from, as is the case with these ???? Shrimp and Artichoke Cakes. But they “cakes” come together so easily, cook so quickly and taste so good, it hardly matters. Probably from the love of crab cakes, or artichokes or just wanting to do something different with shrimp? ????????‍♀️ Thats the fun of recipe development, any and all ideas count! As long as good food results, am I right? . . . Want a fun little tip...these also freeze really well and re-heat quickly in the oven to retain that crisp outer layer. Its like baking those frozen nuggets, only like way, way better! ???? So make a batch and freeze some for later! A recipe that keeps on giving!! ????????Recipe link in bio!
A few weeks ago I posted on the blog about building a better salad. A few of my tips included 1. Chop everything small and 2. the more ingredients the merrier. Well, this mantra is serving me well as I roll into February, which Im planning to make a very healthy month. Ive decided to give up meat and alcohol for the month AND enjoy lower doses of cheese and seafood. So, really the goal is #EatMoreVeggies! ???????????????? . . . Following my tips above, I packed so many veggies and goodness into this yummy salad - satisfying enough for lunch or dinner. AND because I prepped everything, including the grains and dressing in a big batch, I can serve up two or three servings throughout the week without cooking or chopping again! ???? . . . So whats in this big glorious bowl you ask? Here goes: chopped spinach and kale, peas, carrots, corn, celery, cauliflower, bell peppers, black olives, pumpkin seeds, and a little cheddar plus quinoa and rice. Tossed with a guilty pleasure - quick pantry ranch dressing (ie 2% milk, mayo and spices!). I know the dressing isn’t perfect, but neither am I! ???? and I figure this veggie packed meal can stand up to a little fat in my dressing! ????????#Compromise . . . So, how do you build a better salad??!
Ok, ya’ll know I couldn’t let the week go by without sharing a chip and dip recipe for the big game this weekend, right? ????????????????Introducing....Roasted Garlic White Queso Dip with Corn and Charred Jalapeno...also, some beer. Yah, there’s beer in there, too. ????Make no mistake, NOT healthy, although there’s lots of veggies AND my healthy tip is to serve it with thick strips of bell peppers. Orange and yellow have a softer, sweeter taste - perfect for enjoying raw and they have such crunch you wont miss the chips. That way, if you mindlessly snack throughout the game at least its on something healthy. ????????‍♀️????
My favorite thing as a recipe developer and food blogger - when people cook my recipes at home! HeeJee from cooked a recipe for Cauliflower Falafel that I shared back on my GuestChefDetroit website and tucked it into this adorable lunch box. Isn’t her post just beautiful! Makes my heart happy! ???? . . . #Repost ・・・ Cauliflower-falafels and tzatziki in our new omiebox. Munchkin came home from kid's gym and passed out before lunch, so her portion went into the lunchbox. ???? . Cauliflower-falafel recipe is by @thecraveablekitchen and oh my gosh. IT"S SO GOOD. Cauliflower makes it really moist and I also love that there are a lot of goodies (veggie, greens, beans) all-in-one. I made a double batch to make a freezer stash, but we already ate 2/3 of it. ???? I know for sure I'll be making it again soon. I added a link to the original recipe in my linkin profile tree. . My tzatziki wasn't the best due to using dairy-free yogurt that is more watery than greek yogurt. I don't know how to solve this issue. Please let me know if you have a dairy-free tzatziki recipe. . Thank you @omielifeinc for the beautiful lunchbox.
My Kale Pesto recipe is live on the blog today! I’m sharing this oldie but goodie again because I genuinely love kale pesto for so many reasons. For starters, its a great gateway recipe to the world of kale. I started cooking for a new client recently who told me in our first call that she absolutely hates kale. But according to her Blood Type O Diet plan, its a good food for her to eat. So, I made kale pesto (using walnuts and lemon juice) for her to top on Seared Salmon 🐟 and she absolutely loved it. Another favorite thing is that it can be frozen. By popping a few servings in the freezer, its ready for a meal in the future. Ive also served it as a topper for butternut squash soup 🥣 for the ultimate high fiber, meatless Monday meal. Or, on toast with a fried egg for a super-charged breakfast. 🍳 . So as you can tell, I really do love this recipe. Mostly, I love how healthy I feel when I make a batch to enjoy throughout the week. Thats when I know Im in #BestSelf mode! 🙌🏼 . Feel free to change things up every now and then too. Different nuts, balsamic vinegar instead of lemon juice, and every now and then add some Parmesan cheese. 🧀 Flexible recipes are always the best kind! . Ultimately, I just feel that The Craveable Kitchen would not be complete without this signature recipe. I hope you will try it at home and love it as much as I do! 💚 If you do, snap a pic and tag #TheCraveableKitchen so I can see your tasty plate! 📸
The first day of spring is only 60 days away! 🌱🌷🌼 Can you believe it?! Meanwhile, Im staying cozy with warm bowls of comfort food like this White Bean Chicken “Etouffee”. How are you staying warm this winter??