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Andrea & Hannah
Texas & Oregon
2 sisters from 2 states sharing 2 plates. We cook a little & bake a lot.

Watermelon Agua Fresca Keg

My Recipes
Lemon Strawberry Cake
Lemon cake with strawberry filling & whipped cream, perfect for a hot summer night! #feedfeed #FinestBerries
Coconut Cake
There's no such thing as too much cake, right? Coconut cake for a special birthday gal. #❤️
Apple Berry Pie
Is anyone else doing their Thanksgiving shopping today? If you're feeling fancy, get some berries to throw in your apple pie! One more week to go!
Cinnamon Rolls
So many cinnamon rolls, so little time. // Exploding cinnamon rolls waiting for cream cheese frosting // Good Morning!