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Episode 6

Grilled Summer Fruit Salad

Cristina’s Paleo Kitchen@thecastawaykitchen
Cristina adds a depth of flavor to her produce by grilling the fruit.
A Note From feedfeed

We love grilling fruit in the summer because it adds a depth of flavor to the produce. The salmon is a nice addition to make this salad a meal.



Summer squash




Stone fruit






Salt to taste


About ¼ cup fat for brushing, such as olive oil


3-5 wild caught salmon filets


Cedar planks


Egg Free Ranch Dressing




To prepare salmon, salt salmon liberally and let it sit in the fridge uncovered overnight.


Rinse, pat dry and set under a fan while you soak the cedar planks (1 hour).


Cut fruit, brush with fat, sprinkle with salt. Set aside.


Heat grill on high heat.


Lay vegetables and fruit, with the side brushed with fat down, on the grill. Let them sear for 3-5 minutes.


Flip the veggies, not the fruit. Cook another minutes. Remove everything from the grill. Start with what you put down first.


Let grill heat up again. Set salmon on wet planks and place on the grill. Close lid, cook for 5 minutes.


Plate the grilled veggies, fruit and salmon on a large platter. Serve dressing on the side.