Eric & an Afternoon Tea Inspired Catering & Custom Events w/ an emphasis on herbal teas & petit savories & sweets. BK-NYC??

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Peanut Banana Bundt Cake
Previews of what's to come Salted Peanut and Banana Bundt Cakes with Rum Glaze See you soon @thepennsy #thepennsy #theawkwardscone #jarrytype #bundtcake #feedfeed
Potato & Parmesan Scones With Toasted Black Sesame Seeds
Working with the chefs at the Bon Appetit top 10 Restaurants, I was introduced to @chefbeverlykim 's INCREDIBLE Korean #bingbread from @parachutechicago Sooooo, naturally I wanted to turn it into this Scallion, Sesame, Potato and Cheese Scone. Teatime will never be the same. #scones #feedfeed #theawkwardscone #jarrytype #brooklyn
Inspired by our new friends @seekfood, who showed us that crickets CAN be delicious, and by the 2 billion people around the world who regularly eat insects regularly(...on purpose), we created this very limited run of cricket macarons for the 2nd @odditiesfleamarket. We'll be there Sunday October 1st until 6pm with these Cricket Flour infused macarons with a @valrhonausa Orelys Blonde Chocolate, Mamey, and Achiote ganache. Hop to it. ????
Still high off that Icelandic life with Geothermal flake salt, Arctic Thyme and Plum Shortbread. Come get them today and tomorrow at the @munchies Nordic Food Festival at Hester and Essex til 7pm ????‍♂️
Monochromatic Mondaze with a @valrhonausa Dulcey Mousse, semi-dehydrated @redjacketorchards Sour Cherries, Sichuan Peanuts, @freshoriginsmicrogreens Elderflowers, and Gluten Free Quinoa-Peanut Shortbread. Custom made For @mgcevents
Oh Hai ?starting today our new friends @sweetistco are making your week a little sweeter. No more commuting on hot stinky subways or sharing uber pools with people who don't wear shoes, in order to go get your favorite treats. Because they're taking the legwork out of it for you! Sweets without a seam. Order for same day delivery at Like these little biddies, Petit Macarons with a Candied Rose and @seedandmill Halvah Buttercream ????????????????
Quintessentially British, Unequivocally Awkward. Battenberg Cakes for a Crazy, Colorful Christmas for @jomalonelondon @mgcevents and @aoproduction ?with @stagg_jam_marmalade and @catskillprovisionsny APRICOT HONEY WHISKEY MARMALADE
Branded sweets for @dovechocolate. Semi Dehydrated Fresh @redjacketny Sour Cherries to concentrate the sugar and flavor, And tucked them inside a dark chocolate-honey ganache, dark chocolate shell and feulletine. ??? thanks to @watermelon_road for the cherries ?
Game of Scones...Lowcountry, but make it high brow. Starting next week, we're teaming up with @pescatoreseafood to offer up these SHRIMP N GRIT SCONES. Exclusively at Pescatore Seafood in Grand Central Station. Old Bay Butter Poached Shrimp, loads of cream, more butter, cheese and cornmeal make for one delectable Scone ???