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Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
Food blogger, photographer, and lover of coffee and cake.

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Happy Tuesday, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve done an #IntroducinTuesday. For those who are new, this is a series I do from time to time on my Instagram page where I share a little bit about myself and where I encourage all of you to do the same! Let’s dive right in, shall we?? . . 1). I have an unhealthy obsession with collecting cake stands, plates, and tea pots. I just love them so much! 2). My least favorite food is Meatloaf. Just saying it out loud sends shivers down my spine. It’s hard to explain where my hatred for meatloaf came from. Perhaps its just my displeasure for loaved meat. The world will never know. 3). Now my favorite foods are BBQ Ribs (savory) and my Grandma Crawford’s Cinnamon Apple Pound Cake (sweet), topped with salted caramel sauce of course! I seriously could eat these two items everyday and it would never get old. 4). I have named my camera (is that weird? Eh, it might be!). Her name is Stella and I love her so much <3 5). I listen to music all the time and especially when I’m working on a shoot. When I’m in the kitchen cooking or baking I’m usually listening to big band/jazz songs. When I’m photographing I’m listening to pop/dance tracks and then indie acoustic when I’m editing photos. What about you? Introduce yourself in the comments below! I’m always down to meeting new people ????
Good morning, friends! Its snowing here and I’m not liking it 😭. Yesterday I wanted to photograph something, anything! So I whipped up some pancakes and made an impromptu brunch scene. I’m thinking about doing blog posts where I just shot photos from a photo shoot and talk about my processes behind each one. Good idea??
Happy Sunday, friends. This weekend has been a relaxing one so far. Today I am relaxing and starting to write the outlines for the photography talks I'm giving at this years @theresetconference in Indy. If you went back and told freshman in high school me that in just a few short months I would giving not one, but two presentations at a conference I would have laughed in your face. As a person who stutters, both coming to terms and learning to speak openly about my stuttering has been a long/tiresome/restless journey, but a journey that has shaped me into a stronger person and better communicator today. Am I perfect? Absolutely not. Are some days harder than others? YES. Some days I can barely sputter my own name out and other days I am able to speak with no disfluent moment at all. It's those days, the good and the bad, that challenge my voice and help me to overcome. But I refuse to let something like a stutter hold me back. I have words to say and damn-it I'm going to say them! So in 2018, one of my goals was to speak more, speak openly and confidently. Doing things that break me out of my comfort zone, like speaking at a conference, breaks down those walls of insecurity and fear I have built myself from years of harmful repression and embarrassment. And that's my encouragement to you, dear friend. Never allow fear to inhibit what drives you, inspires you. Never let fear choke out your dreams, because your dreams/goals are bigger and better than your limitations.
Happy Wednesday, friends! Have a good week so far? Finally warming up after last weeks sub-zero tundra?! It’s mid-January and I have to say, I’m kind of missing the Christmas season (and especially all the holiday baking that it involves!) The season gives me an excess to make batches upon batches of cookies ? (like these Linzer cookies made with Brandy Orange Blossom Sugar) recipe on the blog archives.
Happy Monday, friends! I hope you all had a lovely weekend ??did you do anything exciting? So it’s starting to warm up a tad bit here in Central Illinois (yay! I can finally feel my toes again). This new year has already been a fun yet hectic one. For all who haven’t heard, I was promoted at work!! I could be more excited for the new opportunities of growth in this position. They being said, this job does require more hours than the previous one so you may be seeing a little less posting throughout the week (maybe 3-4 per). But I will still be shooting and creating content for you kind friends, it will just be a little less than usual. ☺️
Happy Friday, friends! I hope you all are staying warm today. It’s been a chilly one at there this past week. Today, I’m celebrating my 3rd Blogiversary! It’s crazy how much I have grown and learned in these three years of blogging. All the wonderful friends I have made and all the people I’ve been able to inspire and connect with. It truly makes this all worthwhile. In honor of this, I have a new blog post up on the blog today! Poached Pear Tart with Vanilla Bean-Champagne Custard & Almond Flour Crust ?? Recipe link in the bio! What are you baking up this weekend? . . . #beautifulcuisines #peoplescreatives #madethis #tv_foodlovers #onthetable #foodblogger #foodstyling #foodphotography #feedfeed #eattheworld #f52grams #still_life_gallery #seekthesimplicity #momentslikethese #morningslikethese #theartofslowliving #chasingshadow #chasinglight #thewayweliveinthecountry #heresmyfood #thatsdarling #instagood #justgoshoot #livefolk #theyshootn #foodie_features #homemade #yummy #baking @thefeedfeed #MyCustomView
Starting off this year merry and bright! Dabbling in some brighter photography this past weekend and I have to say, I'm not mad about it. Don't get me wrong, I will forever love the way shadows dance across a freshly baked tart or over a table full of cookies, but there is something really pure and calming about light, bright images. So in honor of the new year, and the fact that my three year blogiversary is on Friday, I'll be sharing this Poached Pear Tart with Vanilla Bean-Champagne Custard & Almond Flour Crust! Countless hours testing and retesting (along with messaging @laurabiscaro on the proper ways to slice the pears to make them look all fancy-fance) went into the tart and I am so, so excited to share it with you all!
Chocolate Almond Espresso Cake With Salted Caramel Drizzle
Happy Saturday, friends. What are you plans for the weekend?? My plans include school projects and papers and enjoying another slice of this Vegan Chocolate Almond Espresso Cake with Cashew Butter Icing with a Salted Caramel Sauce over top.
Lavender Honey Lemonade & Peach Sweet Tea Cocktail
So it's almost the end of summer. The late July heat can be pretty brutal. Cool off with this "John Daly cocktail with a twist" made with lavender-honey lemonade & peach sweet tea. Just in time for the 2016 @pgatour championship. Have a great day!!
Happy Sunday, friends. So I had plans to make a gluten-free upside-down cake but, you know, I just wasn't feeling it. So I decided to take the afternoon off and relax in bed and it has felt so, SO great. We celebrated Father's birthday at lunch and now I'm lying in bed, drinking some tea, and about to watch a movie (I'm thinking either 'A Ghost Story' or 'The Shining'). I spent yesterday working on another savory recipe (I know, who even am I?!). I made a Sausage, Leek & Shitake Pot Pie with a lattice top. This is such a tasty pie and I'm excited to be sharing the recipe in the coming weeks! So what have you been doing this weekend??