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This week's #midweeklunchbowl inspiration is brought to you by the most golden of eggs from #thegirls (thanks ladies ?) homemade pesto, panfried broccoli and kale ?
I never was a girl guide or a brownie... one time I was invited to bring a friend day, and went and danced around the mushroom ? tell me, do all brownies dance around mushrooms, or just the branch I went to? I must admit, I felt like I didn't really understand what it was all about at the time... but now, as an adult, I totally get how awesome it is to have a wide range of skills. Making these muffins and taking them out into the 'wild' made me feel a bit like I was on some kind of girl guide adventure, where I might need to know how to build a fire just by using my bare hands, or some other equally cool skill. Really, it was probably all just inspired by the awesome blanket and all the badges... find some ace recipes for outdoor adventures (whether you're a girl guide, scout, or not) in the latest @hellolunchlady #lunchladymagazine • • • • ? by @bawkbawk