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Bringing justice back to small batch, made from scratch, homemade ice cream everywhere. Pints crafted with care, always, in Seattle, WA. ❤️🍦🌟

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Nothing beats custom ice cream shipped to Brooklyn and enjoyed by Gail Simmons and her amazing team. You’re so cool, Gail. ???? Let me know if any other flavors come to mind. #gailsimmons #sweetlosicecream
Six deliveries in one day : @kensmarket, @thefeedstoreseattle, Leschi Market, Ballard Public Green Market and @coneandsteiner - Pioneer Square and Cap Hill. Where will you snag a pint of Sweet Lo’s tomorrow? #local #rockyroad
Peanut Butter + PNW Marionberry Jam time. Best time of the day, I say. #pb&j #seattleicecream #sweetlosicecream
Making sure the Cookie to Cream ratio is legit. ✅✅✅ #cookiesncream #sweetlosicecream
Definitely restocking shelves at Marketime in Fremont and Thriftway in West Seattle before this rainy weekend. So, how do you like me now? 💋❤️💋@marketimefoods @westseattlethriftway #sweetlosicecream #letsstockup
It’s the Sweet Lo version of those Orange Creamsicle bars with the vanilla center you wish would come sooner. Our orange sherbet will cut the richness of the other two club flavors this month : refreshing, delicate, tangy, perfection. 🍊 you glad we found each other? #orangesherbet #sweetlosicecream #seattleicecream
🍌 What we have here is our take on Banoffee Pie ice cream. Roasted Banana (40lbs!) ice cream (no eggs as not to muddle the banana flavor), Homemade Dulce de Leche (whole milk and sugar cooked down on the stove for 3+ hours until it’s caramel-like and luscious), Candied Graham Crackers (baked with butter, sugar and salt to remain crispy in ice cream) and Chocolate Flakes (milk and dark 🇧🇪 chocolate love). Inspired by the Gail Simmons episode of this rad podcast called ‘Your Last Meal’. We’ll see you this weekend club members. Are you ready? 🍌 #banofeepie #seattleicecreamclub @gailsimmonseats, let’s get you some! 💝
UPDATE: who sent me this? The most perfect gift. Joy, (I thought) you nailed it ???? #elainebenes #blackandwhitecookie #Seinfeld @officialjld ????
Testing out new flavors, all the time, every moment in my mind and in the kitchen. I happened on some of Jen’s (@whiskandbakebyjen) DELICIOUS homemade Spice Cake in the freezer so I chunked it up and swirled it in a lightly brown sugared + cinnamon base. Cake IN ice cream is everything, correct? #spicecake #sweetlosicecream #newflavor
A perk about being an ice cream maker is getting to create my dream Birthday flavor. Malted Vanilla Ice Cream with Nutter Butter cookie pieces and Dark/Milk Chocolate flakes. Sandwich this between three layers of dense chocolate cake, and I say 34 will be 👌🏼! #maltedvanilla #nutterbutter #sweetlosicecream