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Spiced Cranberry Crumb Cake

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This stuffed Acorn Squash was both messy and delicious but I’d do it again! Stuffing: arugula, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, walnuts, cumin, s+p. Easy chickpeasy just cut, stuff & roast at 400 for 10 minutes. Who else fricken loves burnt chickpeas??
Summery #toasttuesday throwback because heirloom tomorrow’s are v beautiful ????
I love to show my healthy meals on here, this coincides with my passion for eating well. However, I want you all to know that I also love to eat pizza and chocolate and chicken nuggets. I try to eat a ton of vegetables and I care about eating fresh nourishing foods. It’s a priority for me and hopefully to you all too! But, it’s also super important for me to enjoy ALL foods because I fricken LOVE food. I love fat, I love sugar. And that is okay. ???? FYI, this donut is not organic or vegan. ✌????
It’s going down in the DM.....All day today I am dedicating time to responding to IG messages. So please, send me any questions. -ANYTHING!!! ???? {I’m talking health tips, weight loss questions, dietetic internship Q’s, blogging/instagram questions, product/ingredients etc.} Send them over!
Just discovered that we have a #spiralizer !! I’m about two years too late- but still total GAME CHANGER! These are spiralized purple sweet potatoes! Tag me in your favorite spiralized & zoodle dishes so I can have some inspo please ????
It’s 14 degrees and all I want is oatmeal & a shit ton of chocolate. Who’s with me!? - How to roast a banana: cut in half, add a little bit of cooking spray, NO sugar. Roast for 5 minutes at 400 degrees.
Warm salad kind of night... (plus a side of steak thx to @marigold_kochan ????????) I’ve got a whole lotta flavors happening. Turmeric roasted carrots, paprika oven baked chick peas, dehydrated persimmons and acorn squash that needs nothing but a pinch of salt. BOOM! Happy Friday. Now time for some wine!
Three ingredient high fiber, high protein, low carb pizza! Preheat oven to 400. I used 3 #highfiber Wasa crackers. Topped with pizza sauce and fresh mozzarella. Bake for 5 minutes. Topped with chili peppers, Italian seasoning and micro greens (optional). For every two crackers you get 6g fiber and 3g protein. No sugar, low in salt!