What's Trending this Week: Homemade Chocolates

Valentine's Day is here...and whether you love it or hate it, I think we can all agree that the best part is the chocolate! We've pulled together our favorite homemade chocolate recipes that you can either share with your sweetheart, or better yet enjoy all by yourself!

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Truffles are a must-have on Valentine's Day, so why not make them at home? You don't need any special equipment, and they only require a handful of ingredients. This recipe for Cocoa Nib Truffles is by our resident chocolate guru,@now_forager. If you don't like the bitter taste of cocoa nibs, consider sprinkling some freeze dried-berries or valentine's day themed sprinkles on top instead.

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Fun for Kids:

Whether you want to surprise you kids with a Valentine's Day Treat or you have to make something for their classrooms, here are our favorite kid-oriented chocolate recipes:

February 14th comes but once a year, so let the kids live it up with these cake pops. Set out a variety of toppings and let them DIY!

This is a project older kids can do on their own from start to finish with a little guidance. To cut back on sugar (i.e. sprinkles!) encourage kids to get creative by using freeze-dried or diced dried fruit like mangoes or apricots.

To Make & Share with your Valentine:

Pair your Valentine's Day night cap with one of these decadent desserts made for sharing.

Kit Kats + Cheesecake + Graham Layer + Chocolate Fudge Layer = one memorable Valentine's Day date!
Nothing says 'I Love You' like a chocolate layer cake. If you can't find fresh cherries for the decoration, strawberries or raspberries could work as well.

To Give as Gifts:

Skip the over-priced store bought chocolate and make these show-stopping confections instead.

With just two ingredients and toothpick, you can make this edible work of art at home.

Who needs flowers when you can gift a dozen of these?

Flying Solo?

Here are two desserts that are perfectly portioned for one.

This has chewy caramel baked into the middle and takes just 6 minutes from start to finish. Perfect for when you must-have chocolate, stat!

This clever cookie recipe is also low-carb; a win-win!

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Date Night at Home

If you're planning to stay in, we've got your dinner menu covered, too.
Ready the mood and your appetites with an aperitif based cocktail like this appropriately hued Boulevardier by @apartment_bartender
I may be cheese-biased, but I can think of very few things more romantic than baked brie, specifically when it's covered with fresh raspberries, walnuts & honey like this version by @homemadehooplah.
Mussels make for asimple, affordable, & fun entrée. Incorporate some winter citruslike @eatinmykitchen; Blood Orange, Fennel and Turmeric Mussels.
Soufflé is knownfor being fussy and difficult, but it's actually very simple. This Classic Dark Chocolate Soufflé by @speckledpalate can be made by even the most inexperienced baker.

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