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Brussels Sprout and Butternut Squash Pizza

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I was in full on gratitude mode last night. Got to thank @chefjoseandres for all the ways he is giving back and feeding the people of Puerto Rico. He’s walking his talk and it’s so refreshing to see. He’s also the nicest, most jovial guy around. Thanks for making the world a better and more delicious place to be Chef. 🙏🏽
From start to finish, eating at one of @ericripert’s restaurants is like going on a journey. Where flavors mix and mingle perfectly on your palette, and an array of texture, temperature, acid, heat, salt, sweetness, taunt you and tempt you to eat more. Everything is perfectly crafted and curated at @bluebyericripert. Everything. It’s what I love most about this type of dining experience - it’s an Experience. The fish is so fresh it melts in your mouth. The shellfish among the best we’ve ever tasted. And the sauces, oh the sauces! Flavors so delicate and in sync that we couldn’t decipher half of what we were tasting. Huge compliments to the chef, saucier, and pastry chef (along with everyone else back and front of house) for such a stellar meal. Extra special shout out to our server Miguel who managed to get us the coveted egg (which we had been wanting, damn near praying for, every time we visited @lebernardinny)! We finally got the egg!!! (it was worth the wait) ?? . . . . . . . . . . While dining on this delicious food, Eric and I talked a lot about how blessed we are. I want to state for the record that it isn’t lost on us, how much privilege we have. We are blessed beyond belief. We also work our butts off and prioritize these kinds of experiences over others, but we’re blessed nonetheless. Thank you @bluebyericripert for such a delicious night, and to @ericripert for indulging us in an after hours photo. You are such an inspiration to us and we’re so grateful for the chance to tell you so. Cheers! ???❤️