Toasted Lemony Breadcrumbs Green Olive Pasta
"Introducing…Pasta Week!!! Whether you’re having a date night this week with yourself, your mom, your friends, or your significant other, I’m sharing 3 new, ridiculously amazing, special, and crave-worthy pasta recipes this week! Pasta will forever be my love language, so I found it fitting to celebrate V-day week with such an iconically loveable dish. No matter who you might be sharing these pastas with, in my mind, a big bowl of carbs should always be equated with so much love. 🥰 Enter pasta #1! Green Olive Pasta with Toasted Lemon Breadcrumbs!! If you’re usually an olive hater like me, just wait!These perfect little green nuggets are Castelvetrano olives, and they’re nothing like you’d expect. They’re buttery, super mild, meaty, perfectly salty, and just freaking delicious. They’re so different from other olives, that I actually LOVE them. Which is crazy for me to even say. And they do magical things to this olive pasta. It’s lemony, texture-filled from the toasted lemon breadcrumbs & meaty olives, super bright from all of the fresh herbs, and garlicky in the best way. 🙌🏻 I’m horrible at picking favorites, but if I HAD to pick my favorite pasta of the week, this one would be it. It is TOPS."
-- @spicesinmydna
Recipe Intro From spicesinmydna
I love olives tossed through my pasta and the combination of toasted lemon breadcrumbs makes this dish sound utterly irresistible!