Thai Red Curry with Shrimp
"Curry is one of those things that always sounds good - kind of like Mexican food, you know? In the same way that I always want tacos, chips, and guac, there’s honestly never a time where I don’t want a gigantic bowl of curry. It starts with the most aromatic and delicious red curry-coconut milk broth, a handful of veggies, and shrimp, and it ends with a pile of fresh herbs + lime. It’s served over cardamom and star anise infused rice, which is my favorite way to make rice in the whole world - you won’t be able to stop making it! I can’t even describe to you in words how all of that coconut milk red curry tastes with the infused rice. It’s a flavor punch to the face in the best way possible and it’s kind of the only thing I wanna make for dinner for the foreseeable future!"
-- @spicesinmydna
A Note from Feedfeed

This curry-coconut broth is going to rock your world. Fresh aromatics, hearty veggies, and shrimp come together in this cozy curry. Serve it over cardamom and star anise infused rice for a complete meal.

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