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Loose leaf blends and varietals handcrafted in Portland. (Open 10am-3pm Xmas Eve, closed Xmas). All teas available online. $2.99 flat ship in U.S.

Juice Pulp Veggie Burgers

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Think of a Smith gift card as the golden ticket to a tea drinker's bliss, an open door to a world of exotic flavors and familiar botanicals sourced from across the globe. Once you receive your gift card via email, you can print it out to present in a greeting card, or forward it along to your chosen recipient. (Note: only redeemable on our website, not in our Tasting Rooms). Search for “gift card” on our website. ~ Holiday Hours: Christmas Eve open 10am to 3pm, Christmas Day closed, New Years Eve open 10am - 3pm, New Years Day closed.