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Sweet Pepper & Zucchini Wheat Berry Salad
??? It's full clean out the fridge mode this weekend, along with laundry and all kinds of list making in preparation for 3 weeks in Europe {? this holiday has been 3 years in the making and we are so excited!} ?One last recipe to share, coming to @eatgrain soon ♥️. Wheat berries are so good, especially when drenched in a bright and delicious vinaigrette. Inspired by local produce, brought to you by what's in the house ??. #EatGrain #EdibleTransparency #WheatBerries #PlantBased
Farro Bowl With Cashew Ranch Dressing
Creamy Vegan Ranch dressing anyone?Weeknight Farro Bowl with Creamy Vegan Ranch dressing This bowl is a perfect example of easy, plant based nourishment that won't break the bank or the time budget.
Moroccan Chickpea Tagine With Seven Spices And Tomatoes
I could literally eat this every day it's so good! Always made with Canadian Kabuli chickpeas from @eatgrain. Also, some thoughts on walking away, and always looking at what needs letting go from your life.
Marinated Baked Tofu, Soba Noodles And Stir Fried Veggie Bowl
New to tofu? This is easily the most forgiving way to cook it {not to mention much lighter than pan frying} ~ just a simple marinade and a toss in the oven. Any excuse to eat more noodz, right?
Spiced Chickpea Soup
A thick, creamy blended vegan soup with spices everyone loves {think cumin, coriander, turmeric and cayenne}. Made creamy and dreamy with the best cooked-from-scratch @eatgrain Kabuli chickpeas.
Noodle Bowl With Peanut Sauce
C R A V I N G S! Get bowl, add noodles, your favourite peanut sauce, cucumber, red chili flakes, and avocado This is my all time fave peanut sauce and noodle bowl!
Tahini Apple Crumble
Made the Tahini Apple Crumble from @wholeheartedeats this weekend, unreal. Poured homemade vanilla cashew milk alllll over it.
Greek salad treatment for my favorite wheat berries and chick peas ??. #feedfeed #f52grams #eatgrain #knowyourfarmer

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🌿🌿🌿 Spicy, smoky, vegetabley ☺️. Always lentilly (is that a word? It should be!). This soup can be on the table in about an hour, no pre-soaking required 😌. Hit the link in my bio to get the recipe for Spicy Laird Lentil & Vegetable Soup 👆🏻😁.
🌿🌿🌿 After an extended break, and a complete blog re-design (YAY! 😁), I've finally got a new post & recipe up on my own website 😆🙌🏻. Chickpeas with Two Rices, Currants & Herbs is up on the blog, an adapted recipe from @ottolenghi's Jerusalem cookbook, which I've been spending time with this month. Here served with all my faves, including a fresh veggie salad, avo, tomato & dukkah. Always with @eatgrain 🇨🇦 Kabuli Chickpeas {and a new Canadian Wild Rice we are testing}. Get the recipe using the link in my profile 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻. #PlantBased #EatPlants #EatGrain
🌿🌿🌿 A nice light option, packed with veggies, herbs and whole grain @eatgrain Farro 😁. Farro & Cauliflower Tabbouleh hits all the right notes, mostly in the flavour department 😉👌🏻. On the @eatgrain Journal ♥️.
🌿🌿🌿 This super spicy Chana Masala though 👌🏻😉. A perfect week night dinner, here served with millet and steamed green beans, now up on the @eatgrain Journal 😁. #EatGrain #PlantBased
???????????? Lay a bed of fresh greens, top with @eatgrain French Lentils (cooked using the soak & steam method), sliced grape or cherry tomatoes, chopped red bell pepper, a smattering of crumbled blue cheese and olives. Drizzle with your favourite light vinaigrette (head to my site for one of mine, I've linked the recipe above in my linkinbio). ⠀ ⠀ Enjoy with friends and family, or all on your own, and repeat ????????✨. #EatPlants #PlantBased #EatGrain
Health goals fulfilled in colour ??♥️. #PlantBased #EatTheRainbow
??? Pretty much the only way to eat eggplant, no? Classic Baba Ganoush {is there actually such a thing?}, is easy, tahini-y, lemony, and so creamy. Recipe link for my fave version is ????.
??? Weekend lunches with some of the coolest women I know ??. Avocado on @eatgrain whole grain sourdough and topped with radishes and tomatoes. Always olive oil underneath and plenty of salt, chillis, black pepper and fresh lemon juice. #EatGrain #PlantBased #AvoToast
???????????? Deliciously spicy, rich and flavourful just the way good vegetarian should be ????♥️. This Chana Masala was so good the whole family loved it, with lots of spices, ginger, tomato and creamy @eatgrain chickpeas. Want to be the first to get the recipe? Sign up for our newsletter over @eatgrain, just click the link in bio {or mine too ????????????????????????} to get to the sign up form ????.#EatGrain #PlantBased #Healthyish
When in doubt, my natural default is Things on Toast✨. This is sourdough with Herbed Chèvre and Cherry Tomato Confit from @sarah_c_owens new book, Toast & Jam ♥️✔️. The recipe can be found in the link in my profile ??????.
??? Just re-purposing recipes over here like nobodies business ?. This time the same rice recipe (from my last post) with greens, roasted red carrots and sweet potato, homemade harissa, hummus, homemade sesame-miso dressing, and all the fixings ??✨. This is proof that a little prep will take you far ?. #PlantBased #VeggieBowlz
??? BRB.. I’ll just be diving into this bowl ?. Wild rice with basmati and spiced chickpeas, plus a veggie salad recipe and Dukkah {all from the Jerusalem cookbook}. Of course I added a few of my faves ??.
🌿🌿🌿 Tonight’s dinner ♥️💯. Moroccan Chickpea Tagine is one of my favourite comfort foods ever, and with batch cooked @eatgrain 🇨🇦 Kabuli chickpeas ready to use, doesn’t take long at all 👌🏻. Head to my story highlights to get the recipe ♥️. If you’ve tried it, let me know in the comments! #EatGrain #EatFood #MostlyPlants
🌿🌿🌿 Need salad inspo? This recipe never fails ~ it’s incredibly delicious and absolutely everyone loves it 👌🏻. You can find the recipe @eatgrain Journal, OG recipe creds for Best Ever French Lentil salad belongs to @mynewroots ♥️💯. #EatGrain #EatLentils #CanadianGrown #EdibleTransparency #LoveLentils #LovePulses #MakeItGRAIN
🌿🌿🌿 Want to get your hands on some of this sourdough? Not all breads are created equal, and these loaves help propel the real bread movement forward a few notches, using @eatgrain 100% freshly milled flour from traceable, 🇨🇦 Canadian grains grown on family farms. We’ve just announced the first GRAIN FLOUR SHOP pop-up of the year @mainstreetbeer on February 24! We’re offering pre-orders on three different sourdough loaves, and on our entire flour selection too. We would love to see you there! Whether it’s avo toast, beans on toast, or just butter on toast, this bread is the best around 👌🏻💯. Head to my link in bio to place your order, or just to learn more about why I’m so passionate about freshly milled grains ♥️🌿. #EatGrain #RealBread #RealFood #LoveGluten #FlourPower
🌿🌿🌿 This might just be the easiest ‘non-recipe recipe’ you’ll ever make, but almost too good, especially for all you mustard lovers ☺️. Coming soon!💯 #EatGrain #EdibleTransparency
🌿🌿🌿 Baked tofu for the win 👌🏻. Tasty plant-based protein that your kids will love too {just be mindful of the spice}. Recipe is on the blog, access in my story highlights 👆🏻😚.
🌿🌿🌿 Those roasted peas though ☺️. A fave recipe from the @eatgrain Journal, I’ve got a huge batch of cooked chickpeas in the fridge so I’m planning these as my snack this weekend 😍👌🏻. Head to @eatgrain for the secret to the best roasted peas around ♥️. #EatGrain #EdibleTransparency
🌿🌿🌿 Seeded whole grain sourdough bread {thanks @bagabreads}, a thrift store bowl, and a ripe avocado. All was well at the @eatgrain warehouse on this day 😁. #EatGrain
🌿🌿🌿 Easy weeknight goodness, ready in about 30 ✨. Featuring roasted veggies, @eatgrain Golden Quinoa and French Lentils 💯🇨🇦.
What is is about curry spices and vegetables that’s just so freaking comforting? 🙌🏻😍. This week I’m obsessed with this cauliflower, potato and chickpea curry, recipe coming soon 💯.
🌿🌿🌿 French Lentils, grown in Laura, Saskatchewan by Will Robbins for @eatgrain + Roasted yams + friends 💯👋🏻.
🌿🌿🌿 A few of you have written me to tell me you made this salad, and while the ingredients are lovely, I think we can all agree the winner here is alllllll in the dressing! Try this Maple Tahini Dressing @fieldandsocial if you happen to be near downtown Vancouver, or make up a batch of your own and drizzle it all over this salad. The link to the recipe is in my profile, just up there 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 . #PlantBased
🌿🌿🌿 Everything you could ever want in a bowl? I think so 😍. Get the details on the blog! This is Two Rices with Chickpeas {@eatgrain Kabuli Chickpeas always and forever} and Fresh Herbs, a recipe only slightly adapted from the cookbook Jerusalem by @ottolenghi. It is served with greens, Sunshine Dressing and Dukkah (both recipes are on my blog!), and homemade harissa 😌👋🏻.
🌿🌿🌿 Noodles and tofu never fail me. Oh, and those green veggies too 😉🤗. I’ll be sharing my favourite way to eat tofu on the blog soon, and it involves sriracha ♥️.
🌿🌿🌿 Back home to the kitchen after a visit with the folks 🤗✨👋🏻. This yummy Chickpea and rice recipe is on my blog, link in 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻.
🌿🌿🌿 Coming soon to the blog {YAY!}, Kale and Tempeh Salad with that yummy Maple Tahini Dressing I developed for the {super tasty!} namesake salad currently on the menu @fieldandsocial ♥️✨. With avo, roasted yams, and toasted seeds 😌.
🌿🌿🌿 I don’t know what I’d do without my weekly delivery of 100% whole grain sourdough made by @bagabreads for @eatgrain ♥️✨. My Avo Toast has literally never been better 😉👋🏻😍. #EatGrain #EdibleTransparency
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