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Fried Green Tomatoes
Making my Grandma Swann proud with these Fried Green Tomatoes. She was an amazing cook. When I was in college, I would visit with my Grandparents often on the weekends. Grateful they were super close. Nothing quite like sitting back and letting a Grandma love on ya. She had her own special way of doing so from how she cleaned your clothes to the home cooked meals. They were uniquely hers and Grandma relished in every opportunity to share her love. College was an amazing time made even more special with these memories. I'm thankful for the time spent and the experiences gained. I'll always keep them close. Happy Beautiful Evening:) #tomatoes #makemoments
Sunflower Vegetable Dip With Mini Waffle Wafers
Here's my new food story. A bright happy spring smile...Mini Waffle Wafers with Sunflower Veggie Dip. Healthy alternative to chips and dip. Full visual story on the website including the complete video of the process. Link is in profile:)
Homemade Herbal Spice Soda And Cherry Ice Squares
Had lots of mindful fun working on this past week's food story. I love the process of taking an inspired idea and then traveling the many paths to completion. The journey through creativity is always a learning one and best when at a pace that allows every nuance an opportunity for expression.
Orange & Chocolate Pots De Creme (vegan)
Orange Cacao Pots de Creme(vegan) topped with Powdered Sugar + Dehydrated Clementine Slices. Orange and Chocolate have always been true companions and this yummy treat serves to honor that bond.
Tangerine Almond Cake
This Whole Tangerine Almond Cake is pulling on my sweet tooth heart strings. Yikes!!!!!!! I might just have to make one...though with Clementines of course:)

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My small bowl obsession is fairing well these days. Pleased they are, I'm sure, to be back doing what they do best...organizing ingredients in artful configurations with color and texture on point. It helps the mindful creative mapping process and calibrates the moment for adventure. Happy Beautiful Fun:) #adventuresintheartoflife
I love being inspired. Especially right at that moment when an idea winks into existence and lures you into its embrace. For me I get these little tingly pings in belly, my creative core. It lets me know I'm in the presence of something special, unique to whatever is necessary in my journey now. So quietly I take time to breath and listen, then follow the impressions given as if they were breadcrumbs. A new adventure awaits. Dehydrating citrus into chips is a regular food love event over here but Limes are new. Combine that with the deeply gorgeous Blood Orange and something amazing is bound to turn up. Happy Beautiful Weekend:) #adventuresintheartoflife
Snowy afternoon reinforcements...frothy Cashew Milk half-caf with Cinnamon and Turmeric. Slow sipping mindfulness on the horizon. Happy Beautiful Day:) #adventuresintheartoflife
Snuggling quietly into the space between time. A nod to the drizzly weather. Got my warm fuzzy socks, big fluffy blanket and current homemade Banana Bread filled with goodness ALL within reach. Happy Beautiful Weekend:) #adventuresintheartoflife
Sending everyone so much LOVE today. And HUGS, lots of those because we all need a good proper one and not just a light shoulder to shoulder tap but a good strong held squeeze. So stop what you're doing and hug the person next to you and if no one is standing there then definitely hug yourself. Happy Beautiful Valentines Day:) #adventuresintheartoflife • Baked Banana Bread Doughnuts with Beet and Chocolate Coconut Glaze, Toasted Coconut, Chia Seeds and More #yummy #linkinbio
A lovely week of colorful bliss. There's absolutely no escaping the splashes of energy. In some ways, you'll find yourself inspired I'm sure, hopefully wrapped in a sparkling moment but ultimately the most important engagement during this season is the love language you speak to yourself. Be gentle, be kind and give yourself a big hug for everyday life well done. Happy Beautiful You:) #adventuresintheartoflife • Baked Banana Bread Doughnuts with Beet and Chocolate Coconut Glaze, Toasted Coconut, Chia Seeds and More #yummy #linkinbio
Continuing to paint color into the crevices of this world. It's funny how easily Beet Juice can find its way into most everything and with this week dedicated to heart centric endeavors it's no surprise that a gleeful splash while sipping would color its way into whatever is baking at the moment. Happy Beautiful Evening:) #adventuresintheartoflife
Rain(my personal happy place) is true medicine for the heart. Each drop produces an unfathomable amount of love and joy that completely without would alter our ever precious life. So I love the rain, I love the sound, it speaks a language of blissful truth and it looks like we might receive some over the next few days. So perhaps a little cozying up, soul seeking, mindful grounding activities are in order. And then, as always, the sun shines through, our self renewed, ready for another day. Here's a citrus smile from me to you. Happy Beautiful Weekend:) #adventuresintheartoflife
Sometimes leftovers end up being way more fun. Current Pudding food story piped into an Almond Coconut mini tart, embellished with Beet Buttercream and accompanied by Citrus Chips of course, because they're currently on repeat and go with everything. Happy Beautiful Evening:) #adventuresintheartoflife
Sometimes the creative flow of life wraps you up and twists you about, diverting your attention to other equal endeavors. All in a connect the dot kind sort of fashion. Adventurous to be sure but can create a few delays. Finally managed to get last week's Dehydrated Citrus Chips and Cayenne Cacao Pudding Dip recipe up on the website. Simple ingredients made even more simply special. Link in profile. Happy Beautiful Evening:) #adventuresintheartoflife
All the little bits of life wether they're eternally constant, blipping in and out or magically miraculously showing up at that crucial time of need are most certainly all the beautiful bits that encompass a true creative life. Cherishing these moments carry more weight in centered joy then every end result scramble to the finish line event could ever offer. Presence is Key, Presence is Love and the gathering of ingredients is one lovely way to be mindfully present. Happy Beautiful Evening:) #adventuresintheartoflife
Chips, Dip and Football...they all just kinda go together. Here's to keeping with that tradition, except perhaps this time on the healthier side of the spectrum. Don't get me wrong, I like to go at the good tasting not so great for ya party fair once in awhile but the good for ya stuff is good too. So I think I'll be sticking close to my Sunflower Veggie Dip and savory Waffle Wafers. Recipe under explore on website. Happy Beautiful Sunday:) #adventuresintheartoflife
This just makes me HAPPY!!! Layers of dehydrated Blood Orange, Lime and Meyer Lemon Chips stacked intentionally bright and ready for adventure. Happy Beautiful Weekend:) #adventuresintheartoflife
First food story of the year but definitely an idea that I've been tinkering with for some time. Things just come together when they need to, a perspective that can be challenging in this splashy fast paced world. I generally defer to a present moment view but can get caught up in life. This week's food story brings it down a notch. If you long for community and easier times this food story post is for you. Because nothing speaks greater volumes than a group of love gathered around a campfire roasting marshmallows and sharing stories. Graham Waffle Wafers and Cacao Hazelnut Butter S'MORES. They're great with or without the gooey Mallow(check out last post) but I definitely recommend the full experience. Clickable link in profile will take you to the story as well as bonus recipe links to my other Waffle Wafer obsessions. Happy Beautiful Day:) #adventuresintheartoflife
Even though our daily food intake has to largely be practical it doesn't mean that losing sight of its artistic value has to always be completely optional. For me it's a creative outlet in so many ways. For others, it might be something different. The transforming part of anything always holds the ability to inspire. We're not meant to stay stuck. So by incorporating into our daily lives doses of creativity, we gradually start calibrating our perspective to embrace something new. Sharing a new food story later today, something traditional transformed. And to side with that, totally got up early to catch the full moon lunar eclipse, a transforming spectacle in and of itself. Happy Beautiful Day:) #adventuresintheartoflife
Upon first light, first breath, two words edge into consciousness. Thank You I say, to no one in particular. Just a heart exchange. Then "Thank You" again. This has been my morning routine for a while now. It doesn't matter how I may be feeling, abundance of joy or full of despair, I say it because I know in my heart I am. Always. Now breakfast, homemade slice of Banana Bread with a drizzle of Brown Rice Syrup and lots of crushed Pistachios accompanied by a cup of my favorite gals @lucid_tea Turmeric Organic Herbal Blend. Happy Beautiful Morning:) #adventuresintheartoflife
Chips and Dip??? I guess it depends on your perspective. Mine?? Definitely, Citrus Chips and Cayenne Cacao Pudding Dip. After dehydrating last posts Blood Oranges and Limes, with the addition of Meyer Lemons, this is where my next stop inspired brain went. Avocado and Almond Yogurt base with other zippy ingredients plus lightly sweetened with Brown Rice Syrup. The recipe will be up for viewing on the website later this week(or hopefully before). It's fun playing the alchemist, and not just with ingredients but also with the visual telling of what you created. I find peace in the process. It's my way of time spent recalibrating from what can be a very noisy world. We all want peace. Do everyday what brings it to you. Happy Beautiful start to a new Week:) #adventuresintheartoflife
Life is so beautifully diverse. It's always gifting us with opportunities to go deeper, to open our senses and guide us to a more than meets the eye perspective, where each of us can then share something unique. Not a rigid unmoving point of perfection but a free flowing energy of pure creative love. Afternoon thoughts to accompany my no crust lemon chess pie slice(love the filling part). Happy Beautiful Day:) #adventuresintheartoflife
Enjoying a moment of reflection this morning while grounding my heart in gratitude for all the beautiful individuals who made this year's Food Art Calendars a success. There are many. Creative manifestation in this world is hard enough but exponentially so without the support and love of those who truly want to see you succeed. I cherish this exchange, the energy, the genuineness and feel blessed by the experience. My initial focus was aligned with a local run as it provided immediate interest and awareness. The response was outstanding and the feedback received was more than I hoped. Thankful for every speck of goodness. I do have a few more sets available and even though we're well into January there are still 11 months more to enjoy. If interested just message me. Already looking forward to the next round of creative manifestation. And Thank You my dear friend @eafoto for lending your time and brilliance in helping me bring this project to life. Happy Beautiful Weekend:) #adventuresintheartoflife
Finally, an afternoon of slow cooker love. Mindful prepping equivalent to a good soul calming calibration. It's been far too long considering this is one of my favorite ways to produce healthy meals that last all week. But I'm not one to just throw everything in and walk away. A good slow cooker meal is like a painting, there are many layers before the final vision is remotely comprehensible. In this case flavors. It's amazing how a little tweaking throughout the cooking process can add just the right amount of special that shows up in every bite taken till the batch is completely devoured. That's my favorite part. The process wills your presence and gifts you with a warm filled hug. This creation has a Veggie Broth base with Barley, Bella's, Carrot, Green Bean's and Cipollini plus lots of herbal seasoning all topped with a delightful homemade side kick of star and heart crackers because some nights the regular kind just won't do. Happy Beautiful Slow Cooker Yum:) #adventuresintheartoflife
Snowy afternoon reinforcements...frothy Cashew Milk half-caf with Cinnamon and Turmeric. Slow sipping mindfulness on the horizon. Happy Beautiful Day:) #adventuresintheartoflife
Leftover magic that keeps on giving, a pictorial tale from an everyday mindset. I'm not perfect by any stretch but failing altogether to see the beauty in repurposing resources promotes an unnecessary attitude of waste. By not engaging we lose out on opportunities for imagination, growth and the general splendor of seeing something seemingly old come alive again and again. Everything is renewable in some way including our hearts, our perspectives, our just takes commitment and self awareness. Advancement is great but it doesn't mean we need to lose sight or appreciation from where it all began. Leftover Orzo tossed with Roasted Veggies, Olives, Quinoa Soup and other tasty tidbits then topped with a crumble of guilty pleasure BBQ Corn Chips. Baked in a assortment of casserole style servings. Tonight a big scoop is going into my Tomato Basil Soup. Happy Beautiful Yum:) #adventuresintheartoflife
A quite evening accompanied by a joyful bowl of healthy homemade comfort. Orzo tossed with Vegan Kale Pesto, Red Onion Sauté, Toasted Pine Nuts and Pomegranate. Happy Beautiful Weekend:) #adventuresintheartoflife
I'm grateful that my heart is wide open to the influence of small treasures. What may seem insignificant or overlooked by others is usually just the thing that puts a smile on my face. Glass jars are a prime example. Instant joy, especially when filled with something good. I'm quite sure this Homemade Raw Cacao Hazelnut Butter is happy happy hanging out in its current glass castle but is equally ecstatic at the chance to be slathered on something new. Happy Beautiful Joy:) #adventuresintheartoflife #livethelittlethings
Hopeful, Grateful and Blissful, three qualities I'm quite certain are agreeably important to most as well as necessary companions as we begin our road trip into a new year. Just setting the mood with an afternoon of @lucid_tea Mango Rose Vanilla. Eyes are closed, breathing deeply and allowing the last bits of 2017 to flow out into the ethers. Happy Beautiful New Years Eve:) #adventuresintheartoflife
One of the first cakes I shared on my website has over the years become a holiday favorite so this year I decided to change things up and perform a little rework magic. Whole Satsuma Almond Cake layered with Orange Buttercream topped with mini Gingers, Holiday Trees and the accompaniment of Stars, cause ya know the scene set up is important. Simple yet quaint, it really speaks of Peace, Love and Joy...three immediate sentiments I wish for everyone in abundance. Happy Beautiful Christmas Eve:) #adventuresintheartoflife #livethelittlethings #peace
Stamping out a couple of these mini Gingerbread Men to accompany last nights baking project. All in an effort to bring a new twist to an old favorite. The cookie dough recipe here was slightly adapted from @minimalistbaker and oh my gosh are they delicious. Absolutely perfect. Finishing up a few more details before joining the family then leaning into the peace of this Happy Beautiful Evening:) #adventuresintheartoflife
A hot cup of Raw Cacao Almond Milk sweetened with @lucid_tea Matcha made Mallows, a few celebratory happy's and an ambitious baking project currently in progress are this evenings gateway into a Happy Beautiful Christmas Weekend:) #adventuresintheartoflife
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