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A springy jumble on tonight's #fridaynightpizza: shiitake paste, artichoke hearts, asparagus slivers, garlic + shaved Asiago. Keeper!
Blood orange coconut-almond macaroon pyramids burnished + crispy at the tip, just right. #bakingtherapy
Early birthday treat for my husband: un gâteau mille crêpes — a French cake of a thousand crêpes. Just short on the tally, but, as promised, alternating salted dark chocolate sauce + homemade strawberry jam layers, the top flame-kissed for good measure! (*See my Stories for its progression.*)
Under today’s thick cover of low grey clouds we braced ourselves against the damp chill with steamy bowls of #miso #soup — redolent of smoky bonito, soft #tofu cubes vibrantly set off by deep green wakame, spinach ribbons + shaved scallion.
Key lime mousse + toasty coconut + golden macadamias = the antidote to endless rain. #kitchentherapy
I'm usually a silicone mat or parchment kind of girl for baked goods, but today, for fun, it's fancy baking paper vs. foil. #cabinfever #bakingtherapy
#VitaminD, aka the "#sunshinevitamin," is vital for many body functions + overall #goodhealth. Get the facts about why you need this fat-soluble #vitamin, where to find it + how much is recommended in the latest edition of HGN #NutrientSpotlight. Direct Link:, or tap the clickable #linkinprofile.
#throwbackthursday to last night's winter citrus crostata with cara-cara orange, clementine, crushed almonds + honey in an oat-butter crust, ready for its visit to the oven. #kindofpieforpiday
NEW Aptly named, my Fiery Seven Spice is a mixture of 7 dried #herbs + #spices with a potent kick, so season sparingly — unless you’re into the heat! #Recipe here:, or tap the clickable #linkinprofile.
Welcome to our kitchen, new friends. Are you familiar with these little green guys? #tryittuesday
Fix your thoughts the coming of spring, because I’m pretty sure Mother Nature is taking requests... Fresh Swedish cinnamon knots to help you channel the warmth! The new #WeekendPost is up on the HGN Blog for your reading pleasure. Happy weekending -- CHEERS. Direct Link:
NEW Springtime #carrot ribbon #salad not only brightens the table, I can promise it brightens the mood. Sharing this super nutritious + delicious dish with my thoughts on the #NationalNutritionMonth theme "Go Further with Food" over on the HGN blog. Enjoy! #Recipe here:, or tap the clickable #linkinprofile.
The greenest of green soups for #SoupItForwardDay is giving us strength against the howling cold gales: spinach + edamame pureed with homemade ginger-scallion chicken stock, finished with soy sauce + toasted sesame seeds. Oh, and won’t you pardon our French? ... Check out my new #WeekendPost, and stay safe + warm! CHEERS. Direct Link:
Happy March! This year's #NationalNutritionMonth theme is "Go Further with Food," and I'm kicking things off with deeply hued, antioxidant-packed blood oranges for a salad alongside broiled yogurt-herb fish fillets at supper tonight. Make sure to follow me across social media to keep up all month long for my annual healthy + delicious information + recipe tip-a-thon! + Facebook: heathergnutrition (clickable #linkinprofile) + Twitter: @HGoeschRDN + HGN Blog:
On #NationalBananaBreadDay, in addition to Wednesday's #granola, I offer you my #coconut #bananabread as inspiration. Go forth, mash + bake! Banana Bread #Recipe: Granola:, or grab the clickable #linkinprofile
Squeezing blood oranges because the sun shines brightly + temps are summery! Oh, and the water company cut off our area's supply until late afternoon. #bloodorangejuiceoutoflemons
NEW A midweek treat: #bananabread in #granola form. Homemade from pantry staples with #walnuts + #sunflowerseeds for crunch, #cinnamon #vanilla + #ginger for a florally warmth, and minimally sweet because we like it that way, #banana bread granola will keep you happily, healthfully fueled with one less trip to the store for a five-dollar box of the packaged stuff. #Recipe here:, or tap the clickable #linkinprofile.
Drip, drip, drip. Shiitake powder-olive oil infusion nearly ready for the bottle... then for popcorn tonight. #kitchentherapy
After a refreshing long walk this morning, doubling up on my daily #vitaminD playing with dried #shiitakes.
Bright, cheery bowls of creamy-frothy carrot ginger soup with charred okra stars ushered in unseasonable warmth earlier this week. Is it springing up by you as well? Here's hoping so + that the sunshine here coaxes our frozen bulbs out of hibernation! Have a lovely weekend, CHEERS. NEW #WeekendPost #ontheblog:
DYK that #almonds grow IN tree blossoms? No wonder they’re so florally-sweet! Made into #almondmilk (, used as #almondflour to make a beautiful #macaroon (, or eaten out of hand as a snack, there's no wrong way to enjoy this #hearthealthy nut on #NationalAlmondDay. Bonus: The #almond is on my list of ten favorite #aphrodisiacs backed by history (an ancient fertility symbol, the delicate aroma is said to excite women) + science (containing vitamin E, nitric oxide, monounsaturated fats, phenylalanine and protein -- you know, for stamina): Enjoy!
Thanks to the @oldways_pt​ team for including me in their celebration of the #AfricanHeritageDiet for #BlackHistoryMonth! Read all of the great #nutrition expert tips, including my how-to for homemade Ras el Hanout seasoning, here: Or grab the #recipe on the HGN Blog:
NEW An intimate look at the science + history of #aphrodisiac foods. Sharing my ten favorites + #recipes to set the mood. Any on your menu? Read more here:, or tap the clickable #linkinprofile.
Because it’s #nationalpizzaday, step up your #fridaynightpizza game with our favorite homemade #pizzadough: #thatsamore
NEW Roasted #miso powder is the new we-want-to-sprinkle-it-on-everything seasoning. Only 1 ingredient + 4 mostly hands-off steps to make ordinary dishes next-level with its flavor-packed #umami kick. Direct Link:, or tap the clickable #linkinprofile. (More photos coming for a short time in my Instastories up top, too!)
And tears shall fall like the rain outside our windows. But happily, in the name of French onion soup.
Picadillo chops served over sauteed cauliflower spinach 'rice' confetti-ed with lots of cilantro + pineapple.
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