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Caught the pumpkin spice fever! 😳I'm excited to be participating in @sara_cornelius_ #virtualpumpkinparty on Monday with a new pumpkin recipe in addition to my new featured ingredient! But in the meantime here is an oldie but goodie pumpkin cupcakes with nutella buttercream 🎃recipe in archives #feedfeed #1000cupcakes
Spaghetti squash pumpkin mac and cheese 🎃😜doesn't the color make you nostalgic for the orange kraft Mac & Cheese you loved as as a kid! Recipe link in profile!
Has anyone used spaghetti squash to make ramen? I highly recommend it! (Also please don't criticize my failed attempt at a 6 minute egg 😳) Also it seems to be #nationalpastaday does spaghetti squash count?!
Spaghetti Squash Shrimp Scampi! Try saying that 10x fast. A lighter healthier take on the classic! Recipe link in profile!
Is there a better way to wake up than with coffee and a coffee Dutch Baby pancake?!
Maybe the best @pineapple_dc yet with @jenibrittonbauer the creator of @jenisicecreams! She is @unionmarketdc sharing her genius!
The day after your birthday is a real bummer. The only thing that makes it better is another slice of cake! (Still working on the recipe)
when you are featuring coffee on your food blog and it just so happens to be your birthday, there is only one logical choice... make yourself a coffee ice cream cake with a brownie bottom and cover it in chocolate espresso beans! Am I right? ☕️🍦🎂🍫 lots of people around the country and around the world have nothing to celebrate right now and I'm thinking of you all today
September in recipes! Find them all on! Which one was your favorite?
Happy #nationalcoffeeday! What makes coffee cake better? Actual coffee! These double coffee cake muffins are baked with coffee flour! ☕️☕️recipe link in profile!
Happy hump day! Made it halfway through the week on all this coffee! Coffee is also the desired ingredient in my next few recipes! Also you can never have too many mugs from @anthropologie am I right? Say I am right! 😉
Everything you love about pb & j upgraded with roasted grapes to replace that weird grape jelly texture 🍇🍇recipe link in profile!
L'shana tova!! Time for all the apples honey challah and wine we can get our hands on! Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy new year! 🍎🍯🍷
Sunday meal prep or planning for rosh hashanah today? Add this Apple Mushroom Marsala to your list! You only need 30 minutes to make this perfect fall dish! 🍇🍎 recipe link in profile 👆🏼
Vegetarian Apple Mushroom Marsala! 🍇🍎🍄Add this dish to your Rosh Hashanah 🍯 menu and everyone will thank you! Also you can eat it everyday! It's that good! Recipe link in profile!
Sweet potatoes are always a go to when I don't have time for dinner! I love this sweet and tangy combo of grapes and goat cheese! 🍇 recipe link in profile!
Having this fig jam & brie breakfast sandwich again because it's that good! #brunchgoals
finally found green tiger figs on the east coast! where have you been all my life?! 💕
The best ingredients figs, Brie, eggs, and avocado make for the best ever breakfast sandwich! Recipe link in profile! 🍞🍳
you won't miss the prosciutto in this fig, melon, mozzarella and avocado salad! The trick is adding some finely chopped smoked hickory almonds! But warning! These are addictive!
Hanging on to the last day of summer with these s'mores cups #ldw 🍫🔥
Start off your Labor Day burger eating early with these crispy quinoa black bean brekafast burgers! You don't need a grill so they are perfect for this rainy day! Search for the recipe in my archives now with updated photos! #LDW
Making another batch of fig pistachio and cashew granola! It's the perfect addition to any weekend brunch plans! Recipe link in profile 👆🏼
New recipe! Fig pistachio and cashew granola! Add a sweet crunch to your Labor Day weekend. Recipe link in profile!
This week's figs and last week's plums make for the best #toasttueaday plus avocado with everything bagel spice we even need a reason! 🥑😍
can't wait to flip this baby upside down tomorrow ⬆️➡️⬇️
Plums Apricots and Apriums or is it Plumcots? Either way so much fruity deliciousness went into this granita! And it could not be easier to make! Recipe link in profile!
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