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Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies
Large and chewy @lindt_chocolate triple threat cookies have three kinds of chopped chocolate makes for a cookie with an exceptionally high number of melted chocolate puddles. particularly when consumed warm. which is nothing short of mandatory
Chocolate Hazelnut Flourless Cake
Probs the best thing i’ve ever made;flourless hazelnut cake with nutella whipped cream. could eat it everyday. and, yes, i know: #hyperbolemuch?
Caramel Pear Upside Down Cake
in typical behind-the-eight-ball fashion, i’m arriving late to the upside-down cake party, and am desperately making up for lost time. case in point; this pear cake.
Buttery Apple Crisp
so, i call this deliciousness apple brown betty(ish) cause that’s what my mom always called it; but truth be told it’s a crisp . . . and one for those who are like REALLY into a thick layer of sugary buttery bits atop softened apples. i love an apple pie, don’t get me wrong, but my ❤️ belongs to apple crisp.
Crumb Bars With Red Currant Filling
froze loads of homegrown currants (thanks @mead0wfabulous) in anticipation of making my annual extra-large batch of red currant (big crumb) crumble bars. they did not disappoint. tart and tasty as the day is long.
Mixed Berry Slab Pie With Flaky Vodka Crust
mixed berry slab pie headed to @edgemerefarm along with black pepper buttermilk biscuits. my contribution to a dinner featuring the yumminess that is @grindhausnyc.
Clafoutis With Fresh Cherries
i'm a bit late to the clafoutis game, having just discovered the fine art of clafoutis-making this summer, but i am about as enthusiastic a participant as you could ask for.
Chocolate Zucchini Cake
peeps with a hankering for chocolate cake: try this double chocolate zucchini cake with cinnamon cream cheese whipped cream
fig pin cushions from the #vintagebakingbook. (aka homemade fig newtons). capable of converting those on team chocolate chip cookie to team fig (ahem, me). #contest #bobsredmill #feedfeed #jessiesheehanbakes
mini chocolate pavlova cookies. crispy on the outside, marshmallow-y on the inside, flourless, and made with @bobsredmill arrowroot starch, to boot. #feedfeed #bobsredmill #contest #jessiesheehanbakes
peppermint whoops cause tis (almost) the season. a little bit of peppermint extract in the cookie batter and the buttercream, plus a roll in crushed candy canes = my favorite flavor combo showcased in my favorite (okay, one of my favorite) cookies. #bobsredmill #feedfeed #contest #jessiesheehanbakes

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#latergram of yesterday’s old-school marshmallow walnut fudge (from the #vintagebakingbook) that i sliced up for three lovely ladies. hoping they enjoyed it . . .
recipe for mini chocolate pavlovas is #ontheblog. easy-peasy recipe calling for ingredients you likely already have in the pantry (including @bobsredmill’s arrowroot powder or cornstarch (😍)). link to recipe in profile.
maple parfaits with pecan sandie crumble and toasted pecans. recipe (from the #vintagebakingbook) calls for only 6 ingredients and makes for a highly addictive treat (ie: the half eaten parfait in the pic is half-eaten no longer). looking forward to sharing how these babies come together some time soon . . .
monkey (🐵) bread (sans caramel sauce) from @csaffitz and @bonappetitmag. third time in as many weeks. ❤️ #obsessed
tweaking my (black cocoa) brownie recipe of a couple of years ago. link in profile; brownies in my stomach.
full disclosure: i’m not one of those food-related new year’s resolution people. instead, i’m into overnight baked french toast with apple compote. recipe is #ontheblog. link in profile.
recipe for (pink) peppermint stick ice cream with crushed candy canes and thick (and deeply chocolate-y) hot fudge sauce is #ontheblog (my favorite ice cream in my favorite color). after @saveurmag included a pic of this ice cream in their feed last week (♥️), it seems only fair to share the recipe. link in profile.
a very happy first day of 2018 to u all. it is in april of this new year that the #vintagebakingbook will be published (?) and to celebrate, i am sharing my most favorite photo from the book with you. behold alice gao’s gorgeous image of the sliver cake with pink frosting. i love everything about it and hope u do, too. ♥️ ?: @alice_gao
not surprised to see my pic of @smittenkitchen’s cakes (from the day last february when i helped her with the photo spread for her amazing new cookbook) in my #2017bestnine. nor am i surprised to see mexican hot chocolate bavarian pie (from the #vintagebakingbook), jumbo chocolate chips cookies, and flourless hazelnut cake with nutella whipped cream. but the 3 pics of peach galettes and the two of pumpkin mousse with cinnamon whipped cream are a little puzzling - but in a good way. happy new year, peeps. ♥️
extra candy canes still “hanging” around post-xmas? crushing them and adding them to homemade ice cream is kind of all that and then some. thanks @saveurmag for the (pepper) minty feature. and, yes, recipe for my peppermint stick ice cream with hot fudge sauce coming soon to a blog near u.
lemon syrup for the lemon bundt. lemon glaze up next. recipe developing for the february issue of @mainstreetmag.
looking for a family-friendly new year’s eve activity? i recommend making and eating eggnog chocolate icebox cake. in case you’ve never made eggnog whipped cream before, it’s kind of/sort of the best thing ever. recipe is #ontheblog. link in profile.
merry christmas (? ) from my monkey-bread (??) filled table to yours. #saveurtraditions
not christmas cookies, i get it. but had to try @justinchapple’s almost-instant soft serve, calling for nothing more than frozen fruit, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, and salt, cause a) yummy-sounding and b) copious amounts of last-summer’s raspberries, frozen in zip-locks in my freezer. so easy and so tasty (pouring milk chocolate ganache over scoops of it last night, didn’t hurt either).
the recipe for honey-roasted peanut brittle with flaky sea salt from the #vintagebakingbook does not require a thermometer (you’re welcome). this means that if you pull the cooked sugar from the stove top when it is only a light amber color, you will have brittle like that on the left. and if u wait til it is a dark amber, you will have brittle like that on the right. i won’t lie: i didn’t exactly plan on making two-toned brittle this holiday season (ie: i inadvertently cooked one batch longer than the other). however, now that i have, my inner-martha is craftily filling cellophane bags with some of each color for gifting. . . . . . #jessiesheehanbakes #foodandwine #f52grams #f52 #foodwinewomen #kingarthurflour #feedfeed @thefeedfeed #spoonfeed #marthabakes #buzzfeedfood #huffposttaste #thebakefeed #thekitchn #tastingtable #ImSoMartha #eattheworld #grubstreet #ttdesserts #kitchenbowl #hautecuisines #beautifulcuisines #finecooking #geniuskitchen #howiholiday #lovefood @love_food #heresmyfood @food #thesugarfiles #bareaders #wsbakeclub
i won’t lie peeps: when it comes to posting videos or even instagram stories, i’m kind of a luddite. thankfully, @cupcakeproject has my back. stef has created the sweetest and most christmas-y of videos of the making of my CHOCOLATE EGGNOG ICEBOX CAKE for your (and my) viewing pleasure. link to the recipe is in my profile. and ?????? to you, stef. #jessiesheehanbakes
on the off chance you’re a self-described caramelized banana fan (ie: as a child you sprinkled brown sugar and bits of butter over sliced bananas before broiling the whole mess in the toaster oven for an after school snack - or was that just me?), @bakersroyale_naomi’s banana upside down cake from her (perfect-for-gifting-this-holiday-season) cookbook might just have your name on it. recipe is now #ontheblog. link in profile. #jessiesheehanbakes
chocolate bourbon pecan pie tweaking continued through the week. could only get the 14 year-old taste-tester-in-residence to partake in the eating, so coal in the stockings for the husband and the 12 year-old for not being nice. joke. (kind of). #pecanpie #recipedevelopment #jessiesheehanbakes
chilly days and holi(days) call for chocolate and bourbon, natch. and so . . . mini chocolate bourbon cups - recipe #ontheblog. link in profile. #jessiesheehanbakes
tis the season for wrapping salt and pepper caramels in small pieces of brown parchment. #caramels #vintagebakingbook #jessiesheehanbakes
didn’t totally love my thanksgiving chocolate bourbon pecan pie this year. tasty filling, but too loose. remade it, and baked it for a bit longer, and am now happy-ish. probs needs another tweak or two. #pecanpie #recipedevelopment #jessiesheehanbakes
peanut butter marshmallow kix trees sprinkled with flaky sea salt and red and green sparkling sugar from the #vintagebakingbook = this season’s go-to holiday sweet treat for giving. #jessiesheehanbakes
cranberry buckle = perfect way (post-thanksgiving) to use up the half bag of cranberries, bound with a rubber band, in the veggie drawer of the fridge. recipe #ontheblog. link in profile. #cranberries #coffeecake #jessiesheehanbakes
delivered these two boxes filled with treats from the #vintagebakingbook (kix marshmallow peanut-butter “trees,” fig pincushions (aka fig newtons), salt and pepper caramels, and red hots cinnamon popcorn, if u must know) to two lovely ladies today. #holidaycheer #jessiesheehanbakes
happy turkey day, peeps. #pecanpie #chocolate #bourbon #jessiesheehanbakes
calling all peeps who a) believe that the thanksgiving dessert spread is in desperate need of a cake, b) are not super crazy about pumpkin pie, and c) stand behind the blissful marriage that is chocolate and booze. pumpkin sheet cake with chocolate bourbon buttercream. recipe #ontheblog. link in profile. #pumpkin #jessiesheehanbakes
devils food sheet cake with sea foam frosting from the vintage baker (?‍?) and a pink birthday party hat in the house cause both @actionbronson and i have bdays coming up and cake and party hats seemed more than appropriate. #happybirthday #untitledactionbronsonshow #vintagebakingbook #jessiesheehanbakes
Brown Sugar Coconut Rice Pudding
first foray into the world of rice pudding cookery resulted in one of the coconut brown-sugar variety - made in my beloved instant pot, no less.
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