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Sina Mizrahi
Jerusalem, Israel /Los Angeles, CA
Lover of lingering meals; author at Gather a Table; fond of halva and dark chocolate, preferably together.

Blackberry Mojito

My Recipes
NEW POST/ Every time I read a shakshuka recipe, the method is different. The only common component is the tomatoes and eggs. I just posted my version that I do not stray from. Roasted tomatoes, middle eastern seasoning, and as much 🌶 as those around me can handle. It’s on the blog. Go check it out. #gatheratable
A few years ago, I had a little idea. I wanted to document my Shabbat table. The recipes I cook weekly, the ones that bind me to tradition and the ones I picked up along the way. It was overwhelming but I started. And then we moved from LA to Israel. And there went normalcy for a while, but the idea was always there, bubbling up, prodding to be unleashed. So I started again, and life got overwhelming until I could no longer handle the forceful voice inside of me that said, "Just do it, it doesn't need to be perfect." So I continued and somehow I shared it all with you, with trepidation and butterflies and all. The best part is what came now, getting together with other bloggers to collectively celebrate Shabbat. We put together a Virtual Shabbat Potluck and each one contributed a delightful recipe. I brought this Iraqi Chicken and Brown Rice that could be a one pot dinner or slow cook for Shabbat day. You can also check out @betweencarpools @cookinginheelss @kitchentested @thekatamonkitchen @spiceandzest @peaslovencarrots @busyinbrooklyn @the_sugar_box_mtl @beth_warren @jamiegellerdotcom to see what they brought to the table. Thank you all for following along! I also put together an ebook compiling all of my recipes from the series that you can get if you join the email list on the blog. #myshabbattable #virtualshabbatpotluck
You've waited so patiently for these Date Roll Cookies and they're finally on the blog. Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's Virtual Shabbat Potluck to end My Shabbat Table series. #myshabbattable
We all need a savory cookie in our repertoire, especially after we've been assaulted by sweet desserts. So these Ka'ak cookies are on the blog and they're waiting for you to give them a chance in your baking repertoire. #myshabbattable
This Orange Semolina Cake with Zesty Syrup is finally on the blog. It's incredibly moist, a little grainy, and perfectly sweet. The almond on top makes it pretty and also adds a touch of nuttiness. #myshabbattable
These Tahini Truffles are only four ingredients so you can whip them up, like, 5 minutes ago. #myshabbattable
Chamin, Cholent, Dafina. Whatever you call it, here's mine and it's on the blog. I included some variations because every week it looks and tastes slightly different. #myshabbattable
So, this Chestnut Minute Steak with Rosemary and Thyme Potatoes made it to the blog today. How are you liking the Shabbat Series? There's a surprise at the end. #myshabbattable
So, this Roast Chicken with Red Onions and Butternut Squash is now on the blog. #myshabbattable