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Cheesy Garlic & Herb Pull Apart Bread

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Homemade Blueberry Sauce
Happy Monday!!! ? You know when you just got to have a stack of pancakes ?? but you don't want to ruin it with 40 grams of sugar that come with two little drizzles of maple syrup? ? Yeah, that's exactly why you need my 1-INGREDIENT BLUEBERRY SAUCE! (Link in bio!) . Just blueberries, no sugar added, super simple to make ?? I even use frozen berries! ------ direct recipe link in bio ? . Also hoping everyone is having a happy Monday ?❤️ My day was off to a rough start, but I fixed my attitude and everything got so. much. better. ?? Goes to show you mindset affects the way your day goes, so if you can help it - be positive! Either way, if you're having a tough start to the week, this breakfast will make you feel so much better too ?? Have a beautiful day!!
Easy Salmon Cakes
Did you know you can make fish burgers out of canned salmon? Seriously! They're moist, delicious and super easy to make! Topped the salmon cake with @sirkensingtons avocado oil mayo mixed with hot sauce, then put it on top of a huge salad. I'm clearly stocking up on all the vegetables and healthy fats after all the holiday parties this weekend.
Merry Christmas!!!! ??? Tempted to start off my day with cookies and chocolate ganache cake but my body was like pleeeeease eat something savory ? #balance But seriously, in this life of mine I have so much to be thankful for - and this insanely amazing community of Food Freedom Warriors made up of all of YOU is one of the hugeeeee reasons I’m so thankful!! ???? Sending you all the love and Christmas cheer on this ❄️⛄️ Christmas morning!!! Love you lots! Xoxoxoox Bree #foodfreedom #merrychristmas
I’ve always been a “good eater” ? I LOVE eating good food and trying new things... which is why restriction and orthorexia was so hard on me mentally ? But I am SO happy I found #foodfreedom instead of that crazy emotional roller coaster of binging and restricting. I finally figured out my ✨unique balance of happiness and healthiness✨, I figured out how to be happy AND healthy ? . Last night I had pizza, wine, and cookies ??? and now this morning, I’m having scrambled eggs inspired by @wernou and @leanneliveshealthy over baby spinach with baby tomatoes, avocado, and super sweet roasted sweet potatoes sprinkled with everything seasoning ❤️?? . This is my balance, what’s yours?? Enjoy the holidays Food Freedom Warriors!! And don’t forget to eat what makes you happy ? Happy Christmas Eve Eve Day!! ???
Orthorexia recovery is different. Personally, my weight wasn’t the real issue - ✨eating disorders can come at any size✨ — which is why, at first, I didn’t even know I had an ED. . But the food fear of eating “unhealthy” foods, the extreme restriction that limited my food choices (none of these: grains, legumes, dairy, high sugar fruit, starchy vegetables, protein that wasn’t grass fed or organic, sugar, canola oil, or other processed foods), and the binge eating were MORE than a struggle. They were an ED. . I couldn’t eat at restaurants without being plagued by fear, I’d always bring my own food if I stayed with friends, and going on vacation terrified me. . And at the same time, I was binging. ? I was a mess! (I had been binge eating since I was in middle school, and it only got worse with orthorexia). I ate whatever I could in rebellion against my strict diet - I believe now that my body just needed the calories and nutrients I wasn’t getting in my extremely limited diet. And it ALSO needed some source of happiness and way out of my obsession that made me miserable and isolated. But then I’d fall into a deep depression immediately after each binge and swore to be even stricter from that point forward. . From all that, I know I was lucky to have had the power to stop the self-sabotage before orthorexia and binge eating turned into something worse, and that power to recover is what I share with all of you amazing Food Freedom Warriors ???? . I share my journey to Food Freedom with you because we ALL deserve to find FOOD FREEDOM - the balance between happiness and healthiness that works for us ? . Food Freedom workbook in my bio ❤️? #foodfreedom #foodfreedomwarrior
What’s the thing everyone needs??? The thing that makes you healthier, happier, more successful at LIFE? It’s honestly so simple ??? Do what you love. Success isn't some magical thing that you have to spend you're life looking for. Happiness isn’t this out of reach dream. Health isn’t a restrictive, fun sucking chore. All of these things: success, happiness, and health, come when you feel complete as you are, right now ?? If you're truly enjoying your days you already have success ?✨ Now go chase that thing you love! Or at least take one step closer to finding it ? HAPPY SATURDAY FOOD FREEDOM WARRIORS ??? Hope you’re having a great weekend! . . . Deets: Greens with red onion, @wholefoods enchilada sauce, pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin seeds, avocado, and rice ? Added salmon after ?? . #foodfreedom #simplehealthyeats #lifeismorethanfood
My goal isn't to be more "mindful" of what I eat ?? My goal is to be mindlessly healthy...... Like, so easily healthy that I don't even have to think about it ? And by healthy I mean doing what's best for my body - which totally means lots of ? and occasional homemade ? and vanilla ? with rainbow sprinkles ??HAPPY SATURDAY BEAUTIFUL PEEPS ? . #foodfreedom #avoeverydamnday #mindfuleating
TURMERIC COCONUT OIL ? (check out my story for the deets!) . But IT'S ALMOST DONE ?✌?? guys, if you're wondering what the heck happened to over the past few months, everything is going to be answered in just a bit ?? I'm sharing all about how to create a healthy and ✨HAPPY✨ relationship with food, which means there's going to be lots of awesome resources from mini social media detoxes to gut healing workbooks, to tips for recovering from Eating Disorders. Because seriously ?????????? life is too good to be caught up in doing something that doesn't make you happy ---- like stressing out about food ???? . Psssssst. If you want to find out about my happy accident with making TURMERIC coconut oil --- check out my story! ??
I love these blender quinoa pancakes ? They're so fluffy and chewy in all the right ways... and they're obviously a great alternative to the bisquick pancake mix I used to have as a kid ? . Guys, let me tell you.... I was a "normal" person before I started eating "healthy". I made tollhouse cookies, monkey bread from pillsbury biscuit dough, ordered chocolate chip pancakes at diners, ate blueberry muffins from Dunkin Donuts, drank caramel frappuccinos, downed hundreds of bowls of cinnamon toast crunch, and even warmed up the frozen stouffers mac and cheese meals on occasion. . Just because you don't eat "healthy" now, doesn't mean you can't change to eating healthy NOW. . Eating healthy makes you FEEL good, and of course you'll look really good too and be super confident in your own skin ? . My ebook (that's releasing next week!!!) will show you exactly how to make the change to HEALTHY EATING ? . But of course you can start with these super simple pancakes ? ---- link in bio!
Quick-poached eggs are a thing! And they're WAYYYY easier than poached eggs. . All you need is 3 things: 1️⃣A non-stick pan 2️⃣Water 3️⃣Eggs . Simply cover the bottom of your pan with a little layer of water, and bring it to a simmer. Crack your egg on top of the water and lower the heat. Cover the pan with a lid for about 1-2 minutes or until the white is cooked. Remove from the pan and enjoy your quick poached egg! That's it - no vinegar, no mess, no hassle ? . Try it and let me know how it works for you ??? don't forget to tag me in the photo so I can see! #simplehealthyeats @simplehealthyeats ? . . . Served my ✨Quick-Poached Egg✨ with mashed cauliflower that I mixed with lots of kerrygold grass-fed butter and shredded sweet potato and sliced yellow carrot that I steamed and cooked in lots of coconut oil ?