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Baked Snapper in Banana Leaf Papillote

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I have to confess, I have been so busy working as a chef and teacher lately that I had no time to start my yearly planning properly. I have done a tiny part of my duties and I am totally struggling with planning my blog. However as this shortage of time is really challenging me it also gave me the opportunity to dive deep into organisation skills and obliged me to brake down my business structure. I am learning so much and upgrading my planning in ways I couldn’t imagine before that is actually improving my slow living. Hurray for challenges!! . . #veganuk #feedfeed #feedfeedvegan #f52grams #bestofvegan #livethelittlethings #salvialimone #bragyourplate #gloobyfood #foodphotography #whatveganseat #thekitch #healthytreats #plantpowered #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #gatheringlikethis #veganbaking #theartofslowliving #thatsdarling #healthyliving #thebakefeed #foodphotography #herbivore #crueltyfree #postitforaesthetic
This tower of unrefined vegan goodness, totally guilt free and full of flavour is in my mind from a while. I really like to have a nourishing clean diet all week long, and have a great plant based dessert for the weekend to share with family or friends. It feels extra special and I feel good about it! Collab with @kovac_family ???? . . . . . #veganuk #feedfeed #feedfeedvegan #f52grams #bestofvegan #livethelittlethings #salvialimone #bragyourplate #gloobyfood #foodphotography #whatveganseat #thekitch #healthytreats #plantpowered #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #gatheringlikethis #veganbaking #theartofslowliving #thatsdarling #healthyliving #thebakefeed #foodphotography #herbivore #crueltyfree #postitforaesthetic
Back to the game after a long week of work and also of planning for the new year. I am currently working at our seasonal yoga retreat and I am dreaming of these amazing ravioli with pumpkin and chestnut, they are in the blog archive and are the simplest and best comfort food, totally guilt free! You know I am a planner, I like to plan things ahead and I believe helps to take better and more effective actions. Are you more planner or actions maker ? Do you think planning ahead helps or you just find yourself delayed? . I am a planner for sure! Among the plan is our Food photography workshop combined with Natural dyeing in which the attendees will make their own cloth as styling props. We will learn action photography, and how to build a visual story. Editing tips and tricks and of course vegan delicious food! . AND the Early Bird expire at midnight today so if styling and photography are your jam, come and grab you space! Link in bio!! . . #veganuk #feedfeed #feedfeedvegan #f52grams #bestofvegan #livethelittlethings #salvialimone #bragyourplate #gloobyfood #foodphotography #whatveganseat #thekitch #healthytreats #plantpowered #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #gatheringlikethis #veganbaking #theartofslowliving #thatsdarling #healthyliving #thebakefeed #foodphotography #herbivore #crueltyfree #postitforaesthetic
Who is ready for some delicious recipes to fire up January and wipe off the blues? I got some seriously healthy dishes that you won’t believe are macrobiotic and vegan AND still are super cozy comforting food with that elegant touch that will make you feel always on a special occasion! I cannot get away the chores from you, nor I can from myself (but I got a sign on my kitchen saying : make yourself at home: clean my kitchen - ...still waiting ...), but I am here to add some sparkle on your daily table. So hop on my blog for some delicious guilt free desserts like this vegan tarte tatin, and be ready for more! . . BTW who would do with some tips about organising a brainless weekly cooking from scratch that helps balance protein intake? As my husband is a ultra runner I had to keep an extra eye on our protein intake, without making it too complicated for me, but just putting an extra effort into the variety and absorbability of the nutrients. If this rings a bell for you I will include some useful tips on my next blog post. . . . . #veganuk #feedfeed #feedfeedvegan #f52grams #bestofvegan #livethelittlethings #salvialimone #bragyourplate #gloobyfood #foodphotography #whatveganseat #thekitch #healthytreats #plantpowered #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #gatheringlikethis #veganbaking #theartofslowliving #thatsdarling #healthyliving #thebakefeed #foodphotography #herbivore #crueltyfree #postitforaesthetic
I quite love this cake and the winter flavour of the oranges with the chocolate. Are few days that I haven't had the time to be properly in my kitchen and behind my camera. I get so bored to see my old pictures without creating something new. With the exception of this one and a couple of other cakes I have created with my friend Kimberly @thelittleplantation. Tomorrow on blog our shared experience of self growth ??and ?collaboration. . . . . #veganuk #feedfeed #feedfeedvegan #kovacfamily #f52grams #bestofvegan #livethelittlethings #salvialimone #bragyourplate #gloobyfood #foodphotography #whatveganseat #thekitch #healthytreats #plantpowered #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #gatheringlikethis #veganbaking #theartofslowliving #thatsdarling #darlingweekend #healthyliving #thebakefeed #foodphotography #herbivore #postitforaesthetic #healthylifestyle
Spelt Flour Cinnamon Buns With Apple Filling
Happy breakfast people! These buns are totally winners, vegan, cinnamon filled. The perfect seasonal treat collab with @thelittleplantation and @twiggstudios two of my favourite galls. Kimberly just hit her 30k super deserved and Aimee... well she is the best stylist I know personally in UK. So grateful to know these galls . My gratitude is also going to Dearna @tohercore for making possible for a mum of 2 with a tight schedule of work and children to study Lightroom with a complete flexible and accessible online course that she developed. She also include styling, camera basics and all you need to make your feed glow with a consistent and professional look. Have a go and you will not regret it! A big hug to @akanias that is a bit unwell.
Fruit Tart
Hello folks, here my first attempt to make a crust. Forest fruits tart with a surprise ingredient in place of the bottom cream. Well, actually 2 surprise ingredients ? :). Also turned out so so good, a very lucky attempt, uplifting after I failed an apple cake ( yes an apple cake, I know plz don't tell me). This is a classic Italian cake often made in individual little tarts . I am very pleased with the crust as I didn't want to follow any recipe but make my own vegan version of the rich Italian classic "crostata". So yeah! Also pretty rustic cake for me, just to try something new! I would love to add something intelligent to my post tonight but the truth is that I have energy only to sit on sofa. After a beautiful day at Kew Gardens with treetop walk, Hive, climbing trees, and a.lot.of.running. I also bought a lovely plant sold in a compost pot! Waste free mood uplifting!!! Have a beautiful night?. Hugs, Silvia ( who doesn't need hugs? I need some extra tonight, so sending one to you too!)
Watermelon Layer Cake With Fresh Berries
Baking in this warmth? Naaaa My son favourite cake: fruit stuffed with fruit layered in fruit and topped with fruit. To go on it I make a sauce of extra virgin coconut oil, sprinkle of raw coconut sugar and some lime. Delicious and easy! Today I had a day for myself. Very needed! I cannot recall last time that happened to be all by myself! The rest of the family is having a forest adventure.Today I didn't bake, as you can see, but we have a small gathering next week and I really hope it gets a bit fresher or they will see this cake on their plates! Happy sat night!! .
Vanilla Protein Cake With Whipped Cashew Cream Frosting
I am camping again! I underestimate how much work in between two camping sessions with children. Especially if your little one decide at 4am is a good time to wake up for the day! Ahahhaha! I enjoyed beautiful sunrises anyway. But I didn't had the chance to complete my blogpost I am afraid. My apologies. I will be away for few days again and then back with some recipes and lovely collabs. Stay tuned. Now pitching...
Gluten Free Protein Almond Cake
Gluten free almond cake. Also, I would love to hear from you mothers, how do you handle kids and personal time: self care, blogging ... All that is not ruled by appointment or dead-lines. Not complaining, but I feel I need some motherhood inspiration here. Most of you are mothers and some of you have more kids than I do (@missmarzipancom !!) do you have a couple of tips on how to carve or organise you private time Thanks a million for spending the time to answer me galls.