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Spelt Flour Cinnamon Buns With Apple Filling
Happy breakfast people! These buns are totally winners, vegan, cinnamon filled. The perfect seasonal treat collab with @thelittleplantation and @twiggstudios two of my favourite galls. Kimberly just hit her 30k super deserved and Aimee... well she is the best stylist I know personally in UK. So grateful to know these galls . My gratitude is also going to Dearna @tohercore for making possible for a mum of 2 with a tight schedule of work and children to study Lightroom with a complete flexible and accessible online course that she developed. She also include styling, camera basics and all you need to make your feed glow with a consistent and professional look. Have a go and you will not regret it! A big hug to @akanias that is a bit unwell.
Fruit Tart
Hello folks, here my first attempt to make a crust. Forest fruits tart with a surprise ingredient in place of the bottom cream. Well, actually 2 surprise ingredients ? :). Also turned out so so good, a very lucky attempt, uplifting after I failed an apple cake ( yes an apple cake, I know plz don't tell me). This is a classic Italian cake often made in individual little tarts . I am very pleased with the crust as I didn't want to follow any recipe but make my own vegan version of the rich Italian classic "crostata". So yeah! Also pretty rustic cake for me, just to try something new! I would love to add something intelligent to my post tonight but the truth is that I have energy only to sit on sofa. After a beautiful day at Kew Gardens with treetop walk, Hive, climbing trees, and a.lot.of.running. I also bought a lovely plant sold in a compost pot! Waste free mood uplifting!!! Have a beautiful night?. Hugs, Silvia ( who doesn't need hugs? I need some extra tonight, so sending one to you too!)
Watermelon Layer Cake With Fresh Berries
Baking in this warmth? Naaaa My son favourite cake: fruit stuffed with fruit layered in fruit and topped with fruit. To go on it I make a sauce of extra virgin coconut oil, sprinkle of raw coconut sugar and some lime. Delicious and easy! Today I had a day for myself. Very needed! I cannot recall last time that happened to be all by myself! The rest of the family is having a forest adventure.Today I didn't bake, as you can see, but we have a small gathering next week and I really hope it gets a bit fresher or they will see this cake on their plates! Happy sat night!! .
Vanilla Protein Cake With Whipped Cashew Cream Frosting
I am camping again! I underestimate how much work in between two camping sessions with children. Especially if your little one decide at 4am is a good time to wake up for the day! Ahahhaha! I enjoyed beautiful sunrises anyway. But I didn't had the chance to complete my blogpost I am afraid. My apologies. I will be away for few days again and then back with some recipes and lovely collabs. Stay tuned. Now pitching...
Gluten Free Protein Almond Cake
Gluten free almond cake. Also, I would love to hear from you mothers, how do you handle kids and personal time: self care, blogging ... All that is not ruled by appointment or dead-lines. Not complaining, but I feel I need some motherhood inspiration here. Most of you are mothers and some of you have more kids than I do (@missmarzipancom !!) do you have a couple of tips on how to carve or organise you private time Thanks a million for spending the time to answer me galls.
Chocolate Layer Cake With Creamy Cauliflower Frosting
Guys I am making myself company with a cold, so my tones are lower than usual. And with so much time to waste in bed I am here writing again (oh my). Well. You see, after I moved to this country where I didn't know anybody, merely able to express myself, I started to crave community more than anything else. A part from my real life in the outer world, here, I found lovely people and a mutual, honest support. I might be super naive and yet I don't think so. I love the work of the people I follow, I take some inspirations and tag when I do. I link the props makers to support them. And I have a wonderful guidance through your response to my picks. Learning never being so fun. Said that. I choose the chocolate cake as it is easier to decor than the pink one, which will on the blog super soon anyway!!! But only after I decided what does not appeal myself about that pink piggy cake. And now it is the time, ladies and gentlemen, as I need to tag my inspirer, I am going to reveal the sexy super smooth frosting secret ingredient!! The secret ingredient is ....( probably I am the only one excited here).... : cauliflower !!!! Yes it is! Inspiration came from a semi raw cake from @unconventionalbaker genius! I changed some ingredients and the proportions to make it firm at any temperature, so you have the smoothest, lighter, firmer frosting ever!! Hope you are at least half excited than I am.
Rainbow Nice Cream Parfait
Nice cream featuring coconut cured milk, (aka yogurt) , activated raw oats and slices of banana hidden inside. Inspired from the colourful @vegankrizzleybear. I made this nice cream in a glass and not as a cake, because it needed to be less cold for my toddlers to eat it. My son was asking for so long to have some gelato... Is winter- mum would say- but do you know any toddler who would care at all. So I treated him with this recipe inspired from @vegankrizzleybear 's rainbow cake. Only I made it with the ingredients I happened to have in my house. GREEN : banana spinach hemp proteins and avocado. YELLOW : mango and banana with a sprinkle of tumerick + pinch of salt. PINK beetroot and cashew. PURPLE : achai and a sprinkle of coconut sugar. Did you know that frozen yogurt maintains the probiotics alive. So it is still alive food and is therefore more digestible than regular coconut milk. ________________________________ Lately motherhood completely absorbs my energies. My son needed some extra attentions and I am more than happy to devote myself to my little children during their early years, they will pass too soon. However I miss to post regularly my styling, I love this work so much. But I honestly cannot handle all at once at the moment. So, to cut the story short, I will redo amazing recipes of amazing people here and style them with my own taste. This should make possible to be more active and relaxed. And enjoy the styling while I learn even more! ;)
Gloomy Monday? No problem you got me and @thelittleplantation 💪🏼working hard for you to beat the blues! . . Find the recipe for this amazing vegan orange chocolate cake with a special (veggie) twist. And find the actual cake on the 4th of November!!!! We are so excited to announce our 🍂Autumn Gathering 🍂at the stunning studio kitchen of @ryelondon . 💕And a little present from us: 5% off early birds and 10% off for the newsletter subscribers💓Offer valid until the 8th of October. Find more info at the link in bio! X . . . . #veganuk #feedfeed #feedfeedvegan #f52grams #bestofvegan #livethelittlethings #salvialimone #bragyourplate #gloobyfood #foodphotography #whatveganseat #thekitch #healthytreats #plantpowered #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #gatheringlikethis #veganbaking #theartofslowliving #thatsdarling #healthyliving #foodphotography #herbivore #postitforaesthetic #healthylifestyle #alldaybreakfast #supperclublondon
Cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner #alldaybreakfast is our Sunday role! Or at least I would wish so😅 my stomach still doesn't take more than miso soup, brown rice, pressed carrot salad and pumpkin cream! Pressed salad particularly is a life saver and I love it, is a quick way of pickling that dramatically improves digestion. . But if would say I do crave something that is some good dark chocolate cake with fruity frosting like this one I made for the 1-2-1 workshop with the lovely Hazel of @onelifetobake. . If you are interested in more workshop DM me or sign up on the newsletter to know when my workshops will be open again! . For now I wish you a cozy Sunday evening 💓xx . . . . #veganuk #feedfeed #feedfeedvegan #f52grams #bestofvegan #livethelittlethings #salvialimone #bragyourplate #gloobyfood #foodphotography #whatveganseat #thekitch #healthytreats #plantpowered #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #gatheringlikethis #veganbaking #theartofslowliving #thatsdarling #darlingweekend #healthyliving #foodphotography #herbivore #postitforaesthetic #healthylifestyle #alldaybreakfast
Craving this focaccia I made with Kimberly @thelittleplantation and Aimee @twiggstudios a while ago, so good, and the recipe is in the archives! Also watch this space to see what Kim and I are up too! Happy Saturday night! . . . . #veganuk #feedfeed #feedfeedvegan #f52grams #bestofvegan #livethelittlethings #salvialimone #bragyourplate #gloobyfood #foodphotography #whatveganseat #thekitch #healthytreats #plantpowered #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #gatheringlikethis #veganbaking #theartofslowliving #thatsdarling #darlingweekend #healthyliving #foodphotography #herbivore #postitforaesthetic #healthylifestyle #alldaybreakfast #focaccia