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Sunday morning ritual ✖️Today’s breakfast after barre class was loaded toast with peanut butter, caramelised banana, berries and coconut syrup. What’s on your plate? Happy Sunday! _________________
Pancake stacks make everything better ❤️ I'm also finally on Snapchat — would love to see you there, my username is silverspies ?
Happy Wednesday! Breakfast was coconut yogurt with honey nut granola clusters, banana slices and of course, strawberries ❤️
Happy Sunday! It's absolutely freezing here and all I can think of is warm sunshine + this tropical acai bowl ? The recipe is on the blog!
Happy Friday! Back home and breakfasting on blueberry swirled coconut yogurt with bee pollen, cinnamon granola + banana slices.
Smoothie bowl obsessed at the moment — berry + banana base topped with cinnamon granola, strawberries, banana + bee pollen
Happy Monday! A delightful breakfast at @plumtuckercafe — Quinoa Porridge + Corn Bread w/ avocado + corn relish The full cafe feature is up on
Sundays made better with a Salted Caramel Smoothie, aka heaven in a jar — made with medjool dates, rice milk, himalayan salt + vegan Vanilla superfood #proteinblends by @healthlab Recipe will be on the blog shortly!
So much yes at @cornerstorecafe this morning — Belgian waffles, Acai bowl + Fruit toast with housemade jam