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The 2018 personal goals I’ve set look vastly different than the 2017 personal goals I set last year. ✨ This year, I’m making a list of just 8 goals because, well, change. ✨ The changes that are happening and about to happen require me to just embrace them vs. trying to go above and beyond x’s 100 like I am normally used to doing. Here they are below. To read the full detail about each, click link in profile. . . . 1️⃣Help my mom and dad every single chance I can. 2️⃣Trail race in Minnesota! 3️⃣Release The Gutsy Girl’s Bible: an approach to healing the gut 3.0 (And guess what? It’s almost done!) 3️⃣Sugar-free January. This isn’t about weight loss – believe me. I don’t believe in detoxes or stringent diets any longer (because my gut has healed immensely and I don’t need to). That said, a break from all sugar for a month, I believe, is just good practice. Don’t worry about me, though, sugar-free means I can still have white rice and coconut oil – so we’re good to go ? p.s. Anyone want to join me?! 5️⃣Continue growing all aspects of my business. 6️⃣Join the @Food52 Baking Club (after January, of course – ha) 7️⃣Do all the Minnesota things, including, but not limited to: go to a Vikings game, go to a Wild game, watch our nieces and nephews play sports, try new restaurants – farm-to-table – in the Minneapolis area, visit and hike and/or run as many Minnesota trails as I can, snowshoe (my parents got me a pair for Christmas), summer at the lake.... 8️⃣Travel: Italy, Northern Minnesota, Chicago, New York, Missouri, Anaheim (Expo West baby) and (maybe) Palm Springs are already in the plans. ✨ . . . . . #newyears #newyearsgoals #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #Minnesota #OnlyInMN #iin #trailrunner #smoothiebowl #cherries #smoothiebowls #paleoishmama #iamwellandgood #healthylifestyle #foodphotographer #glutenfree #paleo #foodphotography #healthcoach #goodmorning #fitfluential #guthealing #thefeedfeed #cleanfoodshare #inspire #healthyish #foodblogfeed #beautycounter #smoothie #2018
Delicious! Created a Thai Peanut Sauce recipe using the @alovingspoon Honey Roasted #PeanutButter with a touch of Fleur de Sel using all from scratch and fresh ingredients. #GoodEggsEats #feedfeed #WholeSpartan #Eatrealfood