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Ruth Tam
Toronto, ON
I’m a professional harpist and amateur home cook living in Toronto with my husband and son. I love coffee, sushi, and toast with

Rhubarb Blackberry Galette

My Recipes
Chocolate Glazed Sprinkle Donuts
If my donut pans weren't buried in a moving box somewhere, there's a 100% chance I'd be making a batch of these babies for National Donut Day tomorrow.
Sourdough Loaf
25% spelt. I don't have a signature score yet, but I'd say a single slash plus some sort of leaf pattern is my go-to. Cold, well-developed dough and a sharp blade definitely help with scoring, as does slashing fairly quickly, focusing more on the overall line rather than each individual score mark.
Homemade Sourdough Burger Buns
sourdough burger buns, because it's March! Which means it's almost spring, and therefore almost BBQ season. Anyways, these light brioche style buns are slightly eggy and soft, but sturdy enough to hold a healthy amount of filling without disintegrating into your lap.
Cranberry Sage Pie With Herringbone Lattice Whole Grain Crust
It's hard to pick a favorite bake from this year. Among all the bread and cake, this pie ranks up there. (Cranberry Sage Pie with a whole grain crust, adapted from @birdsblack. Lattice based on a tutorial from @seriouseats.)
Sourdough Pumpkin Milk Twisty Bread With Pork, Scallions And Sesame Seeds
Can't stop won't stop with the twisty breads! This savory version is inspired by a popular Chinese bakery item: pork floss buns (it sounds weird but it's tasty). I'm very happy with how it turned out and am currently pondering what else I can twist up. (P.S. twisty breads are a fun alternative to bread rolls for Thanksgiving -- they double as a decorative centerpiece plus you only have to shape one loaf instead of a dozen rolls!
Nut & Seed Crisps
DIY Raincoast Crisps: tired of forking out the price of two lattes for a tiny box of these dangerously delicious crackers? Now you can save that money to buy snooty imported cheese to go with them. (P.S. These would make a great addition to a holiday appetizer spread and / or edible gifts!)