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Tonight’s prep for dinner service! Can’t wait to see you all at #rossonyc. 🍝
We are blushing over this NEW Wild Octopus dish! The Polipo E Fagiolo will make everyone’s mouth water with this gluten and diary free dish! #onlyatrosso ☺️
🍕Here’s our Salsiciotta pizza - with tomato, bufala mozzarella, sausage and mushrooms... doesn’t get better than that!🍕 #boom #rossonyc
Monday night spread done right at #rossonyc (????: @restaurantgroupie)
Valentine’s Day is on our minds! Make your reservation for February 14th at Rossopomodoro through @opentable or by calling (212) 242-2310. Come celebrate with that special someone. Xoxo, #Rossonyc ❤️
Become “unavailable” from the office tomorrow and come over to #rossonyc on your lunch break! It’s the perfect place to unwind and re-energize! #lunchmenu #outoftheoffice #pasta #onlyatrosso (Photo Credit: Karen Nomura)
It’s Saturday night, which means it’s time to call your friends and swing by #rossonyc for Neapolitan pastas! #saturdaynight #friendsandfood #rossonyc
When deciding where to enjoy delicious food this weekend, don't forget about our gluten free and dairy free options that are topped with our warm atmosphere! #onlyatrosso
Are you getting thirsty for the weekend? You do not need to go far - we offer a full bar at #rossonyc! (📸: @thirsty)