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Chocolate Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies
I’m 22 weeks pregnant and feeling pretty good! 👶🏼💙 Since this is my third baby, I’ve felt a lot of things much faster and sooner this time - like the baby moving inside me (which is THE BEST, most magical feeling ever), intense pressure on my lower abdomen (which means I have to wear a pregnancy belt for support and see a very skilled prenatal massage body worker), and full on Braxton Hicks contractions throughout the day. ••• And ... I’ve got cravings. Recently I got a craving for peanut butter + chocolate. In the past I wouldn’t have had PB because it didn’t do well with my body, but I’ve worked a lot on gut health and once I started doing intuitive eating, I’ve found I can eat more things than I could before. Like peanut butter when I want it. So peanut butter cookies with chocolate had to be made! 🥜🍫🍪 ••• These FLOURLESS PEANUT BUTTER CHOCOLATE SANDWICH COOKIES are so delicious, naturally sweetened and would be perfect for the holidays! -@recipestonourish
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