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Herbed Parmesan Dutch Baby
Herbed Parmesan Dutch baby for the first recipe challenge this month from Dinner: Changing the Game, by @clarkbar for my online monthly #rainydaybitescookbookclub. Crisp and golden walls rise high in the pan making a fortress that holds a delectable herb, cheese, and custardy-like center. I used gruyere and Parmigiano-Reggiano for the cheese and fresh chives and thyme for the herbs. This is so tasty with the salty, cheesy, inside accented with bright herbs and zesty lemon juice. Now, I will tell you that I actually made this recipe twice. The first time it did not look anything like the one in the book. So, because I'm a tad stubborn, I made it again and my changes made a big difference in the results. First, I had my milk and eggs at room temp, second, I let the skillet heat in the oven for a full 30 minutes, third, I gave the eggs and milk a good whisking, and finally I split the filling between several pans. I only had a 10 inch skillet and not the 12 inches the recipe called for. So, I measured it out and put 2 cups in the big pan and 1/2 cup each in my mini skillets. Perfection! I actually like how this gave you almost a mom and child serving, just in time for Mother's Day brunch! Please be sure to check the feeds of everyone else who joined in in the challenge today! So many gorgeous Dutch babies! Here is everyone who joined in: @lialemonandvanilla @zoerose86 @wanderingepicure @thecinnaman @feedingmy3sons @theoliveandmango @delusciousbites @wanderinghaze @lesliejarrett @her_dark_materials @horneandoalgo @thelemonapron @chef_jessica @dublingirl57 @thecooksinthekitchen @ez68 @naomiscookbookchallenge @thebutterlab @mycookbookchallenge @mygoldenpear @_neurochic @lindyleech @displacedhousewife @lemonthymeandginger @theeyesoftx. Thank you to everyone who joined in!
Turkey & Ricotta Meatballs With Spaghetti
Turkey and ricotta #meatballs with #spaghetti from Small Victories by @turshen. Ricotta, fresh parsley, basil and Parmesan cheese are added to ground turkey resulting in a meatball that is light, moist, and so flavorful from the fresh herbs. I added my own tomato sauce and put it over spaghetti for a complete meal. I'm not kidding when I tell you these meatballs were so delicious that after they cooked in the sauce I had one, then another, and another and then had to pack them up for our dinner tonight! You must make this recipe if you have this book, and if you don't have it, please go buy it. This cookbook very quickly became a favorite of mine for Julia's gifted writing and simple recipes that will have your family and friends asking for seconds. Plus, if you follow Julia, you will learn that she is such a compassionate, warm, and giving person. I am sad that this month is over as I have so many things still bookmarked to make, but, this is a cookbook that will stay close by in the upcoming months and will be one I continue to turn to when I want to make something for my family that I know is going to be great. Today's meatballs were for this month's #rainydaybitescookbookclub second focused recipe challenge and cooks all over the world made these today too! Please go to the following feeds to see everyone's meatballs: @lesliejarrett @chef_jessica @thecooksinthekitchen @thelemonapron @horneandoalgo @momwhoneedswine @abisfarmhousekitchen @beurrenoisette_ @ez68 and also @allisonklein @readsandfeeds @jadrennan3 @cardamomandrye @feedingmy3sons @danasarra who all made it either today or sometime this month. Stay tuned for a new cookbook tomorrow!
Hearty Winter Bean Soup
Hearty winter bean, kale, and roasted root vegetable soup with garlic bread is served! My weekend is booked, so I’m thrilled to invite friends over on a Thursday (TGIT!) for book club to celebrate #ThursdayMoments. I’ve teamed up with @SimplyOrganicFoods and @thefeedfeed and created two recipes for you to try. My heart has been in Italy for as long as I can remember, so of course I picked a book for my book club that was based in Tuscany, Italy. This twist on a traditional Tuscan robollita is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Winter root vegetables are roasted in the oven with a Simply Organic Rosemary infused olive oil that gives this soup a lovely herbaceous flavor. The soup is thickened by a puree of white beans, onions, and garlic. Traditionally, this soup is thickened with old bread, but to keep this version gluten free, I made toasted baguette slices covered with butter, Simply Organic Garlic Powder, and Simply Organic Parsley, and served it on the side. Everyone is at the table, and it’s time to eat and let the book club discussions begin! Be sure to go to @SimplyOrganicFoods, for more great recipes and ideas on how you can create your own special !
Pomegranate Sorbet
Pomegranate and blood orange #sorbet for our #Thanksgiving #dessert. I actually prefer a light dessert after a big meal. Sorbets are the perfect way to end a meal, or, they also are a great palate cleanser between courses. This might be my new favorite flavor! We actually stood over the ice cream maker getting every last drop out of the canister with our spoons. Pomegranate juice and freshly squeezed blood oranges give this a wonderfully tart and slightly sweet flavor. This still needs more time to set up in the freezer but I wanted to share a photo now. This is definitely worth making! This is adapted from the #Pomegranate and tangerine sorbet recipe from @Epicurious. My changes were to use fresh squeezed blood orange juice and add a dash of orange liquor. So good! Is it Thursday yet? Hope your prep is going well too.
Risotto Alla Milanese With Pan Roasted Butternut Squash And Sage
Risotto alla Milanese with pan roasted butternut squash and sage. I am so excited to partner with @Ballarini_USA and @TheFeedFeed to introduce this high-performance Ballarini nonstick frying pan with Thermopoint, now available in the United States, as of October 15th. Thermopoint's sensor dot, located on the handle, is green when the pan is cool, and turns red when the pan reaches the perfect cooking temperature. This feature means no more guesswork while cooking! I was inspired by the region of Lombardy, the home of Ballarini, to make this region's most famous dish, Risotto alla Milanese. According to legend, Risotto alla Milanese (in the style of Milan), was created in 1574, when an apprentice glazier, who used saffron to stain glass gold in Milan's cathedral, put saffron in pots of risotto as a joke at a wedding, turning it golden, much to the delight of the guests. Looking out at the fall leaves, I wanted this golden creamy risotto dish to capture all the colors of the season, so, I topped it with green sage leaves crisped in brown butter, and caramelized pieces of orange hued butternut squash. The squash cooked to a beautiful color in this pan and effortlessly slid out due to the superior nonstick finish. This is fall on a plate, and cooked to perfection, all thanks to this high quality Ballarini pan! #Ballarini #FeedFeed #ad
Potato And Beef Curry With Whole Wheat Chapatis
Beef and potato #curry with whole wheat chapatis #bread from Hot Bread Kitchen by @hotbreadkitchen. The forecast is predicting major windstorms today and tomorrow with possible power outages and flooding so I've spent my day getting ready. Water jugs are filled and dinner is ready! The warming flavors of this simple curry dish with fresh wheat chapatis will hit the spot, warming our bellies, while the winds howl outside. Both recipes were so easy to make. I love that this book includes both bread and entrees to go with the breads too! This is for my online monthly #rainydaybitescookbookclub.
Garlic Pull Apart Bread
Ukraine garlic #bread for an afternoon snack from Mamushka, by @oliahercules. The rain and cooler temperatures hint that fall is around the corner, and makes me yearn for homemade bread, still warm from the oven. These tender yeast bread rolls turn a beautiful golden color from an egg wash brushed on just before baking. Still hot from the oven, they are basted with a garlic and parsley infused olive oil, which adds so much flavor to the bread. Olia tells us that these are called pampushky, coming from the word pampushka, meaning a gorgeous plump woman. Isn't that a great name for these rolls? This must make recipe is so good that I recommend making a double batch. Trust me, you'll need to double the recipe, as they disappeared quickly. The oil makes for a great dip for the bread too. What a delicious start to this month's pick for my online #rainydaybitescookbookclub.
Chorizo And Potato Breakfast Tacos
Chorizo and potato #tacos done breakfast style with an egg and served with roasted green tomatillo salsa and fresh squeezed orange juice. Spicy chorizo is cooked with onions and then the potatoes are folded in until the edges begin to crisp and the potatoes soak in some of the delicious juices from the chorizo. The roasted tomatillo salsa brought fresh bright flavors to the dish. Topped with an egg, cotija, cilantro, and delicious @formosasauce habanero hot sauce from this month's @hatchery box. If you haven't tried their hot sauces I highly recommend them. The tacos and the tomatillo salsa are both from Mexico:One Plate at a Time by @rick_bayless which was my May pick for my monthly #rainydaybitescookbookclub. I hope you enjoyed a month of incredible #mexicanfood as much as I did! Stay tuned for a new book tomorrow. #hatcherybox
Salted Dark Chocolate, Caramel Apple And Pretzel S'mores
Salted, dark chocolate and caramel apple pretzel #smores just in time for your Memorial Day weekend festivities! I've teamed up with @ghirardelli to create a fun s'mores treat using their Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares, Dark & Caramel, which are the perfect size for making s'mores. Golden graham crackers hug rich dark chocolate Ghirardelli Squares filled with a creamy, buttery caramel, topped with crisp slices of green apples, a thin salty pretzel, and a few flecks of coarse sea salt. This is a decadent dessert that that is both salty, sweet, crisp and creamy, and above all else, incredibly delicious. Invite a friend over to share this easy-to-make decadent treat. Ingredients for two treats: 2 Graham crackers, cut in half 2 Ghirardelli Squares Dark & Caramel Green apple sliced thin 2 thin pretzels 2 Toasted Marshmallows Coarse sea salt Directions: Break graham crackers in half, top with one Ghirardelli Squares Dark & Caramel. Top with two thin slices of green apple and one thin #pretzel, and then sprinkle with salt. Toast marshmallows over open flame until golden brown. Place marshmallow on top and finish with the other graham cracker half and enjoy! Ghirardelli Squares has so many great flavors that it's easy to step up your s'mores game. So, go grab a bag, and get creative! #sponsored #ghirardelli #ghirardellisquare #recipe
Spicy Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup
Spicy Thai curry noodle soup for lunch on a chilly wet afternoon from Pure Delicious by @heatherchristo. Last day to enter the give away for Heather's new book so you can make this recipe too! It's hard to believe that this soup was ready, and on the table, in a mere twenty minutes. Hot, spicy, with a gorgeous coconut milk broth this is my idea of comfort food. This vegetarian soup is made with red curry paste, garlic, fresh ginger, chicken stock, coconut milk and rice noodles. It's so simple and flavorful from just a few ingredients. This dish represents what's so great about Heather's new cookbook. This dish is gluten free, dairy free, and completely delicious! Even if you don't have any allergies, I'm sure you have friends who come over that do. This dish will satisfy everyone at the table! So happy that I was able to use my beautiful large ramen bowl from @jeredspottery too!