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Meyer Lemon Hummus 🍋 (recipe below) - I cannot get enough of this super easy homemade hummus. As in throw-all-of-your-ingredients-in-the-VitaMix-and-eat easy! Here’s the trick: peel your chickpeas first. 🥇 The hummus comes out so smooth + creamy and it’s worth the extra couple of minutes it takes to peel them. Also, be discerning about your tahini. I love Whole Foods’ generic tahini, but I’ve tried the Joyva brand from the grocery and the hummus didn’t taste nearly as good with that.👌🏼Here’s my recipe, adapted from the original Moosewood Cookbook. . Ingredients: 1 14oz can of chickpeas 3 medium cloves garlic 1.5 teaspoons salt dash of tamari (don’t leave this out!) juice of 2 medium Meyer lemons (or regular lemons are fine too if you can’t find Meyer) 3/4 cup tahini 1/4 cup olive oil lots of freshly ground black pepper . Process: Toss everything in the VitaMix or high speed blender and blend on low to medium speed until creamy. If you need more liquid, add more olive oil. Eat right away or keep it in the fridge for up to three days. 😋 Swipe to see how i typically serve it (if i haven’t eaten enough right from the blender). Lots of fresh crisp veggies 🥕and topped with feta + olives. This is a toddler fave too, especially with the cucumbers!🌿 #ourvegetarianfamily
Spring Veggie Ramen (in the Winter 😉) - A hearty weeknight dish with veggies I picked up at the farmers market and never knew how to use (ahem, bok choy!) 🌱 and nice umami flavors. I finally grabbed a copy of Gwyneth’s “It’s All Easy” from the library and this is the first recipe I’ve tried from it. I think there may be a typo as the ingredients list says tamari but the recipe reads ponzu, 🤷🏻‍♀️ so I went with tamari. Also swapped out the ramen noodles for rice noodles 🍜 because I’m eliminating gluten this month. The toddler in the house loved the noodles and eggs, but avoiding these new-to-him veggies. But overall this was quick and easy and was a nice change from the lighter soups I’ve been making as of late. The recipe is in my Stories or send me a DM if you’d like it! 🥚#ourvegetarianfamily
Leek, White Bean + Swiss Chard Soup - An easy, hearty, weeknight soup that is toddler approved! ? I looove this soup in the winter, not just because it’s so delicious but also because chard is beautiful and abundant at my farmer’s market this time of year. The leeks add such a nice dimension of flavor (if I can’t find them fresh I’ll buy them frozen from Trader Joe’s) and the beans give the protein I’m always looking for for something to feel like a complete meal. We like to top with shredded parmesan cheese ? and serve with a good crusty crunchy baguette ?. #momhack - Make a double batch and freeze half! The recipe of from Gwyneth’s “It’s All Good” cookbook - It’s in my Stories or send me a DM and I’ll send it right to you. ? #ourvegetarianfamily