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Pineapple Beer Cocktail with Pink Peppercorn Simple Syrup

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Gin & Lillet Blanc Cocktail
Corpse Reviver n°2 "Four of these taken in swift succession will unrevive the corpse again", Harry Craddock says in his famous Savoy Cocktail Book…
With a taste that lies between a Manhattan and a Boulevardier, The Old Pal bears its name well and will make you return a few years back. --- ▪️ 6 cl (2 oz.) Rye Whiskey ▪️ 2,25 cl (0.75 oz.) Dry Vermouth ▪️ 2,25 cl (0.75 oz.) Campari --- Full recipe on --------------------- ▪️ 6 cl (2 oz.) Rye Whiskey ▪️ 2,25 cl (0.75 oz.) Vermouth sec ▪️ 2,25 cl (0.75 oz.) Campari --- Recette complète sur #cocktail #cocktails #rye #ryewhiskey #whisky #vermouth #campari #drinkporn #feedfeed #thirsty #worldsbestbars #liqpic #imbibegram #totc #strasbourg
A mysterious ingredient is hidden in this cocktail entirely translucent... MILK! Discover the magic of this "Clear Milk Punch" through this delicious recipe based on Porto, Rum and Black Tea @au.fond.du.jardin Ingredients are easy to find and will give you easy access to a popular cocktail in hype bars… Clear Milk Punch are very surprising: very unctuous and silky, without the fat and heavy aspect of milk. This recipe is the first we tried, and it was a great discovery ! Prepared in advance, it will be perfect for a quick service during your next party ! --- ▪️ 145 g Batavia Arrack (or White Rhum) ▪️ 145 g Port ▪️ 454 g Black tea ▪️ 227 g Whole Milk ▪️ 85 g Sugar ▪️ 76 g Lemon juice --- In a container A, place whole milk. Prepare your infusion of black tea. Meanwhile, place the Batavia Arrack (or White Rum), Port, sugar and lemon juice in a container B. Once your tea is well-infused (still hot), add it to container B. Stir until sugar is completely dissolved. Pour the entire container B into container A. Let stand a few hours and then filter in a glass bottle using a coffee filter. Store in the fridge. --------------------- In french: ▪️ 145 g Batavia Arrack (ou Rhum blanc) ▪️ 145 g Porto ▪️ 454 g Infusion de thé noir ▪️ 227 g Lait entier ▪️ 85 g Sucre en poudre ▪️ 76 g Jus de citron --- Dans un récipient A, placez le lait entier. Préparez votre infusion de thé noir. Pendant ce temps, placez le Batavia Arrack (ou le Rhum blanc), le Porto, le sucre et le jus de citron dans un récipient B. Une fois votre thé chaud bien infusé, ajoutez-le dans le récipient B. Remuez jusqu'à ce que le sucre soit entièrement dissout. Versez l'ensemble du récipient B dans le récipient A. Laissez reposer quelques heures puis filtrez dans une bouteille en verre en utilisant un filtre à café. Conservez au frais. #cocktail #cocktails #punch #milkpunch #clearmilkpunch #rhum #porto #drinkporn #feedfeed #thirsty #worldsbestbars #liqpic #imbibegram #totc #strasbourg
You all know the Sazerac, one of the most iconic cocktail ever created. If you like it, we bet that you'll love its exotic variation: the Creole Saz ! Replace Rye by Rhum Vieux (here: @rhumtroisrivieres Triple Millésime), and simple syrup by sugar cane syrup, close your eyes, forget about your surroundings, and just…enjoy. The Creole Saz was created by Joaquin Simo (@deathandconyc) in 2011. --- ▪️ 4,5 cl (1.5 oz.) Rhum Vieux ▪️ 1,5 cl (0.5 oz.) Cognac ▪️ 1 barspoon of sugar cane syrup ▪️ 3 dashes of Peychaud’s bitters ▪️ Absinthe (to rinse) Garnish: lemon zest --- Full recipe on --------------------- ▪️ 4,5 cl (1.5 oz.) Rhum Vieux ▪️ 1,5 cl (0.5 oz.) Cognac ▪️ 1 cuillère de bar de sirop de sucre de canne ▪️ 3 traits de Peychaud’s bitters ▪️ Absinthe (pour rincer le verre) Garniture: Zeste de citron --- Recette complète sur #cocktail #cocktails #rhum #rum #cognac #brandy #drinkporn #feedfeed #thirsty #worldsbestbars #liqpic #imbibegram #totc #strasbourg #neworleans
TGIF ! To celebrate the week-end, here is "Louis de Pointe du Lac", a delicious long drink, very floral and full of flavors, created by @joseph_biolatto & @julien_escot Because we want to make the summer last even for a few evenings ! --- ▪️ 5 cl (1.7 oz.) Vodka ▪️ 2 cl (0.7 oz.) St-Germain liqueur ▪️ 2 dashes of Absinthe ▪️ 3 cl (1 oz.) Apple juice ▪️ 1 cl (0.35 oz.) Lemon juice ▪️ Egg white ▪️ 6 cl (2 oz.) Rose lemonade to complete Garnish: Dehydrated orange, edible or dried flowers --- Full recipe on --------------------- ▪️ 5 cl (1.7 oz.) Vodka ▪️ 2 cl (0.7 oz.) Liqueur St-Germain ▪️ 2 traits d’Absinthe ▪️ 3 cl (1 oz.) Jus de pomme brut ▪️ 1 cl (0.35 oz.) Jus de citron ▪️ 1 peu de blanc d’oeuf ▪️ 6 cl (2 oz.) Limonade à la rose pour compléter Garniture: Rondelle d’orange déshydratée, fleurs comestibles ou séchées --- Recette complète sur #cocktail #cocktails #vodka #stgermain #absinthe #lemonade #drinkporn #feedfeed #thirsty #worldsbestbars #liqpic #imbibegram #totc #strasbourg #neworleans
Today we are discovering the fantastic "Hystérie" liqueur, created by the new french brand: @htheoria Composed of cranberry, cardamom, violet, passion fruit, pepper, tarragon and more than 20 other ingredients (yes, you read it right !), it is a new kind of liqueur, directly inspired by the world of perfumery. To sublimate it, we imagined "Tropical storm", a cocktail with many facets, complex, fruity and delicately spicy. --- ▪️ 5 cl (1.7 oz.) Tonka bean infused Bourbon ▪️ 1 cl (0.35 oz.) H.Theoria Hystérie liqueur ▪️ 1 cl (0.35 oz.) Amber Vermouth ▪️ 1 barspoon of Campari ▪️ 1 barspoon of White cacao liqueur ▪️ Smoked with cabernet wood (in option) Garnish: chocolate and grated tonka bean --- Full recipe on --------------------- ▪️ 5 cl (1.7 oz.) Bourbon infusé à la fève tonka ▪️ 1 cl (0.35 oz.) Liqueur H.Theoria Hystérie ▪️ 1 cl (0.35 oz.) Vermouth ambré ▪️ 1 cuillère de bar de Campari ▪️ 1 cuillère de bar de Liqueur de cacao blanc ▪️ Fumé au bois de cabernet (en option) Garniture: Carreau de chocolat, fève tonka rapée --- Recette complète sur #cocktail #cocktails #bourbon #tonka #oldfashioned #liqueur #vermouth #drinkporn #feedfeed #thirsty #worldsbestbars #liqpic #totc #strasbourg #paris
A Tiki cocktail disguised as ... Old Fashioned ! We are completely charmed by this powerful and fruity cocktail. The "Conference" is amazing and terribly delicious ! Created by Brian Miller for @deathandconyc --- ▪️ 1,5 cl (0.5 oz.) Rye Whiskey ▪️ 1,5 cl (0.5 oz.) Bourbon ▪️ 1,5 cl (0.5 oz.) Calvados ▪️ 1,5 cl (0.5 oz.) Cognac ▪️ 1 barspoon of Demerara syrup (2:1) ▪️ 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters ▪️ 1 dash of Bittermens Xocolatl Mole Bitters Garnish: Lemon and orange twists --- Full recipe on --------------------- ▪️ 1,5 cl (0.5 oz.) Rye Whiskey ▪️ 1,5 cl (0.5 oz.) Bourbon ▪️ 1,5 cl (0.5 oz.) Calvados ▪️ 1,5 cl (0.5 oz.) Cognac ▪️ 1 cuillère de bar de sirop Demerara (2:1) ▪️ 2 traits d’Angostura Bitters ▪️ 1 trait de Bittermens Xocolatl Mole Bitters Garniture: Zeste de citron et d’orange --- Recette complète sur #cocktail #cocktails #oldfashioned #tiki #bourbon #calvados #cognac #drinkporn #feedfeed #thirsty #worldsbestbars #liqpic #totc #strasbourg #newyork
An Old Fashioned based on Bourbon infused with pecan… How can you resist to this recipe created by Brian Miller (@deathandconyc) ?! --- ▪️ 6 cl (2 oz.) Pecan infused Bourbon ▪️ 0,75 cl (0.25 oz.) Demerara syrup --- Full recipe on --------------------- ▪️ 6 cl (2 oz.) Bourbon infusé à la noix de pecan ▪️ 0,75 cl (0.25 oz.) Sirop Demerara --- Recette complète sur #cocktail #cocktails #bourbon #oldfashioned #whisky #demerara #drinkporn #feedfeed #thirsty #worldsbestbars #liqpic #totc #strasbourg #newyork